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Part 13: Cossack 4

Stage Comments:

For a change, we get an actually good stage! It's really, really easy, but I don't mind that. Fun to play. As evinced by the first cannon room, every possible challenge gets shut down completely by MM4's awesome weaponry; as the whole thing doesn't have instant-death spikes anywhere and very tame pits...damage from enemies just won't cut it anymore, ever again. The split path is a novelty, and nicely executed; if you're willing to invest a bit of extra effort, you can get a shorter route and an E-Tank. The harder path is longer, but has an extra life, which is probably more valuable because the game showers you with E-Tanks anyway.
As said in the video, the upper path shows probably THE way to make Up'n'Down-style enemies fair: Have them pop up first where they have no chance at killing you. It's called "a fair warning", guys. It pisses me right off when I die without any fault of my own, so that's very much appreciated. Too bad that they don't get it afterwards, this is the only instance of this fair warning that I remember off the top of my head. In the whole series. Sigh.
Rest is really nothing to write home about, so I wont. Cossack confrontation time!

Boss Strategy:

The Cossack Catcher is, as is par for the course, pretty damn easy. It has two attacks: Shooting out three shots in always the same placement to one side, and dipping down to try and catch Mega. If the latter hits you, he'll hold you up for an annoyingly long time before unceremoniously dropping Mega down, which will cause damage. If you slide often, you shouldn't really get hit, though.
Generally, the fight boils down to reaching the high ground when it's safe to jump, shooting and getting away before he corners you. You know, unlike what I did. Doesn't matter at all because he's so bad offensively.
Even ends earlier than you'd think because OMG PLOT!

Technical weakness is Dust Crusher, but it's not completely obliterating his health bar like other weaknesses do. Still, should be better than charged shots because you can fire it without having to charge, obviously. Try for yourself.



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