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Part 10

Oh boy, did I get deceived into thinking this was easy. I got so excited with the prospect of using Pharaoh Shot that I didn't quite realize what I had been asked to do...anyways on to:

My horribly failed first attempt (Sadist Option) / Backup

Level Playthrough / Backup

We are greeted to a stage very reminiscent of Spark Man's and awesome theme music.

This level has a unique mechanic involving two enemies. Destroying the fat flying lightbulb flies darkens the stage completely. Very inconvenient...however so is letting them survive only to shoot you in the face. A conundrum.

The problem is remedied by destroying the green tards shown in the previous picture, which release a spray of flourescent organs (fireworks) upon their gruesome death

Goddamnit this jump gave me some trouble...if you don't jump after the tard commits suicide you are doomed to a long drop. Ugh...this is me finally succeeding.

Intentionally hurting yourself to gain temporary invulnerability is vital to suceeding in this challenge. My accomplice in this act is a creation which manages to caricature African Americans and Native Americans at the same time. Way to go Capcom! Extra points for obvious relavance to subject material. I know that when someone talks about light and electricity, I immediately think of totem poles and grasshoppers

Funnily enough, the biggest obstacle when trying to not use the grasshoppers is in fact the grasshoppers themselves. They REALLY wanna help you get across the spikes, and will pull you off a baloon to do so.

This wire is so fun to use I really don't know why it wasn't incorporated into more games and given the ability to let you swing on the wire. Sure beats rush coil (sorry puppy ). I guess it was just too awesome to last.

I. Love. Pharaoh Shot. You don't notice some stuff in this game unless you're doin
some screen capping, such as the fact that Mega shoots this ball of power with an open hand and manages to make it look really fucking cool. The candy machine never stood a chance.

Oh, I'm sorry little robot, you seem to have walked into my burning sun of Ra!

This would have been fun, had a similar experience not been connected with so much pain and anger. Don't know what I'm talking about? You'll see...

Fuck yeah, optional paths rule. I loves me some E-tanks and disembodied heads.

I don't get it. If you're gonna make the way back hard for me, why even put that one permanent roller car at the end. Teasing me? Assholes.

The limited energy on the balloons makes hitching a ride on a grasshopper necessary on occasion.

I did some pretty cool things on my first attempt at this, and wish I had been able to follow through the entire level. I did not learn my lesson from the first time and shot my ballon at to great a height. Why is this bad?

This is why. The game apparently does not acknowledge you landing on the balloon if you land on it off screen. Oh man would you guys laugh it up if you heard a recording of me swearing throughout this level.

Oh sweet, painful invincibility! Is it just me or do these spikes look a lot more menacing than they usually do? Bright Man seems to take great pride in his death implements.

Oh yeah! Mega Man is thinking pretty highly of himself as he pretends to be Batman. The totem pole dudes obviously are not as amused, and their opinion of him is clearly shown in the face they're sporting.

Oh crap, I turned out the lights right when I need them the most!

Better switch rooms to turn the light back on, I don't wanna fail like last time. Oh god so many bullets want to kill me

Ah, there we go


Mega Man desperately tries to outrun the bullet chasing him, knowing that impact will push him off the car and into the abyss.

Fuckin shit. This stupid jump, with its low ceiling and enemy ready to knock you into the hole, caused me endless frustration, and now I nail it without thinking?

As if it knows that he has succeeded, the level suddenly lights up again as Mega Man lands safely across the chasm.

Overjoyed at finally besting this hellish challenge, Mega abandons his usual stoic pose in front of the boss chamber and begins to dance.

He is promptly punished for his inappropriate display.

Alright guys, its time to vote