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Part 13: We got a license. Just a license

Aw, Mega and Lan are both kind of nervous about their exam

Also, kind of funny that the translation is good enough to get the question marks in their nervous statements for flavour but not good enough to get it in places where it's actually grammatically required. You win some, you lose some.

Shit yes! Let's ALicense! Hey, so, I wonder what the exam will be this time??

(I suspect that he asked for Mega's name before this and I missed the screenshot, but I could be wrong)

Oh boy oh boy! I sure hope this exam is not exactly the same as every previous exam!!

Now, at this point you can wander off and get some better chips or do whatever, but for once I'm not going to waste time tooling around and actually get on with it. Wow.

Hmm, I sure hope that two of those problems aren't survival battles, with a 'find these guys on the net' problem inbetween.

Urgggh. Oh well, with standard format tests at least we know what to expect, right??

And it's still only five virus battles, so that's not too bad I guess.

Battle 1! Starting off the gauntlet with a slightly annoying battle, mainly because Swordy and HardHead are both butts. No problem, though, just butts.

Battle 2! Ramping up the butt-o-meter right away, this is in no way threatening, just annoying because of the self-cure thing.

Battle 3! A fight we've already seen. And isn't difficult, really. Just kind of annoying. Though in this case it wasn't at all annoying, since I started the fight with a GutsMan so I could knock out the front column of my area and completely prevent these guys from attacking. Yaaay!

Battle 4! Wow this exam problem is going really easily, isn't it? If you let this battle drag on I guesssss it could be a real problem, but really even though everybody's got a lot of HP, they're easy to take down at this point so ehh whatever.

Battle 5! Probably the easiest problem, huh.

Needless to say, I beat that problem.

"Two bad Navis are on the Net"? That's terrible. We'd better do something about that.

I... oh no

Yeah this is expected and also no real problem. So... we've just opened a big new area of the net in Koto area, so I'm guessing that there's going to be a bad navi there. Luckily, we can teleport to the green Den area above the regular Den area from a spot in the square, and that leads to Koto, so-

Oh dangit. That is definitely one of the two guys I am looking for, but... no, there's probably one in Koto and I'm most of the way there, I'll come back for this guy after.

Knew it!

Whoa he is a bad navi! He's the worst navi! That's terrible!

Two brothers and two bad navis we have to beat? What a coincidence!

I dunno if that's a very thug thing to say but- OH NO

The only problem at all with this setup is the meteor guy is good at hiding behind that rock where it's slightly harder to hit him, but in the end

Barely a problem.

You know, between this and him being the 'older brother' I get the feeling maybe I did this in the wrong order?

Oh well.

Aw shit dogg you know I do

Ummmmm yeah about that...

Aw dangit. This is the shitheap that the younger and less able Net-Thug drops upon you. Holy hell kill me now, I hate Swordys at the best of times but all three...?


I took this screenshot because I was honestly surprised at somehow beating them without losing any health. Go Mega!! I didn't even draw any GutsMan...

Oh boy what is it?!

Hmmm that does kind of go nicely with that BadDataB we're carrying.

You're damn right. ALicense, please!

Oh right. One more 'problem' (by problem I mean obviously this is going to be another rad virus gauntlet battle)

Oh wow, I'm psychic!!

This one's still just another five battles, so NO PROBLEM GUYS!

Battle 1! This guy, and nothing but this guy. Obviously, no problem. It's actually kind of nice in that it gives you a chance to practise dodging his attack.

Battle 2! Ooh! We're getting slightly harder! The WindBox will keep pushing you towards the back row, and with that rock in front of you it makes it a pain to kill. But... that's about it, Spikeys are still awesome but not terribly difficult.

Battle 3! Kind of a backwards spike in difficulty? Actually, I should have taken a better screenshot, because what this doesn't show is the rock at the top and bottom of Mega's area's middle row. Since Shrimpy fires shots will hit behind the rocks, it's kind of sneaky! But not kind of difficult, oh well.

Battle 4! Awwwwww the bunnies

Battle 5! Ohhh snap. This one. This one is a pain! Trying to dodge all the attacks of these guys at once is just... terrible. And they've all got a bucket of health so it's hard to knock them out one by one, so hope you get lucky with your chip selection (I did not. But hey, it's the last battle and I had enough health to tank hits, so that works too).

Pictured: Tanked hits like a pro (really, I'm using this to even out the Swordy fight screenshot I posted earlier)


How pro are we? So pro.