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Part 11: Cossack 2

Stage Comments:

A little choice at the start which doesn't matter too much because one path is clearly easier and you can simply go back with nothing lost.
I make a mistake then in stating that the Skull Bots appear only in this spot, but oh well. I'll correct myself again in Cossack 4, for what it's worth. As they have like half a year between spawns, there's no danger at all; just pull out Rush Jet and fly away.
And boy, is Rush Jet sucky now. I address most of the issues, but to recap: It will now only travel forward, won't follow Mega's movements anymore, and what I forgot to mention, if it hits a wall, it's gone and that means probably instant spiky death. Apart from those issues, the section is laughably easy compared to what Doc Needle expected you to do...and good riddance because of the new shittyness of the Jet. Sadly, this also makes it boring and pointless. NEXT OBSTACLE.
Good riddance the second, instead of disappearing block puzzles, we now have the spike blocks, and those are...actually fun and require a bit of thought and timing to them. Well done, more of that, less block puzzles.

...we'll never see those again. Fuck you Capcom.

The following segments of a few enemies doesn't pose any kind of challenge; I could have just Rain Flush'd through it, too, but eh. Variety.
A few gifts later, the boss already awaits. Is it just me or are those stages very, very short? (it's not just me)

Boss Strategy:

Oh well, the room boss. As said, not really one of my favourites. It has three segments that take either two or three passes through the room to close up; it'll get slower with each pass, allowing Mega to easily jump into it. Then he'll have to utilize the two moving platforms to reach the weak spot. Problem with that is that as soon the weak spot is formed, it starts firing deadly shots which really hurt, and can of course knock you off the platforms easily. This makes the fight surpremely annoying, as the window of opportunity to hurt it is quite limited.
After at max three hits (or three if you're really good, as I've been told), it'll seperate again and do the moving routine...during which you simply can't get hurt if you're not braindead. So it's small windows of PANIC PANIC PANIC seperated by boring waiting.
Too bad, I love the idea of going inside a boss which is pretty much the arena itself, but as with many neat ideas in MM games, the execution is fairly lacking...
On the subject of actual strategy, use Dust Chrusher and damage-race it. Jumping onto the platforms so that getting knocked back won't get you knocked off is just a matter of going left/right far enough, then you can get two shots in for every one of his. Allows for a few fuckups. Don't panic, don't hesistate to use an E-Tank. You can of course learn the timing, but I'm lazy and don't bother because the race works.

Called "Square Machine", by the way. How...inventive.