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Part 4

The people have spoken and they have asked for the head of

I want to point out something you guys might not have caught on to. Although dust man may look friendly, it takes little time to realize that he is in fact an insane serial killer. The second we warp into his domain you see he resides in the bowels of a junkyard with the torn bodyparts of innocent robots serving as the carpeting for his house of horrors. Check out the chainsaws in the background. It seems obvious Dust Man is a sadistic killer.

I haven't seen gore like this since Monster Party.

Shey Mega Man, sheck out my new Brashes! Dey put em in cuz my teef are crooked. Aren't they shweet! I thought I'd pop out of a hole while you were jumping over it and shurprishe you...Mega Man?

No not this time asshole!

Dude, seriously...this guy is like the Pyramid Head of Robo Land. They showed this stuff to kids? You walk on mangled corpses!

Oh god...please don't let it be a disappearing block puzzle...

PLEASE don't let this be another Magnet Man Fiasco...

Wow, that was actually a breeze. I guess Dust Man isn't ALL evil...

Thanks lil buddy!

Wow, this puzzle always got to me...I dunno...there's just something unpleasant about being CRUSHED TO DEATH. Must just be me...It actually took me a while to realize that these things don't actually go all the way down and as long as you clear the (oh my god I jsut realized its more mangled body parts ) debris you're fine.


GOGOGO shoot away the gunk!

oh god oh god oh god

I always try to print screen as I play because its part of the challenge, but as you can see by the playback timestamp I just couldn't do it for this pic. Something about keeping Mega's roboguts inside his body

This is just cruel. Why oh why would I want to fight a delightful candy machine. This guy doesn't look anything but friendly. Can't we just be friends? Oh fine...BLAM

Unique decoration choice Dust Man. I mean burning chassis wouldn't be my first choice but hey.

Alright here we are folks. How are we going to eliminate this Mad Robot and end his killing spree?