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Part 12: Not going to Yumland. A bloo bloo bloo

Yeah, yeah I guess we should do something about that

or see how long we can keep putting it off

And this kid gave me a Spreader * in exchange for a... some chip... that was really easy to get, but also easy to forget. Maybe something in J code? Geez whatever. I guess I'd better get on with it.



really, what?

No, this is meant to be the way to Yumland, isn't it?

Aw man. It's probably because foreign nets are (allegedly) full of danger.

Mega it is called YUMLAND there is clearly no yummier food anywhere else so why would we bother?? Geez you just don't think sometimes, man.

Somehow, I don't think research is exactly what Lan has in mind.

But instead of this being an exciting trip about food, it's now turning into an exciting trip about yummy food and virus busting! That's all Lan's favourite things in one go. Well, except sleeping. Sleeping's probably one of his favourite things.

Though I am kind of guessing about the virus busting at this point. It's an educated guess, based on that being exactly what the previous two license tests involved.

But with any luck, we're about to find out!

Or not. What?! Not qualified?!

How about defeating Dr Wily and his stupid internet gang that tried to take over the world, huh?

Oh no wait, Lan didn't do that as a city netbattler.

So I guess that is fair, we'll just do some more awesome internet problem-solving and then we'll be for-reals qualified.

Well... uh... that's nice I suppose...

Helping people will cheer Lan and Mega up!

I hope for no more contract killings.

(Obligatory laugh at Mega's poor grammar again)

Well, let's start with the start, and head from there!


Anyway, this guy's our contact. He doesn't look like the contract-killing sort, but... we'll see

I swear I will not take screenshots of our conversation and post them on an Internet forum.

Experimental navis...? Why does that sound familiar...

Wait a minute, Mega's an experimental navi!!

Oh my god, we've been contracted to kill MegaMan three times.

No wait, that's dumb.

Now that we've got that bit of stupid out of the way, let's move on to the next one!

Now, the thing you have to keep in mind for this mission, when this fella says the navis are just in the ACDC network, they're not on the net, they're chilling out in various places you can plug into around ACDCTown.

So let's play a fun and exciting game! It's called: What location is this?

Navi #1! Where is she?

Tick-tock, time's running out! Can you tell where it is?

Ah yeah, here's the viruses she sic'd on me. Nothing major, Spikey2s are cool, and oh-so-nicely weak against water (that last chip is bubbler, hells yeah).

Hope you guessed "this random abadoned toy by the playset" because duh, obviously.

Navi #2! C'mon guys, you can do this one!

Where are we right now? Hint: somewhere in ACDCTown.

Not really a hint: This guy is a gigantic butt. That purple flamey moves up and down... I AM NOT IN A GOOD POSITION.

But that's "the electronic blackboard at Lan's school" for you. I hope you picked that one, it was kind of easy.

Now the last one! Here's your final chance to guess correctly!

And this navi drops three Handy viruses on Mega... I'm glad their HP isn't as high as the other viruses, but with the shitty chips in my folder this is still kind of annoying. Handy's drop time bombs on Mega's side of the field, and it's a pain to keep them all in check.

There! Of course we're in "the gamebody advance on Dex's desk".

It has unique dialogue if you hit 'L' in there

It's amazing how many little touches there are in this game that are easily missable.

What... this was a fake mission?

That's pretty sneaky.

But all the praise makes Lan forget that he could be mad about the unnecessary subterfuge. Such is life.

And so, Mission #2!

Sounds simple.

Wait where's KotoSquare...?

Right here! Wait, that's possibly not helpful. Hmm.

The whole Koto area is through here, some navis around the net mention it's opened up now. You may recognise this area as being 'that dumb green pathway above the rest of the Den Area' that's most easily accessible from the entry point in Ribitta's van. If you don't recognise it, well, then those words I just wrote describe it pretty well I guess.

Though, this guy says it's KotoSquare (and really, I did earlier too) this is just the entrance area we need to go through to get to KotoSquare proper. It's... generally OK, there's a bunch of one-way walkways, and one immensely tremendous dick move

right here, this bigger path is the main walkway, so if we cruise off it just a little

a little bit more...




MMBN2 pro-tip: Don't do that.

OK so maybe I could have taken that guy. I mean, he's only QuickMan.EXE V2, he's still fairly scrub-tier. But in this case, me winning would be a poor outcome.

Like I mentioned some updates ago, defeating the V2 navi ghost releases the V3 to wander about the area as a random encounter. V3 QuickMan is absolutely horrible, and we are going to be going through this area quite a few times, so howabout we all just sit back and pretend that never happened.

It was a completely safe and uneventful trip through Koto, to the square entrance which in a hilarious move is actually right next to the entrance to Koto from the DenArea, but is just behind a one-way walkway going the wrong way. Yay!

KotoSquare is very similar to DenArea's square, but the colour scheme is different and it has less little teleporters off the sides.

After recent events, no random encounters is pretty nice.

But yeah, the Koto colour scheme is absolutely hideous. Though obviously that's speaking from an Electopian cultural perspective here, I guess I should respect the hideous colour schemes of other cultures. DDuhhhhh Kotobuki is just another part of Electopia. I guess since Electopia's the Japan-analogy, let's just call Kotobuki like Osaka. Backwater and kind of confused, it can't be blamed for its hideous colour scheme, they probably dig it down there in Koto.

Oh, that's nice.

Hey, that's a thing that I picked up and promised to maybe explain at some point.

Oh hey buddy, don't let the colour scheme get to you. Maybe take a break, drink some coffee wait dang I need to stop saying that to navis

Ooh, evil-looking navi! Ding-ding, that's our goal!

That is simple. Yaaay!

Hey now, I never dawdle and waste time on stupid sideline shit.

I mean yeah lady, I'll get right on that thing about the coffee machine.

After shopping, obviously!

So this pink navi in the corner is the BugFrag trader. The random BugFrags we've been picking up all over the net until now can be traded here for a few neat things, I guess.

I dunno if any of them is terribly exciting, though.

Moving right along!

OK that was more simple than I was expecting.

Wait what?

Ah, viruses. I was starting to get a bit worried, there. These Spooky2's aren't hard, just annoying since they can heal each other.

More unique area dialogue~

I would ask what the deal was with the coffee-navi calling us a thief, but that response to us returning the program is in no way suspicious.

See? No worries.

I thiiiiink I can sense a pattern emerging what with the missions being fake, though.

So let's take care of Mission 3! This sounds easy.

But this sounds dumb. OK then, time to head back to Okuden!

Psh, all you people in the thread saying Mayl was crazy to put that giant terrifying robot bear right next to the path, look at how wrong you are. It was a great idea, this kid is going to be so excited when he gets there.

This much we already knew from the request. And yet he dragged us all the way out to Okuden...

Oh. If I wasn't so convinced you're secretly a super secret agent for the officals, that would make me be OK with coming all the way out here.

"I will be dragging you out here again" gee thanks game. And actually since Ribitta's no longer around here, you have to go all the way out of Okuden to SciLab or ACDCTown to get to the net.

Anyway, I've got no idea where the missing program is, so I'll look over DenArea from the start. And hey! I found that the area just in front of Lan's PC is now open!

Convenient shortcuts? Oh man I am all about this.

Ah well. I guess we'll open them up as we go along.

Unfortunately, that mystery data from the start of the game is still out of reach... I'm sure it won't be too much longer though.

Hey though, was there a reason I haven't been through DenArea1 much recently?

...oh. That's right.

Ummmmm yeah so maybe I only included this because I wanted to post DOUBLE AIRMAN ACTION

I subsequently failed the battle and had to reload

Naturally, after trekking all the way through DenArea, we find the missing prog in the back of the last area.

I can't be mad though, Mr Progs are adorable.

Are we done here? Can I go get licensed now?

You don't say.

Aw, I can't stay mad at somebody who recognises my mad skills.

(one long trek back to SciLab later...)

(so tempted to cut the update off there)

Aw yeah!

We're going up the licenses crazy-fast. I bet if we hadn't thought of a much better alternative, we could use this as our vacation project.

This person's doing great too!

Aw, good luck!

uncanny fuckin timing on that animation there

Right! Here we go! It's exam time!

...Next time!