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Part 17: Always never think things through. Fighting GutsMan V3 and CutMan V2.

So here we are, in the square! This computer in the centre is a really handy jack-in point.

Maybe they're in a different timezone? YUMLAND WAS DESTROYED, hope your penpal is not from there.

Ours is. I wonder how our new friend is doing, anyway? I'm going to assume fine.


But yeah, we're looking for the Chng.bat program, so we may as well ask the Internet.

This has nothing to do with Chng.bat, but it is proof that I don't pay very much attention sometimes, or alternately that the game is pretty good with giving hints on the various battle techniques.

Yeah, I didn't know you could push rockcubes with punches until BlitzBlast told me.

suddenly my folder is much better

"Warez plz"

11-y/o boy lookin for-

Yeah that works.

Now, before any of you say something silly like 'durr doesnt the imaginary battle network future have serach engines their internet is super dumb', remember it was Yuichiro who sent us on this quest. He already tried searching for it, but...


Well this sounds like fun. Seriously, there might be Mr Progs in the square

Or... not. Oh well, normal navis are OK too. One of our good friends is a normal navi!

This guy, this guy is just awesome.

I think you might have to press 'L' to get Lan to say this, but it's pretty helpful!

Oh boy, I love it when people reply to my thread

....Oh imaginary Battle Network internet, we are not so different after all

Woo! A lead!! Let's go~

And you bet your arse we're going to follow it up right away!

Hahaha if you believed that, you should really know better by now.

Because at this point, GutsMan v3 is available and my folder is moderately not-terrible enough to take him on

OK next time I fight GutsMan I am going to need a better folder.

Actually, the annoying thing about GutsMan v3 is that he's got a Recover200 chip that he uses. What a butt!

He didn't get a chance this time though, hooray.

Next navi fight should go much more smoothly...

Anyway! I guess I don't have a lot else to fuss around with at the moment, so I may as well track down the lady from the board posting!

Oh, right. Always gotta track somebody to Okuden. Well, at least this time we don't have to deal with bees and bears and whatever.

Dude gives us the battery to his wife's PET to take her while we're visiting, because she might run out of power

Okuden has another obvious Retro Chip Trader, if you care about that at all.

Haha that bear's still there and-


wait what the

OK I have a new scariest thing seen while camping


Right I think we're safe now.

What is the deal with they guy in the costume?

No wait uh, I think we had a real question

Er... who?

oK then.

She also gave us a note to give to this mysterious purple navi. If I recall correctly, KotoSquare is mostly purple navis. And awesome Mr Progs.

Let's roll!

Koto area's still an easy hike from the square, just take the green path. I love how easy it is to get around the Net in this game! Even being that I am highly forgetful and bad with directions.

Hey me too!

Well there's not a lot they can do to really stop us.

I mean, they're not even trying.

This guy is one of the offical navis you'll see crawling all over the net at this point in the game.

Most of them are less cranky than this guy!

Really, those Koto guys are great guys.

I don't think I've seen a nicer place anywhere on the net!

Also full of purple navis. This isn't the one we're looking for, he's the guy who moved here at the start of the game, and was feeling kind of headachy. Glad to see he's feeling better! He seems like a nice navi.

Even the Mr Progs are nice here! Except Mr Progs everywhere are awesome, so there's that.

Here's the guy we're looking for. He gets right down to business!

Oh nice! I guess that'll help us get the Chng.bat!

Yeah, that's kind of a weird coincidence! Oh well, at least it'll be easy to get, what with how quiet YumSquare is...

Yep! Tons of offical navis keeping an eye on things around here.

And on to YumLand Area!

yyyyeah, good call.

Speaking of good calls! This is where you fight CutMan v2! Being that he's a total pushover, let's go for it!

...Holy crap, I think that's the first legitimate S-rank I've ever gotten on this game

Aw yeah. This is the start of something wonderful.

I mean, not that I'm going to be using the CutMan NaviChip.

But I'm actually getting better at netbattling, yes.

Oh yeah, here we are in YumSquare! Still very empty and no viruses, so hey this is a pretty easy fetch-quest, even if it was a little involved at the beginning with all the clue-hunting.

Ooh, handy that navi in KotoSquare gave us the key!

Oh geez I didn't bring an unlocker

Oh wait this purple mystery data signifies plot data, that's fine too. Easily done! Let's just get this over to Yuichiro!

uh what

it's kind of hard to screenshot of course, but there's a red flashing light for this section

Oh dear

this game gets funnier the more often you're jacked-in at the centre

Hooooly whoah, Lan actually has the genius idea of jacking out! This is a momentous occassion, usually when he's in the midst of danger he gets sidetracked and forgets that this is a thing he can do.

...Then again, it seems whenever he does try it in a crisis situation, it doesn't work. Which does work to reinforce "something crazy happening" => "don't jack out".

Bloody security programs! Oh well, at least it's YumSquare, no viruses, no worries!

Um... unless the security program has any more surprises in store...

Oh dangit

Heyyyy c'mon buddy we're just borrowing it temporarily!

Strangely enough, he didn't buy that. So we've got to defend against his uh... I think he called this a 'virus buster'.

I guess because those viruses were meant to bust us up! But hey no problem, what's a Spooky3 or two? This security program's got nothing.

Or... oh, I guess there's more to come. Still, if Spooky3's any indication, haha whatever~

Oh dear. This is a little tougher! That MettFire jerk is going to hide behind that rock every chance he gets. And the upgraded form of Bunny moves FAST.

Luckily for me, the game can be forgiving sometimes.

Oh come on! How many of these guys are there?!

Swordy! Cool-looking but horrible! Aah!

note the amazing shrinking hp total! you betcha I'm glad I'm not trying this on hard (sorry blitzblast!)

This- Oh. Actually this isn't too bad. I have less trouble with this than the one with two TuffBunnys, even if the lone Met2 is continuously attacking.

Nawwwww she'll be right

Yeah he's the one who told us to get it in the first place.

Lan and Mega are just dumb 11-year olds.

Also that, a bulletproof defence against theft.

Though this is the internet so I'd more go for INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE FREE, MAN

ahem. 'scuse us.