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Part 5: Star Man

Stage Comments:

This is a nice, simple, focused and pretty memorable stage. Its gimmick is low gravity, which is nice for the programmers because they could copy-paste water physics, and nice for the player because it's decidedly not a water level in looks. Despite my personal aversion against all things pastel, it continues to argue greatly for MM5 having the best graphics in all of the classic series. Proving even so long ago that graphics do not a game make.

The start sets the scene nicely with the falling meteors; now if only those could return later to be combined with enemies...this is something the GameBoy designers would most certainly have done, looking at their MO, but sadly, there's no Star Man on the GB to be found. Except for  Sunstar  (MMV spoilers), of course.
Then we enter an enemy gauntlet with subsequently harder placed jumpers and cannons. That's pretty standard stuff, but I always think those stages are the best in Mega Man; they're nothing too fancy, but pretty challenging to avoid damage on, though making a single mistake or even a few in a row won't kill you. It's nothing that stands out or makes the stage particularily memorable...however, it's fun the moment you play through it, and can we ask for more? This is a big selling point of this game for me. One could pretty well describe most of it as a "casual romp", and that pleases a casual player like me greatly.
Getting back on the subject matter, the Buster is not too easy to use here because it requires precise timing, which I'm always bad at. Gyro Attack would take away any and all issues with them but that's just no fun. As said, I'm pretty pleased to have discovered their weakness to Water Wave, because that weapon desperately needed a bit of love from the designers. Seeing as it's also Star Man's weakness, that's good thinking on their parts. Except for the whole "nobody would ever dream of trying Water Wave on stuff" issue. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

Then the spike corridor...well, it's nothing we haven't seen before. The space Mets are pretty annoying though, homing AI at its most assholish. Better get out those melee weapons! I also like using Napalm Bombs on them, obviously also good when you get swarmed. Charge Kick really shines here, though. As would Water Wave if you could fire it on narrow platforms God what a shitty weapon.
Missiles are easily dealt with. The cannons should never be an issue if you take your time, especially if you don't forget that you can shoot through walls, eh? Taking it slow also should assure you don't bonk your head in the wrong places.
The Met ambush is evil, but balanced by the health pickup afterwards. Basically time your straight-upwards jump and the release of a charged shot well, in order to take out two at once, then you should be able to sail over the bottom ones. Or Gravity Hold them if you have it.
Anti-gravity in space. Yeah just roll with it.
Then comes the "numerous issues" section. Guys, you know how to make moving platforms that are actually platforms. Come the fuck on, whatever cop-out of coding you did there is just blatant laziness in the hopes that nobody ever uses the shitty weapons you came up with. Not that Napalm Bombs or Water Wave are particularily great there, but really. I don't think projectiles can hit you off-screen, by the way; going beyond boundaries there has its own issues, as I address, so...this whole thing is just a mess. It's also piss-easy. If it didn't have low gravity, it might have been somewhat harder (and I'd bitch about cockblockers now as if I got paid for it), but as it is...the whole thing is completely out of place.
And that was basically it, the walker in front of the door can be dealt with by...being patient and not getting frustrated because his hitbox sucks. Sure as hell ain't a Big Eye.

Boss Comments:

Another boss where I think it looks really cool. The giant chest star armor thing definitely works for me; I can think of numerous ways in which they could have made a "Star Man" simply too fabulous for his own good, and he really doesn't fall into that trap.
So where's that promised blow job, forums user Star Man?

He is hilariously easy, though (boss, not user). Even disregarding the "fuck your shield" trick - seriously, what up with hitboxes in this game - avoiding his "attack pattern" of "jump where Mega is" is a matter of sliding away and that's it. His only real attack of throwing the shield is telegraphed from so far away that the only issue would be not noticing it because of the earth's curvature - but we're not on earth. He's also nice enough to wait for about half an hour before putting it back on, so there's your opening to blast him to your heart's content. I don't think I need to lose more words about tactics.

New enemies: