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Part 20: Oh God, MotherComp is full of Mr Progs!! Fighting ShadowMan.

Everybody prepared for a massive update? Good, because I'm getting this whole MotherComp out of the way!

Right, now that Mega's super saiyan STYLE CHANGE has been taken care of, I think we'd better go back to saving the mother computer from Gospel intruders.

Because you know, the fate of the country and all that.

I... what? I honestly have no idea what this guy is on, I don't recall this corresponding to any of the puzzles here...

Also I guess he's one of the official's navis, so y'know, if it was important there's probably tons of reasons why we'd have to track him down in the mother computer. Instead of say, his operator turning to Lan (WHO IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM) and talking to him.

Man, the viruses in here do not fuck around. Huzzah for overpowered navi chips!


RIVER, like a riverbed! Hahaha yeah that's pretty bad

Oh geez. I know I said my WoodStyle was kind of handy for the MotherComp, but not just yet I guess! These firetypes do double damage, but at least Spikeys are easy to dodge.

Oh Mr. Prog, you're too adorable for me to be angry at!

I'll save my anger for very cheap virus encounters! Blargh! That VacuumFan constantly pulls me into the front row, right into the path of the Swordys and yes, Swordy2's attack is fire element!


Uh if you say so

Oh hey, this official navi has the hint that the Mr. Prog lost. That's helpful, good for the officials for being competent!

Hey now. Stop laughing. We all know the NPCs in MMBN games are helpful and likeable.

This password is in two parts, easy enough.

Huh, that was pretty short.

All clear!

wait shit


Aah! I told you the officials were awesome!

And so, Mega left the officials to take care of it because they're surely competent enough to do that.

uh... is it? Or isn't it? Seems like that would be important to know

... guess it was

Or protect it from the officials, because god damn man, their ideas make Lan look like a genius

Beh, one more magical SCIENTIFIC lightning forcefield door left.

What... when did Chaud get here?

OK, cool, always handy to have some help

but seriously Chaud... you'd tell us if you were secretly a ninja, right?

Chaud... you're the official netbattler, here. Also we're ALicensed, which probably counts...

Also the officials already successfully deleted themselves.


Yay more mothercomputer!

First up, we've got this row of Mr. Progs! Adorable!

What.. oh freakin hell

Every single Mr. Prog in this line gives you their password, and tells you the others are lying. And also if they're program A, B, C or D. I think I did them in reverse order here.

Then this guy over by the passwords tells you their honesty levels (there's more than just this one text box).

Then I look at the password input and say 'fuck it' because it's not exactly going to be hard to brute-force and even taking screenshots there's no way in hell I can be bothered to do this legit-like.

OH GOLLY this point you get teleported to if you fail is sooo far out of the way!

And so far, the viruses I'm running into are much chiller than the previous MotherComp.

Easy enough...

WOW SO HARD. Now that I think about it, I could probably just have compared what the Mr. Prog's say to what is even possible to input, but then that too is just way effort.

Woo! Heading off to the left gives you a RegUP1, then it's up to progress in the dungeon!

There's actually a bunch of Mr. Progs for this next password, all giving you hints for the same password.

Wouldn't want to make this too easy.

watch, IT'S A WATCH

And if that wasn't direct enough, we've also got this Mr. Prog with a different hint!

And if that wasn't direct enough... well, you're spelling out words, I'm sure if you look you can cheese it.

ALMOST THERE oh fuck yes!

Holy fuck, that last password entry was right! Here we are! And Proto... I can only assume he cheated his way past the passwords and has been chilling out here the whole time. Sounds like something he'd do.

Yes, Mega. Be more worried about Proto than this obviously evil navi who's standing right in front of that controlboxything and gloating evilly.

Dude, 4th wall

ShadowMan: Kind of Awesome.

ProtoMan: Kind of Sucks

Oh, whoops! That's that door not five foot from us, yes? Good thing Chaud's on the ball.

Probably so embarrassed by Proto's lack of smack that he had to look away and noticed it, that sounds canon

Oh... no wait that's actually a good idea.


Alright. So Chaud's going to beat that guy, and everything will be fine forever.

Oh fine

...What, another whole MotherComp area? Jesus fuck this dungeon just keeps on going. I mean it's fun and all to play, but bluhhhhhhh writing updates

cripes I'm not even halfway through sorting all the MotherComp images, aaaargh

OK, we can do this

Ooh yesss. And here's where a WoodStyle starts to shine! Grass panels start appearing in the battles here, and when my WoodStyle Mega stands on 'em he'll restore health.

Also, viruses and navis on grass panels take 2x damage from fire attacks. Handy to know, both for offense- and defence-related reasons.

Grass panels also restore the health of Wood-type viruses. Add that to the fact my charge attack only hits two panels ahead, and yes that KillPlant is going to be a gigantic pain in the arse.

Oh boy, more password action! Lay it on me, Mr. Prog!!!


Right... so there's these four areas for inputting the words we've been given, and we need to input them in order

(the last one was 'knife')

So how did that work out? Well.... actually mainly trial-and-error because I was goofing off, but really, that first Mr. Prog said 'last letters to first', which is Capcom-mangled translation for 'match the last letters to the first of the next word', eg. WIG to GEM.

Er, OK then...

Something password-related?

They're all kind of mean! What the hell, officials?

Um... I'm not going to be doing that, you know.

More trial and error! U CAN GO... sure thing, buddy!

Kind of tricky, since you have to watch which 'N' tile you trip

Oh Mr. Prog, I can't be angry at something so adorable. But I am very disappointed.

Typography tests?

JUMPS over the lazy dog!

Urgh, are we done yet...?

Nope! Last dungeon, so longer and more difficult! Which is fair. Also easier for WoodStyle, since I don't need to watch my HP.

You know, I'm not so sure I've got this one... I need more hints!

if you can't get this one, I'm sorry, I can't help you

I obviously ended up having to brute-force that one.

More annoying battle configurations! At least you can wipe out the KillPlant in one shot if you've got a HeatShot.

It's an apple

Oh my, if you're thinking about this the wrong way you might find it hard...

But then it's also only one letter, so it's never going to be too hard.

It's B, because pronounced phonetically it's like BEEEEEEEE and it's the first letter of Bathing and the last letter of draB! Dohohoho!

what... that's not a real.. thing

These Mr. Progs are slowly sapping away my will to live. But... at least they're adorable

No, really?

Don't give up!

Awww... just what I needed. Thanks, Mr. Progs!

A dog dressed as Batman!

Raccoon, maybe or maybe not dressed as Batman

Oh god, my secret weaknesses, the alphabet and skipping letters.

god I don't even knowwwww

Oh god, my other secret weaknesses, a bunch of numbers.

Anagrams, oh noo

System ahead! Aw yeah, we must nearly be at the end

Oh man, how many passwords are there in this computer? Like a million? I'm going to assume it's a million.

SYSTEM CLOSE! It's just more jumbled up letters. Also, easy to brute-force

doop de doop



Oh Mr. Prog, what in the hell

Ooh, boss hints with Mr. Prog! Obviously no use to us, since Chaud's taking care of that. But hey, let's snoop anyway

I see what you're saying. Forget swords, use charge attacks.

Anyway, the password was VIRUS, no idea how that comes from the hints but uhh OK

Whoah, the answer from the thread!

vincent27 posted:

For VIRUS coming from the clues in the final password, the words Crow (black bird), Penguin (cold bird), and Swan (water bird) are smashed into the clump of letters. Remove those letters from it and you're left with Virus. Though it's much easier to just look at the letters on the path and figure out what word you can make.

Oh what the hell! You're supposed to be in the other computer! Bloody ninja navis!

I know! This one must be a fake, and the one fighting Proto must be the real one!

...or that


Anyway, then Lan's dad wandered down the corridor to pass us his ultimate anti-navi weapon

Sounds cool

Sounds certain

Sounds like we get to skip a bossfight!

This can't possibly go wrong!

Sweet Jesus that is awesome. I wish I could use that in a bossfight, it in no way looks balanced.

Yuichiro will be very disappointed in us? Always a worry...

Oh. Wait shit, that might be a problem.

OK here's the pro tactic of the day: Don't miss

Oh cool, the problem resolved itself somehow!

Aw yeah, kill everyone!

ProtoMan! You're aware this is anti-navi weapon, and you're a navi?


Backups? What kind of official are you?! Way too competent, is what I'm thinking

Literally no downsides. I say we hesitate.

PROBLEM SOLVED, god I'm hungry I think I'll take a sandwich break

Gah! What the hey-hey, man?!

haha.... whaaaaat

Oh well. At least we didn't horribly ruin everything, the MotherComp's still not blown-up.

OK then?

What. I utterly refuse to fight fair, ShadowMan.


So! ShadowMan! He starts off with a field full of grass, and has some fire attacks! Always fun for a WoodStyle, I assure you. He's kind of fast, and throws out duplicates at some point, and more duplicates at some other point. His fire shots can hit crazy fast the row in front of him and his duplicates. I didn't even bother to get the timing down for any of his attacks, because holy hell does Tornado charged shot wreck him. Also I think he has a shuriken attack?? The duplicates he puts on your side of the field when he's on low health will hit you with a sword, too.

See, I thiiiink when he does his duplicates on his side of the field, if you attack one of his duplicates, then he'll take its place and probably shuriken you. But he's vulnerable while doing that... and with three of him on the field, it's very easy to hit him. And tornado shot hits multiple times... Well! No problem!

So here's ShadowMan embarrassed by WoodStyle!

Epee Em's video also has the pre- and post-battle cutscenes. The music that plays Protoman on is radder than he is.

And BlitzBlast with hard mode!

BlitzBlast posted:

I could put up a huge spergy post regarding styles, but there's really no point. Custom is by far the best, Shield and Guts are really nifty and fun to use, and Team is a steaming pile of shit. And Hub is so amazing you can't even compare it to the other four.

Battle With ShadowMan.EXE

ShadowMan's a pretty easy fight, though if you let him form his blue Shadow clones the fight's going to get much more frustrating. As a side note, I wonder if you can put a Rock Cube on his panel while he's doing Anti-Damage; if you can, that should be a free 200 damage.

Fun Fact: In later forms, ShadowMan can drop the Muramasa chip. This is because he will actually use this chip on you, and since he can get up to much more than 1000 HP you are completely fucked if you get hit.

EDIT: Also, the Aqua Style charge shot is fucking amazing and you're going to see me destroy at least three bosses with it and it alone.

Yeah honestly that was kind of an embarrassing defeat for you. And for once I didn't even have to cheese it with GutsShoot

Then he blew up, it was rad as hell.

Judging from his face, not to mention how the fight actually went, I'd say OH BUUUURN, that is some sarcasm.

Is he embarrassed how easily we showed him up??

Or... still messed up from fighting fake ShadowMan? Super embarrassing.

No don't do it, we all know Yuichiro can't be trusted with PETs, just look at Mega.

...And every PET ever, since he's the creator of them.

Oh! So sassy!

How can I be as sassy as you?

Well he's bright green,

but oh, you already knew that

Aww yuss! Praise!

And everybody but us exploded or almost died in some fashion.

Look at how excited he is, freakin adorable

Oh my goddd best day ever

: But their rate of growth was far greater than we...

: No,Sir! "Death to those who make lame excuses",Sir! spacing and grammar as in original

: B-But,Mr.Admin,Sir! wow Capcom, nice spacing

: But you might want to start running anyway...

: P-please! Forgive me!

: Hmph. Is it my fate to be surrounded by idiots?

: Good evening. Sorry I'm late. Everything is on schedule.

: And the necessary data? Did you get them?

: You seem awfully confident.