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Part 15

After many votes and deliberation, the bot of the hour is: / Backup

Do you think you could blow bubbles through his head?

Ring suffers from what I deem Backend of Brainstorm syndrome. While all the other robots were given coherant themes and levels that applied directly to them, Ring Man's level is limited to two different enemies...that's it. I mean I guess he's on a ringed planet or something because wtf is up with the space theme?

What this level lacks in sense it makes of for in Defense, as each section has something that could kill you very quickly such as turrets and uh...retarded planet shaped robots...

The Charged sun of Pharaoh Shot..putting the He in "Hell Yeah!" Since 1991.

Swamp Thing fears no enemy! Only reruns!

Oh no! A giant death hippo! And all I can use is wire?! Whatever shall I do!


Comrade Cossak...would it not be prudent to put these spikes under all the retracting rainbow bridges?

Sounds like Capitalist propaganda to me! Off to the gulag with you!

Though at first glance he may look like a gimmick enemy just inserted to make some semblance of a theme in this level...the ring monster is actually quite challenging (because shabadu is an ass) and requires precise timing. Fire too soon and you get blocked, fire too late and you get smacked around with a giant ring.

Pizza Bot! Delivering your pizza in 30 minutes or less! Or we get reformatted! ...

Yeah this isn't annoying...not at all. Hey! Hey you constantly orbitting natural satellite! STOP MOONING ME!

Each pair of mega pants comes equipped with a charcoal reinforced diaper, for those oh shit moments.

Damn you ring monster, damn you to hell. So do you think that Dr. Light is like Dr. Venture and just makes a shit load of Mega Mans and doesn't tell them about each other to prepare for their inevitably gruesome death?

Blow ME up will you?! HA H- OW FUCK!

Alright Surec, give me a condition, everyone else, vote on weapon.