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Part 6

Ok so I guess what I'll do is record every level condition or otherwise since you guys have all said that would be nifty. I'll still do picture commentary since last time you guys said that was what you wanted as well. So I'll put it after the video so you guys can see if we both thought the same thing when it happened and giggle about it like retarded nerds. So click on ol' bone head to begin our next adventure:

/ Backup

Ohh yeah look at those gross horizontal lines...full of squished goodness. Hope the image purists can bear with the pictures as they are, I love you guys too and hope you stick with us.

This whole game is pretty macabre, I mean a base made entirely out of bones? Let's just hope they're artificial. Then its just reduced to being like that hot topic at your mall next to the hello kitty store. But looks like the whole place is an astro jump! WEEE!

The bouncing theme continues as these comically large cannons shoot four square balls at you. Seriously, these hurt Mega Man? I would get beaned in the face with these in dodgeball and I guess my face sorta tingled...Come on Mega, grow some cojones!

Now these are a little bit more threatening. If only they moved about ten times faster, I might be afraid of the little spikey bastards...maybe.

Now this is more like it, I mean you shoot them and...

They're only momentarily stunned before they rebuild like T-1000! Yeah...for the longest time I didn't know you could blow them up with Mega Buster and I would just run past them screaming and hoping they wouldn't revive and kill me .

These guys are in almost every MM game and they never get less annoying, because these jerks fuckin love putting them in spots where you can't jump over them...cept for this one

The Capcom/Hanna-Barbera Collaboration Mega Man vs Space Ghost-cula never really made it big anywhere outside Estonia, where its theme song became their national anthem.

The game also had a advertising tie-in with Pizza Hut, which was discontinued when kids began jumping into oncoming traffic with a Cheese Pizza in hand, convinced they were safe.

Mega Man you insensitive bastard, not all Arabs have bombs in their turbans. Stupid ass.

I have to stop paying close attention to this game, because I keep getting disturbed...I mean an enemy that consists of a skull with a giant eye on the back?

I told you you weren't going to get that e-tank....

You're trying again? Ugh...fine

Why do you look so surprised?

RARRGH FUCK IT! Swamp Thing does not NEED that e-Tank...

Swamp Thing is not pleased.

Get used to seeing this screen a lot you sadistic bastards.

HA! Why didn't I think of it before!? The wire adaptor! E-Tanks, Bitches!

Oh...I guess it doesn't work in the air


What the...Wasn't it like midday outside like two seconds ago? How long did it take Mega Man to climb down that ladder.

These guys are so fuckin lazy...they just float around all slow not doing anything. "It's a living "