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Part 29 / Backup

In this level, GuavaMoment must kill enemies only if they're facing away from him.

And he must then shoot a shot into the air, "for da homies".

These guys don't turn around, so I can't kill them.

Proves not to be a problem.

Still not worth it!

First enemy! While the video seems to show that I shot it directly in the face, that is in fact the creature's ass. Wily is sneaky in making his bots like that.

This one's for the caterpillars that didn't make it.

Now you see the Einstein bot... you don't. Those assholes in the MMX VLP thread think this is a "weakness" or a "limitation" in the NES Megamen games. I think it's a feature. Bitches.

Up this ladder we find...

...the most lonely Einstein bot in the world. Seriously, who put this guy here? You can see in the loading screen that this is a dead end, so why continue on? NO ONE would ever get hit by that guy. It's just lazy programming. In every Mega Man game the boss levels are done very well, but the Wily levels are usually crap. It's like they programmed them in a weekend, under a deadline.

These guys don't turn around how am I gonna kill them oh man

Uh...does this count as behind them? Cuz I'm blastin' 'em.

This one's for all my brothers got grave-robbed in the afterlife.

Would Batman have to escape from bats like this?

Poor useless skull guys. I'll give you a special shout-out.

These four are for the ones got cracked with a baseball bat.


I don't care if it was facing me, I'm not honoring that reject. As for this guy, remember what I said about crappy Wily levels? I could stand here and shoot this guy in the back all day. This is no challenge. These are asshole bots we're talking about, normally they totally ruin your day.

Speaking of no challenge and poorly designed levels: To avoid these red shots, don't move. It will never hit you. Jump over the lame busters it fires from the mouth. I have to rush jet to get past these guys since they always face you. In the video, I don't have to touch the keyboard once I hit the roof.

Boss time! says I have to alternate between (regular?) buster and dust shots, and never fall off the platform. / Backup

I found a neat little bug feature involving Rush Coil at the start of this battle. I fudged the rules a bit with the buster since both weapons take off health one notch at a time which would make for a boring video.

Next level is the boss gauntlet! Waiting for the three remaining thread readers to come up with ideas would take way too long, and I didn't really feel like dancing to all of them anyway, so I came up with this, it's the best I can do. Sorry. / Backup

So very, very sorry. You have no idea.