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Part 11

What the fuck, did you guys all have a meeting? Geeze...

Ok, here it is:

/ Backup

Click chunky to begin fight

And now to switch things up a bit, we're gonna have a contest BEFORE the voting.

Did I say contest? I meant....


Contest number one: Level Weapon

First to post Dr. Wily fan art decides what weapon I use for the next level.

Contest number two: Level Condition

Post a Mega Man YTMND, my favorite will win the chance to decide how they want to punish me today

Contest number three: Boss Condition (weapon to be decided by vote)

MSPaint a non-existant Mega Man crossover with anything your imagination can come up with. I won't give any examples cuz I don't wanna steal any good ideas. So I hope you know what I mean. Best one wins the boss condition power for BOTH upcoming battles.

You may try for any and all of the conditions you want, but do not post multiple entries for the same contest, because it just makes it harder to decide.