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Part 21: Getting a passport. GateMan V2

Last time on MegaMan Battle Network 2, we saved the country and (more importantly) made Chaud and ProtoMan look like total chumps!

I think maybe some other things happened, but I'm sure it wasn't that important.

The worst thing.

"Do my homework for me"

Mega is the worst twin ever. Half the utility of having a twin is copying homework.

The other half is just having them do all the work. Ah, memories of college computer classes...

Oh, Mega. The worst twin.

...Oh hey, I wonder how well that works in real life

Surprisingly it does not work. (no that chat was not staged. I think I confused him. SORRY BRO)

I hope it's many congratulations on my greatness.

Oh man. It's not congratulations at all...

They're almost as pathetic as The World Three?

Oh. I guess they'll only tell us in person. Makes sense with all the cyberattacks going on, but then, I don't think an email ever gets hacked in the MMBNaverse.

Tough? What part about it sounds...

Oh daaaang. Overseas? Let me tell you, overseas flights are the worst thing. Even more than twins who won't do all your work. Even more than half-over holidays. Looooong flights, bleeeh.

I'm usually pretty chill, but anything about long flights makes me unreasonably mad.

Have you ever flown Australia to Canada via China? If you've ever done anything remotely that asinine, then you understand my flight anger.

This appears to be the first time Mega and Lan are for-reals travelling overseas (travelling to foreign nets clearly doesn't count), so they can be forgiven for being excited about it.

Lan: a genius

Step 1: Probably tell your parents about it. A further step may involve an airport.

(The game does actually stop you from leaving before talking to Lan's mum. Most of the other games in this series let you never tell her anything!)

It's just Netopia! It's another first-world country, so we'll be fiiiine.

Don't they speak a different language there? Isn't Lan like... 11? And already foreigners are sending him plane tickets to visit. Awesome.

Lan's mum is amazing.

uhhh ignore that one speech bubble

Just including this guy to let you know he's our new best friend.

And ahhh, finally enough money for unlockers! And a bunch of other things! Don't worry, I'll soon blow the whole lot on random junk.

Netopia was called "Amerope" in the Japanese version. That should give you a very strong hint as to what it's like.

Aww, so kind of her, knowing that we don't have a lot of money

(don't tell her about the money)

Dex has higher priorities, and that's understandable. We are going to a strange foreign country, after all! I wonder what presents one gets from America-Europe whitopia NETOPIA. Geez, sorry about that.

Naaah I think I embarrassed him enough already.

I wonder how many more people will tell me that today.

(Also, the previous email from Yuichiro was the same stylechange infodump he gave when we got the change in-battle. Handy for reference!)

I think I love the imaginary MMBN future.

I hope presents will be involved! But hey, there's another email...

Mr Famous challenged us to a rematch! Oh exploitable. He's also offering a special chipfolder to whoever beats him, but that's not what I'm interested in.

Chaud's hanging out at the station for this part, doing absolutely nothing working hard, no doubt.

the perfect screenshot

GateMan is another navi that's obliterated by WoodStyle! As long as you tornado him when he tries to send out his little soldiers, he ain't got shit! Tornado one-shots his soldiers, and since they're always walking towards you, they're piss-easy to get in the limited range.

Here's the fight video!

And now he'll give us a navichip! Shit. Yes.

Of course, we'll have to wait until the V3 fight triggers to fight him over and over again for multple higher-version chips, but this will do nicely for now. I'm pretty good at using completely cheap moves to win battles, and so far that's just been having GutsMan throw Mega at enemies for an easy 400 damage (such a good early-game Program Advance). But with this thing, there will be changes, oh yes...

You see, GateMan- Oh wait nevermind, I think I forgot to put it in my folder. I guess I'll cover it another update!

So what's that? Oh we got a second folder and some new chips.

Mr Famous sends an email explaining it, but I wasn't paying attention. Hey look, more stuff! Fldr1 is where all my GutsMans is at, so I'm not bothering.

This guy's a foreigner! And that's impressive, maybe Netopia even has *gasp* network security? How exciting!

Aw man, and we came all this way to see him and get our passport

Oh! Presents! Exactly what I was hoping for!

OK. I guess I'd better get on with getting a passport.

Oh no, I'm no good at making decisions! Oh no wait it's another 'pick the right answer to process in the game' thing, oh golly I guess I'll have to brute-force it.

Let me try that again...

You can't actually get anything from the other counter until you get her to say this.

I guess this is more evidence of psychic twin links.

Seriously, such an amazing imaginary future, if only for the lessened paperwork.

Nope suddenly I'm terrified of this imaginary future, oh god where are the embassies and high commissions??

Yes let's go do that right right now