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Part 6: We're not going camping today. Fighting ToadMan.

Right then! Let's start the next update on an exciting note!

Or whatever.

Psh c'mon, last homework was an unskippable tutorial. Therefore, skip all homework.


Well what do you know, this is my general approach to this LP, so I'm sure it will work out for Lan.

Psh, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, that's what.

Yay, camping! Let's go away from the Internet for a little while, that's where all the trouble keeps happening mostly. Well that and gas-powered water heaters.

Of course, Lan has to tell his mother before he goes, because he is very responsible.

But who to invite first...? This is a big decision probably





Hrm, this is an acceptable booby prize though


Thanks buddy

Oh yeah we found Mayl in the school for some reason, and it's another definite no. So, that's a bust.

no. i wanna sit here and moan.

wait hold on. That sounds more awesome than camping. Day saved!

Don't mention homework

then Mega can forget about homework too

And another email to cheer us up

Hmmm. Sounds fair, he is the biggest and that probably makes him most capable.

Well, the license exam is in Marine Harbour, so

Free metro ride time!

Holy hell, those seats are enormous.

If you can't tell, Lan is so freakin excited to be in Marine Harbour. We could head over to SciLab to take our test, or we could tool around for a while.

Hey now, what's this?

omg that's the thing they show on the tv

What kind of news station has a battle report like...

whoops (Pokémon reference #5)

Let's do this thing!

ToadMan! You're going down!

uhhhh whoops

Let's try this again...


Boss fight videos!

ToadMan is kind of a bastard. An adorable little bastard. His attacks are actually pretty difficult to dodge, and he teleports between the upper and lower set of lily pads so fast that it can be hard to get a hit on him.

But let's see what I can do!
(Epee Em comes prepared with a program advance)

BlitzBlast posted:

ToadMan.EXE on Hard Mode

Ughhhhh ToadMan is such a bastard.

Okay, first thing that has to be stated about BN2 is that about 75% of the bosses have at least one stupid gimmick that makes the battle much, much more frustrating.

ToadMan has three.

First, as MissEchelon mentioned, the lily pads. There's one on the top and bottom rows of ToadMan's area, and whenever you line up with him he'll jump to the other. There's a brief period of no movement when he does this, so you can actually nail him with one of your slower chips, but for the most part this locks the chips that can actually do damage outside of counter attacks to either chips that instantly hit (which means they either freeze time like Roll or fire immediately like ShotGun) or ShockWave chips, which you can lure ToadMan into. But this is kind of hard to do because of ToadMan's second gimmick: those damned tadpoles.

ToadMan regularly spawns fast moving tadpoles from his lily panels (with no warning whatsoever so sucks to be you if you were standing in front of one) in a pattern I can only discern to be "Fuck You". No, seriously. I can not even count how many times I got nailed because both lily pads fired off a tadpole while ToadMan was using Shocking Melody. I think it's actually possible to end up in a situation where it's impossible to dodge without a defense chip. In any case, these tadpoles do not give MegaMan mercy invincibility but still flinch him. This leads to ToadMan's third gimmick: Shocking Melody.

Shocking Melody is horrifically stupid. Not only is it fast enough that it can hit you while you're flinching from a tadpole, not only can tadpoles still be fired while you're dodging the thing, not only is it actually two simultaneous attacks with a very odd hit area, and not only is it homing, but if MegaMan gets hit ToadMan will jump over and smack him in the face for serious damage. Usually MegaMan breaks free of paralysis before ToadMan can do this, but if MegaMan got hit after ToadMan's short cooldown period (which is pretty likely since you're probably trying to dodge the thing) then you're just screwed.

ToadMan is just a horrifically stupid fight, and I ended up having to grind out five Zap Ring 1 A's just to comfortably take him down.

"Fun" Fact: ToadMan is a Dual-Element Navi, and as such takes double damage from both Electric and Wood attacks. Too bad you won't have any Wood chips unless you've been trading with another game. There is nothing fun about ToadMan. You can't even delete him in under a second because the ass takes a while to even show up on the battlefield.

We get this on winning, it lets us access the net via

this van! Which... sounds a lot cooler than it really is.

I mean the interior is bright green, which is pretty cool.

There's two new water-based viruses in here, Shrimpy (who is kind of adorable)

And this shellgeek guy, who is obviously very intimidating. Actually, you can only attack him normally when he's opened up like this to attack you, otherwise he's closed up and harmless, but hard to harm.

But yeah, back on the net! This is in an area we haven't accessed before and-

Boo, I'm still too poor for stuff like this...

Gratuitous GutsMan destroying random encounters image

Anyway! There's something we were probably meant to do in SciLab here... So let's move on to more important things!

Much more important things.

one day...