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Part 9: Camping yaaaaaay!

Right! We begin this MMBN section already in-progress!

Riveting action.

When Lan's not fighting internet crime syndicates, he leads a life we could all aspire to.

Buh, camping. Lan needs all the sleep he can get before then, I mean have you ever tried sleeping on one of those foam camping mats? Well uh... obviously Mega never has... uh, maybe that's an offensive question.

Sometimes the simplest characterisations work best. This is freakin adorable.

I guess we'd better get on with it!

I just now noticed Lan's the same height as his mother and I think MMBN2 may in fact be populated by very small people.

Pft, flooding? As if we'll have to worry about that.

Yaaay we're not completely late.

Yai, you're a genius.

(I do apologise for the lack of Yai pics last update)

Ohhhh so that's why we're at the bus stop, huh? Thanks, Mayl!


Yaaay camptime!!


.....thanks blink-animation

A nice short bus-trip. Dex was only sick twice.

And then everybody left (except for Yai)

Rich people are different from you or I. She's probably expecting a chaffeur or something.

(actually that's not what happened. for some bizarre reason everybody did that old-school RPG thing where they all walk into the main character and walk off together, displayed by the one sprite)

Hey now what's all this

also we forgot to invite you

Oh blink animation. Seriously, that thing is impossible to time, it's either working with you or (more usually) working heavily against you.

If this game was much more Japanese this picture would be evidence that Lan and Chaud are gay for each other

As it stands though, it's just hilarious. The characterisation in this early games is just Actually, the later games too, Epee Em LP'd MMBN5 Colonel, but the Protoman one has an excellent Chaud/Lan moment but I suppose I'm getting off track!

Well obviously that's true

Mayl does not approve of Lan's sick burn.

Like I said, Lan/Mayl/Dex/Yai are all sharing the same space because the GBA wasn't very powerful

And writing a coherent narrative that would avoid something like that

pshhh nah


I've provided the context for this image, and yet I have no explanation. Maybe... maybe ghosts?



....The NPCs in this series are so damn weird/awesome/reminiscent of the hikers in many pokémon games

This guy seems pretty cool.

No wait nevermind.

Bees are the second-worst thing about camping. The first-worst thing is wasps. Or poisonous snakes. Or redback spiders. Or drop-dunnies. Or- actually there are a lot of 'worst things' about camping.

Oh! Dex is the camp leader, he can do something about the bees!

A noble leader, he's come up with the best solution.

Sorry, guys. I can't say anything positive about the gameplay in this part. I, um... wait... maybe it... uh... It prepares you for the next dungeon? That's kind of a strike against that too though.

You have to wander the area mashing the 'A' button all over, because there's no indication of where the objects you're looking for are.

These two are simple.

The last one can be annoying, because you have to stand in a rather small area while slamming into the correct tree.

How exciting.

Then again, maybe there's something positive to say about all this.

Apart from it being one screen.

Oh right, better do something more... impressive

Ummmm yeah OK maybe that was worthwhile in the end.

Dex, you're a genius.

At least now we're in the clear, we can just cross the waterfall by this statue (which you can jack-in for like... a HPmemory or a RegUP1, I forget), then it's CAMPTIME!!



Once again, a stupendous plan from the camp leader!

I guess.... we can't go camping. We have to go home. Why didn't anybody pack bear-spray?! Maybe that's not a thing in Japan, I bet if this were a Canadian game this would pose little threat

Well, we did pass a waterfall earlier, and if I know anything about anything-

Always look behind the waterfall.

Mayl! You're not camp-boss but okay then

blink-animation Yai looks so *mad*

Plot-twist! It was a fake bear all along!

Let me remind you of a little thing about MMBN. Real-world problems -> Cyber solutions.

Chaud's too scared to go, the others are alas only ZLicensed or Yai, so it's up to Lan to fight a bear!

I mean Mega Man to fight a robot-bear.

It's not even a dungeon in there, just the typical one-room deal you get from jacking into random little things around. So it's easy to find this Mr Prog who tells you what's up.

And then viruses. They have a lot of health, but actually these guys are one of the easier viruses to fight.

Even when fighting them inside a bear.

Another problem solved by totally-believable computer means!

Shit yes!

Camping was a very good idea.