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Part 18: Saving the Square from incompetent officals. GutsMan S-rank and AirMan S-rank.

OK! So off to deliver stolen property to Lan's dad!

And.... I guess at some point I should work on my folder to make it less shitty, huh? Really, there's just a few things I'd like to do with it.... But anyway!

Shit's gonna be soo cash.

there are some bizarre-ass lines in this game

Still makes me laugh. I love you, excitable narrator.


I haven't run it yet, or checked the hash or metadata or anything, but hey it's called Chng.bat so that's probably it!!

Yeah, it's true, we're thieves.

And Yuichiro gives no fucks.

oh boy oh boy oh boy, Mega-upgrade coming up!



Aw man

So! That's all very cryptic, now what does it really mean?


Style changes are really kind of cool. For every some large number of battles, Mega will gain a new style! And for every some large number of battles using a style, that style will level up and get more powerful or something. Styles have two components, Element and Type.


Elements are picked randomly, and can be Heat, Aqua, Elec or Wood. The element gives you an elemental weakspot, and changes your chargeshot to that element, and makes it different. Aqua chargeshot shoots like the Bubbler chips, hitting a target and the square behind. Elec paralyzes like a Zap Ring. Heat has a flamethrower that hits three panels ahead. Wood has a tornado shot two shots ahead.

The Types are set depending on your battle style.

*Guts Style is the style I always got as a kid. You get it from using your buster a lot. It boosts your attack power, but lowers your attack speed, and stops you from flinching. Kind of handy for fighting Navis, since it stops your battle ranking from dropping when you get hit, too.

*Custom Style is what you get from using tons of chips and program advances. It gives you 2 extra chips to select from when you start a battle. For people who use chips, yes this is rather fantastic.

*Shield Style is what you get from using recovery and defensive chips, and winning battles without getting hit. It lets you start each battle with a Barrier, and you can pull up a shield by pressing <- and B.

*Team Style is what you get from using Navi Chips. It lets you use more Navi Chips... hooray.

So then! My folder is currently made up of these chips:

* HeatShot
* Cannon
* Bubbler
* GutPunch
* ColdPnch
* DashAtk
* ZapRing1
* Satelit1
* Guard
* RockCube
* Invis (x1)
* Barrier (x1)
* GutsMan (x2)
* AirMan (x3)

I intend to switch some things around, but mainly upgrading my NaviChips and finding some replacements for the shooty things.

Essentially, you know my current playstyle from my Navi fights, I use the Guard chips for GutsShot, so.... Feel free to guess what my first StyleChange will be!

I'd offer a prize for correct guessing, but I got nothin. Maybe a shitty art request?


This is the start of something magical.

That, however, does not sound quite so good.

Hahaha OK sure

Look at all these dudes not doing their job, that's just terrible.

And it's all up to us, again, because incompetent officals and-... uh, hmmm... I guess Chaud's ... somehow otherwise occupied?

Let's save the Square right away and not spend a whole bunch of time screwing around and-


I can't even finish that sentence

I decided to go see how good a ranking I could get fighting CutMan V3, now he's around.

Bah. I'll figure something out later. What else is there to do?

Huh, kind of neat they put in dialogue for this part!

Anyway, I think I'll head to Den Area 1, there's somebody there who has some chips that might help round out my folder...

Aw yeah.


So close-!!

Oh ffs...

AirMan V3 S-Rank videos!

Even this early in the game, AirMan V3's no real trouble for me

Epee Em takes on AirMan

So in summary: hahaha AirMan

Ka-Blam! Needless to say, AirMan's V3 chip has beefed up my folder considerably.

And... I may have stuffed around enough in this area...

So let's do something else vital!!

GutsMan V3 S-Rank video!

Air>Guts, no longer will I be embarrassed by Dex!

And... I would link Epee's vid but it's rather spoilers, so just imagine a much more one-sided battle and there you have it.

I think we might be able to handle that disturbance in the Square now...

I-... wait, it's just one navi?

What the Christ were the officials doing?

Oh geez. If I had jacked in at the centre, I could be warning people right now!

Okay, let's see what took out every official in here!

I-... hm...

How deadly and terrifying.

Do what? OK, I think I've got this

'scuse me guys


Oh geez fine