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Part 8

Alright folks, here we go again! This time we're fighting:

Level Playthrough / Backup

I challenge you to find a cooler Robot Master pose than Pharoah Man's. Too bad I'm gonna have to waste him.

Moses- I mean Mega Man, lands in a barren desert. I always found this place a bit unsettling. Man am I a big pussy or what? I've said I'm disturbed by pretty much every level of this damn game.

I'm torn in regards to this enemy. On the one hand I really like his design, but on the other I find him fucking annoying as hell. Apparently the game thinks this robot extends ten feet below the sand, since I get hit sliding well under him....
The flying fuckers however, can suck eggs.

If you're complaining about a lack of screens for this long begining portion, just imagine this shot, and multiply it ten times. Very sparse indeed.

Finally, after bitching about them for the whole MM3 thread, I finally get my own butt plug launcher.

And with this, I have all the optional adapters for this game. A casual player would be pleased. I, however, have a grim sense of forboding.

Oh god this must jump over a perilously long floor of spikes onto unstable clown platforms...

Oh and by the way, the platforms themselves shoot at you.

One, two, three Space Ghost-culas bwa-ha-ha

Yep...that's me dying. Don't ask me why, but for some reason I have died more because of this corner than any other thing in a megaman game except for bosses. But goddamn do I hate this fucking corner...

This is the moment when, at long last, Space Ghost-cula admitted that he should probably do something about his dandruff. Or, I died again, take your pick.

What, you thought I was kidding? You WILL become familiar with this screen. I should probably not even bother putting passwords at the end of boss battles, since you'll just get them when I'm on the following boss's level.

The good news? Having to do the level from the begining scored me an E-tank I would have missed. The bas news? It's behind a fucking mummy. And I think that's a Lost Soul at the bottom center there...

Score! This thing already becomes useful. And I didn't even have to die a shit load of times to get this tank! Oh wait

You don't see me because I'm flashing in and out right now, desperately trying to get on the platform before I'm vulnerable to spikey death once again.

You don't see me because I didn't make it on the platform this time

Get outta the way pottery man, I made it past the corner of fucking doom! I'm not afraid of you.

fuckin finally. Remind me why I keep playing this game?

Chapter two / Backup