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Mega Man 4

by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur and GuavaMoment

Part 2

After a very close race it looks like:

....hey wait a second.

Looks like someone finally dug up their John Basedow tapes Good goin slugger...I hope you didn't lose all that weight by purging through that snorkle

Anyways, let's do this:

Hey Hard Man, if you're gonna go through with this Element Change Operation, you need to commit, that means no HOT LAVA or other earth related shit. Dumbass.

For some reason, I've been Fed-EXed into seeing this bot as a miniature Einstein. I know its a razor blade but I can't be convinced to see otherwise. Tell me someone one else sees it too.

So can someone tell me why spikes hurt a solid metal robot? Would have made more sense to like...I dunno rub magnets on his head or something.

Does anyone know if these can be killed? Nothing annoys me like an invincible enemy.

OHGODGIANTWHALEWHYMEDON'TKILLME! I'm conflicted with water levels...because on one hand they have such a high probablilty of facing giant monsters, but on the other...

I get to jump fuckin CRAZY high motherfucker!

These little guys are awesome, they give you a powerup at the best time. Too bad it took Dr. Light 4 years to build such a simple thing.

And he still can't program it to not commit suicide. Nice job Dr. Light.

Mega Man stops by the pit right after the second whale...what is he doing?

MEGA MAN NO!! You have so much to live for!


Wow, nice going Mega. Don't say he never taught you guys anything.

So...I have to navigate through water that is changing depth, dodging spikes and mines while trying to not get killed by a stingray?

Ok, no prob. Alright guys, get your vote on.