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Part 5: Doing nothing to progress the plot. Fighting GutsMan.

Last time, on MegaMan Battle Network 2!

Standing around Yai's bedroom while she is asleep.

And we're totally keeping that fan by the way. It shall forever stay in our Key Items list (seriously, there's no way to return it).

Anyway! No point in loitering around unless we're going to go through all Yai's stuff. I mean uh, because like, she's our friend, and we need to make sure she's going to be OK.

Oh well, that makes it fine just fine.

Huzzah! A security code! We should probably check up on the net and get rid of its related SecurityCube, before I forget about it.

And well, Yai's computer is just the most convenient.

Oh dear lord-

The rich really do have advanced tastes that we cannot comprehend.

Aaaand apparently Yai hasn't been keeping up the antivirus

aaaaa teleporting quickly and healing other viruses, I freakin hate these guys

Love the chip they drop though.

Ohhh dammit

Swordy viruses attack with swords, and use AreaGrabs to get close enough to be a pain in the arse. Man, Glyde must be pretty tough fighting these dudes all day, right? Well uhh.... hopefully there's something in Yai's computer to make this all worthwhile

This is acceptable.

So Yai's computer isn't a great net shortcut. But we can get rid of this SecurityCube now!

And hey, it's right by a netdealer.

Finally rich enough to buy some HPmemory... which I am sure I'll end up needing

Apart from that... yeah, we're pretty much just stuffing around. Who knows, maybe there'll be some more worthwhile things to get done before we hit the sack and proceed with the story.

But there are other SecurityCubes to take care of. From here, we can get into Mayl's computer!

Well uh, it sure is colourful.

More viruses though, argh. At least these guys are easy to take care of, despite their high health.

Mooching around town for compliments...

Mission accomplished! Now we can go to bed feeling good about ourselves. Unless there's anything I'm forgetting to do...?

Dex's house! We should visit him, of course, he inhaled a lot of gas too so we should check if he's alright.

He's fine

Let's play his videogames

That's right. We're playing with a gameboy advance on a gameboy advance. Mind=blown. Good to know that they have gameboy advances in the imaginary MMBN future though.

There's a new virus in here, and a new panel type. You can't stand on those clear panels, and that virus is kind of cool I guess.

That chip is going straight into my folder, it does 90 damage and is one of the common codes from the starting folder. I'd like to get one in G-code too, but.... effort

So, let's check on Dex!

Oh hell yes. Stuff like this is why Dex is a really great friend all-round.

>Very yes

So! MegaMan vs. GutsMan! IT IS ON!!

GutsMan is a very easy boss. Verrry easy. For instance, here it may look like I'm trapped by broken panels, oh no! I'll be hit for sure!

Nah, GutsMan has three attacks. A punch he can only do while you're in the front row, a panel-smashing attack that hits down a row, and a shockwave that hits down a row. And uh... none of those work if you're behind a hole. Which GutsMan will happily provide for you.

And no matter how terrible a rank you get, he gives an absolutely amazing NaviChip. This is going straight into my folder, it's a panel-breaking shockwave that hits all panels in front of you (unless blocked by a hole or something) and does 50 damage. So. Useful.

This chip will make random encounters go muuuuch faster (when I'm lucky)

The GutsMan chip prize is my true reward.

Boss fight videos!

I'm a pro at fighting GutsMan, you're a pro at fighting GutsMan, everybody lay the beatdown on GutsMan!


I would link Epee Em's video, but it's possibly spoilers since he fights him a teeny bit later than this.

And here's BlitzBlast with Hard Mode:

BlitzBlast posted:

Holy crap, I didn't even notice this LP got updated.

GutsMan.EXE on Hard Mode

(The intent of the Panel Out 1 was to prevent GutsMan from breaking my center row entirely, but I used it on the wrong panel so...)

GutsMan is a bit harder to get a good rank on in BN1 and BN2 then he is in other games solely because there is absolutely nothing you can do about him destroying your rows this early in the game. Thankfully GutsMan doesn't have his area destruction move or the Guts Machine Gun, so there's basically no way he can kill you unless you walk into his shockwave (which is slightly slower than a Mettaur's) repeatedly.

Fun Fact: GutsMan's hammer doesn't count as a Breaking attack.

Now that we've got Dex's code, we can go to the net through his computer!

His computer is much less .... interestingly designed than our other friends. Also score, free stuff! That's 800 monies and a GutsPunch B chip.

And bonus, Dex's computer is right next to the square now that we can get rid of this SecurityCube!

It's a parade of good things happening to Lan and Mega!

That sounds pretty good!

Yeah, let's check out these-

Ergh... walls of text, my mortal enemy.

I blacked out for a while there, but when I came to Lan was at home, so no damage done.

And now that there's nothing to worry about, we can let Lan's mum in on what's been happening.

And call it a night!

Next time! I... uh.... sleeping sounds really good right now actually