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Part 8: Stone Man

Stage Comments:

Yeah, it's long.
Most of the rooms here are purely enemy-based, with mostly clever placement; take the three one-screen rooms with a Met and two other enemies in them, for example. One, you can power through quickly, which is just fine; another, then Met is positioned really dangerously, but it's still plenty avoidable with a short and well-timed slide. All three play differently, though they have the same setup. Someone put thought into that, and I appreciate it.
Especially with its length, this stage really symbolizes the "feel" of Mega Man 5 to me. As I do like this feel, I really like playing it. You'll find that very rarely, the difficulty comes from instant-kill, rather they try to wear you down by damage. This is a far fairer approach and makes this game easier than the others, and I'm thankful for it. In Stone Man especially, you have to manage your health carefully. I really recommend picking up special weapons for it, and it pays of tons to fool around with them. Water Wave on Mets, Charge Kick on cannons, the multiple applications of Star Crash - those tricks do not only make it easier, they also make it flow far better. Very often, using the Buster forces waiting. Longer than a short trip into the weapon menu takes. Here, experimenting does wonders for how you'll proceed, and every playthrough you'll discover a neat new little trick. Again, very much what I cherish MM5 for.
A few choice comments:
In conclusion, not the best stage ever, but great fun all around. And a posterchild for how to make a cave level WORK.

Boss Comments:

He's really fucking easy, yet a bit tedious. Dunno what I could say that I didn't mention in the video. The only attack that could be considered a threat is a Power Stone in the middle of the room, leaving you between a rock and a goddamnit that guy lends himself to jokes SO EASILY.
But why would you ever slide away in panic from a pile of rubble to make that happen? He's a joke.
Also one of the few designs in the game I can't really get behind. He's made of stone, that' boring. Only good because you can ridicule it in countless ways.

New enemies: