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Part 15: More yummy shenanigans. Fighting CutMan.

Well, we found the source of those weird noises. A computer program typing inside a computer on the internet, of course.

At least there's one survivor to warn the rest of the net. Thanks, Dark and mysterious navi!

Geeeeez Mega, learn to listen

Ruuuude. I mean wait. That's how the uh... YumLandish language is displayed in this game, we did see that with the letter earlier.

Yuichiro saves the day again

The translation probably has a few bugs though just like the rest of the game's translation heyyyyoooo

I... OK, that's kind of weird Mega, but I guess it's an understandable thing for you to say since it's true and you're just a kid-navi who didn't think it through enough to make sure it was going to make sense to this guy you just met but-

Um. Hmm. Mega's just a mite confused, probably got spooked by the empty square or something.

we're Electopian, we just came from Electopia, we are in YumLand, we came to YumLand.

Oh well, good try. This guy has enough on his plate without being worried that some dumb kidnavi's wandering around though.

Well, we never said that, but that's what we intended to say

Oh snap!! So that's what Dark said to that ninja navi that was so conveniently ellipse'd out!

I believe they said "[our] next target is... that?"

Gee it would be convenient if we were still jacked in via someplace owned by officials, like somewhere we were actively being monitored by officials, maybe something like a test room in the net officials centre... I mean if that were true, Lan could just turn to the test officiator and tell her what is up, maybe fetch some higher-up officials.

Haaaa what am I saying that isn't a net-based solution

Oh no! Don't jack out or anything Mega, this guy is gonna getcha!

...Then again, if this is a bad guy and we jacked out, he might attack that poor bystander navi who might not jack out because navis are notorious for not doing that in this series (see: all the other YumLand navis). So, we have to stay and fight to protect that guy!

Yeah, who is that?! Maybe if I opened my eyes I could guess who it is, based on perhaps some other Mega Man game, hrm.

CutMan! Terrifying! Seriously though look at that design, CutMan is freakin adorable.

CutMan you are too adorable to be saying those things, stop it. I just want to give you a big hug

I like to imagine that Lan, hyperactive child that he is, is yelling out things like "WHAT? GOSPEL'S GOING TO TARGET ELECTOPIA?!" while this is going on. And everybody around him trying to take their licensing tests are completely oblivious, because he's a hyperactive child.

D'awwww OK then.

Oh my godddd look at this little guy! Look at him! He's even doing the 'scissors' symbol with his hand! CutMan is best Man.


CutMan is being much ruder with his hand here. He's so sassy! Now I'm trying to remember what his attacks are, hrmm. Oh right. First up, the battlefield has one stone in the centre of each side. He'll shot a floating pair of scissors that slowly orbits your stone. Verrry slowly. Apart from that, if you're in the front row he'll chop you with his head, and he'll throw his head-scissors as a boomerang if you're not. With the orbiting scissor tooling around your side, it can be very easy to get trapped, so you've gotta keep an eye on where things are. But he doesn't have much HP, so you should be fine. You can also destroy his orbiting scissor with breaking attacks, but he puts it back in quick order so meh.

If you get insanely lucky with chips like I did, it's not too bad! (sorry about the compression)

And here's Epee Em's old run

BlitzBlast posted:

CutMan.EXE on Hard Mode

CutMan.EXE is hilarious. His main gimmick is that he'll summon some Rolling Cutters to slowly patrol your area, forcing you to awkwardly maneuver around both field obstacles and his own attacks. However, these Rolling Cutters only move in MegaMan's original 3x3 area. If you use AreaGrab, they will never hit you.

Anyways, the Yumland Chip Dealer sells something very special: Rock Cube *. This wonderful chip can be pushed into enemies with Punch chips (did I mention the Yumland Dealer also sells a bunch of Cold Punch B's?), dealing 200 breaking damage. It's completely absurd and hilariously abusable.

Haaaa dammit I did not know that. WELP.

That's right, Rock beat scissors.

geddit, because Mega's Japanese name is-

And so, the saddest moment in the game, the death of CutMan, who existed for half a scene but was freakin adorable.

Well, at least we managed to protect this guy.

Ohhh that's a helluva coincidence! Also that he knows what is going on even though Mega is a terrible communicator in any language.

Aww it's OK buddy, we can still be friends!

If there's one thing we excel at, it's fixing things by netbattling!

MegaMan, when you jack out make sure that we absolutely do not mention this to any officials on the way out, because


oh whatever. I'm sure they'll find out somehow, that YumLand navi was already drafting an email or something anyway.

Ohhhh my mistake, I thought in this, the era of computers everywhere, there would be an email. But no, a telegram. OK then.

And nobody even noticed for several hours. That's a burn.

Obviously not as world-class as Electopia, because heyyy check out the heavy-hitters in this room

No seriously, Chaud is an OK official, even if I was more referring to the dude standing next to him.

Even if he should never be a boy detective.

it's '...' of course, we already knew that, nice consistency!

Question marks are hard.

Sheesh! He already said that, listen harder guys.

Oh geez.

I just now noticed.

All the major officials who were important enough to be invited to this meeting are men. Thx Capcom!!

Chaud is either heading off to the bathroom to quietly cry, or going off to start actually working thwarting Gospel. Hard to say.

That's exactly the thing somebody trying to hide their freaking-out-ness would say

Yaaay Lan's dad! Finally we see him in-game, and he's already up to the task of saving everything and being a swell guy.

Yeah we can probably just spend the rest of the game leaving it up to him, unless... ummm actually kicking the net-butts of Gospel members sounds useful no matter what Yuichiro is doing.

Because people should generally have lessened hacker defences...? No wait, this is a MMBN game, I can legit believe that they'd have multiple defence levels and move it up and down with the threat level, instead of just having a good defence all the time. Science!

The first protective measure is a big sign that says "Hacking is illegal please don't hack us". It's generally effective, but not against Gospel!

Mega what would you have Lan do? There was no food he could somehow eat over the net in YumLand, and he obviously had to take a lunch break after that exam for several hours.

Well, anyway! We're ready to sort things out now, no stuffing around about it!

Hmm, but then again...

Really, now they're causing trouble too? I thought they had a strict no-invasion policy.

Oh, I think I misread that. Maybe he meant a general awful thing.

...Convenient! Let's head there right now, no tooling around wasting time!