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Part 17

Ok next level guys, thanks for your patience. I had to will myself to start on this again because I realized that I forgot my gamepad at home. If you notice a drop in skill its cuz I've switched to using the keyboard. although its not as impossible as I thought. Anyway:

Level Playthrough / Backup

Ah Mega Man has arrived at the foot of the evil commie's stronghold. Only to immediately freeze his robo nuts off.

Jesus, what are these things made of? They take like twenty shots to kill! SLINKIES OF DOOOOM

These bastards are tricky, because you have to kill them the second you see them. If you miss...

It hurts

Damnit why does every fucking platformer have to have an ice level! Gets me every time! Stop fucking around with turban bots and invent some fucking traction, Light!

If there's one thing the Americans Japanese and Soviets have in common, its the universal likelihood that Sniper Joe is gonna die no matter what from he takes.

Oh no, a high platform! That wily Cossak sure got me this time

Actually this part was hard the first time I played it because I hadn't found the baloon adapter, and as you'll see in the next screen:

Jet Rush isn't good for everything

Gah! Not again! Fucking ice levels...

Pfft, I've kiled worse than you, Fat Ass...


I pity the fool who don't vote!