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Part 10: Cossack 1

Stage Comments:

Very snowy indeed. Doesn't matter at all, though. Snow slows you down period, ice gives you the usual ice physics - takes a while to accelerate, takes a while to decelerate. It could be very annoying (and is in most games) if not for one simple fact: Jumping isn't at all influenced by either condition - and jumping cancels momentum completely. So I just bunny-hop. Fuck ice levels.
The first stretch is just to test out with which weapon you can cruise through it the best, because the slinkies don't pose any threat really makes me wonder, again, what the point of the snow is. After a use-Rain-Flush-or-suffer screen, we're on the first (of many) roofs this fortress seems to have. Skeleton Joes are as annoying/nonthreatening as ever, depending on what you use to tackle them. Ample opportunities are present, in any case. Up'n'downs are their usual "fuck you for not knowing ahead of time that we're going to be there" selves, but again, tons of possibilities to render them into non-issues. However, if you're going to die in this stage, it's here.
Then a few pointless screens follow. It's the equivalent of a modern game's weapon tutorial level, but halfway into the game...and there were more than enough opportunities to test out Rush Coil, I think. Balloon is optional, so it doesn't count, though it does make those screens ever more laughably non-challenging; MM2, while retarded in the way it was set up, at least had the chance of failure there.
Hey, now I think I get what the spike guys are for. Farming weapon energy in case you somehow fuck up. That's...actually kinda nice and clever. Kudos.

The press segment, as mentioned, gave me lots of trouble until I realized that the screen transition to the upper room was not just for weapon energy, but actually to make the whole thing possible. Doing it with Rush Jet is kind of a pain.

And that was that, another stage with tons of wasted potential gone in a breeze!

Boss Strategy:

Well, uh...
What's there to add? Try to take him out some time this year, and there should be no problem. His shots are really easy to dodge (if you don't just into them, like I do once in the video), his destroying the floor doesn't matter at all in the short run you'll have with him, and the only "challenge" remaining is timing the peak of your jump to align with his dipping low. I miss a few shots and still have ample time.
Or just use Ring Boomerang and rip him apart, whatever.

Oh yeah, it's called Mothraya, that's kinda cool I guess.