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Mega Man 4

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Part 12: Cossack 3

Stage Comments:

This is a very strange beast, and therefor probably the only Cossack stage you'll remember for longer than the time it takes you to play it. The first Mega Man had a semi-autoscroll in Wily 3 in which you couldn't go back, but other than that this platformer staple has been absent from the series. It's still very, very rare.
Which is a good thing, because as actual platforming in a Mega Man game is very rarely an issue unless you introduce stuff like wind, enemies from everywhere or make every jump pixel-perfect. That means that having a limited amount of time to work with until you have to nail this jump or dodge that enemy is...utterly pointless, because you should be nailing those anyway. I can see a setup like this working if the level wasn't so shockingly piss-easy like this one, with far more of the platform-dwelling unkillable shock spheres, more clever usage of the rising/dipping platforms like the very last one of them tries to, but in this case, all the scrolling does is limit your forward movement. Making the whole process simply boring. It also masks the fact that the stage is ridiculously short.
Still, I like that they tried something new. They might not have had a clue what to do with it, but you have to appreciate every little bit of "innovation" (if you can call taking inspiration from countless other games that) the designers give us in a Mega Man game, eh?
Sure beats fucking elevators.

Boss Strategy:

The Cockroach Twins continue the trend of pathetic fortress bosses, though they are actually fun to fight for a change. I rather like the completely unique boss room setup (one could argue that Square Machine is also a "unique room setup" know) that goes beyond "maybe a platform raised in the middle...". It's not the last time we'll be seeing something like that in the game, and makes for fun tricks. Even though the spikes add virtually nothing to the challenge, as there's literally no reason to ever leave the platform you start out on, but it's the thought that counts, right? I guess if you got hit in a bad spot and knocked off, then they'd be a serious problem. And better than simply putting a bottomless pit there, because if you're quick, you could still safe yourself by pulling out Balloon or Rush.
On the fight itself, it's pretty basic. I flub it somewhat by getting hit all the time; you can tell that I don't put much effort into practicing those bosses because I know that I can make any number of mistakes I want and still win. The first roach will stay on top and occasionally shoot; don't get cornered (like I do) or surprised when it suddenly accelerates (dito). The second one is far more fun, gaining an attack (the slow-moving, easily dodgeable single shot) and more bullets for the main gun. Makes for a bit more action, if not challenge.
You know, I hate to be the "oh God this one is so easy kill yourself if you fail" guy, but there's simply not much more to be said or words to be lost on strategy except for "hit it and sometimes dodge, I guess". The Robot Masters in this game are so cruel at points that these two simply pale in comparison.