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Mega Man 4

by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur and GuavaMoment

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Original Thread: Let's Play Mega Man 4! The thread that killed Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur



Here we are again folks. I didn't think I'd be making another one of these, but pretty much every poster in the last thread told me I had to or I'd ruin Christmas, so I shall continue my journey through classic Mega Man.

In this thread we will be giving Mega Man IV the full treatment of a Let's Play Thread. I will play through the Robot Masters in the order voted by Goons. First to three is the one that I pick each time. When a robot master is reached, goons will vote for the weapon that will be used on it. Once again first to three wins.

There will be random Mega Man related contests that will allow the winners to choose different things such as boss conditions (you can only fire after wave man fires, and only once) level conditions (DURRR SEARCH SNAKE ON DA SNIPAHS!) or other stuff (you must play Eye of the Tiger when doing this level).

New to this thread is an accompanying story dealing with a Hack of MM5 which inserts Protoman's sprite instead of Mega's. It details Protoman's perspective as he attempts to clear his name as the fomenter of a robot revolution. I will provide an edited playthrough of this game with videos and no screenshot commentary or voting. It will simply be a showcase of the game in action with the differences between this game and the original it was hacked from highlighted. If it becomes cumbersome, and you guys can tell me if it does...then I will stick to the main game.

Guys from the previous thread can tell me if I forgot anything. Ok here we go:

Title Sequence / Backup

Alright so let's pick our first contender!

Protoman Opening / Backup

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