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Part 8: Job requests and ham-fisted foreshadowing!

Seriously Mega why would you even suggest that we clearly have more important things to do (tooling around is an important task obviously)

See this billboard? Now we've got a BLicense (BLicense yaaay!) we can actually do something with this.

I mean something apart from picking Mega's grammar to pieces.

This is a job request board, so we can come up throughout the game to pick up little sidequesty things that range from tedious to less tedious (I honestly can't remember most of this game, possibly there are some good jobs), but sometimes give pretty good rewards.

But enough talking about it, let's pick up a job!

Yeah I think we're qualified, let's roll.

If you'll recall, there's this cafe right outside where we're at right now.

So this guy's the one with the job for us! I wonder what it is. Since it's the first job it's probably something really trite like 'fetch this thing', 'talk to this person' or-

holy crap

No wait I guess there already is a netmafia in this game.

Then again we're licensed, we can do this 'officially'

Oh... you mean there's a legit reason for calling this hit? Well... OK then

So, the lab's obviously the most convenient place to jack-in from. We'll just go in from here, head across the square to DenArea proper, and start looking for-

Oh. Yeah this looks like the guy we're looking for. Right next to the square entrance.

We're here to take you out, see

Like I said in an earlier update, you never actually fight generic navis. They just send viruses after you. And these guys... would be annoying, but lucky me for pulling AirMan first up, that makes things much simpler.

Also turns out if you stun Fishy viruses like with ZapRing when they're dashing you they don't actually stop and be stunned. THE MORE YOU KNOW

The punk now sleeps with the Fishies.

Now for that reward!


Whatever works I guess.

He gave us a HPMemory. Not bad for such a low level of effort!

:3 Him saying that is my true reward

Request #2! Well... it's no state-ordered execution, but I think we can handle it.

Plus it's from a classmate, we've gotta help out!

Well, that's not much to go on...

Ah, there we go! If it's important enough to actually mention, it's what happened. Now let's see.... there's only one place we can go to on the metroline...

BAM! One more case solved by Lan and Mega, ace detectives.

And our reward was.... apparently something so interesting I forgot to screenshot it, whoops! I'm going to guess Regular Memory, let me just check gameFAQS...

Yep! RegUP1. Very exciting, I'm sure. But then, that's all there is to do at the moment.

So, time to call it a day!

Gotta rest up for camping tomorrow, even if Dex's going to be the one stuck as camp leader.

Uh-oh! Things are afoot!

Chaud has a later bedtime than Lan, apparently. That's not fair!

Also this is the bulletin boards in DenCity square, just so you know.

Looks like there is a new writing!

Maybe somebody used a swear on one of the boards, that would be pretty bad!

...or not. This looks slightly worse.

Maybe the boards are like our boards, he has to delete threats to the president because Lowtax doesn't need any more visits from the secret service.

Or it could be about warez. Secret file? THE PLOT THICKENS.

Or not. Nevermind.

Sorry for the short update I may have been playing videogames instead I'll try to make up for it early next week!