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Part 23: AIRPLANES YAAAY! CutMan S-rank

Oh right, before I went overseas I used those GateKeys I've been hanging onto for a little while now:

Now I've got a convenient warp right outside Lan's PC to the square...

...and to YumLand square! Maybe I will use these sometime.

...maybe for embarassing the shit out of CutMan using WoodStyle's chargeshot?


Now I did say in the thread that I'd leave the V3 navis for when I can change my folder up to make things more interesting, which is what I will do from now on. I figured TORNADO STYLE CutMan was good enough for now though.

Oh CutMan, such a joke.

Anyway, what was I doing??

Naw, Lan and Mega are going together so it's fine!

Oh wait, presents on the line?? Oh yeah in that case it's a very worrying time

Sweet! Roll V2 is an even better chip than Roll V1, since it does more damage and heals Mega for more HP. Of course I'm not using heal chips and my folder's currently G-A-B, so I'm not using it this run. Still a good chip, though!

This is not a good chip. Wait, what is this?

OK then! I guess that's OK. A wireless for our PET? In the imaginary MMBN future this wasn't included in the original PET design, you see. Rather like the Gameboy Advance and its wireless functions.

Except in the imaginary MMBN future nobody got sued for the unauthorised use of patented wireless technology.

An Electopophile! ...Electophile? OK, I'll just go with weeaboo, that slang exists in the imaginary MMBN future, I'm sure of it.

Wait, who's that next to her..?

Yay! Bros going on overseas trips together! Now we don't have to worry about travelling alone!

Sure, sure! Hey let's check out the flight board behind him, we can jack-in to it!

haha Mr. Prog's are so fantastic

There's also a BugFrag in there, but geez who cares about that stuff, Mr. Progs is where it's at!

Oh yeah, the ticket was attached to the email, huh?

Sound effects! Convenient for SSLPs, so good design~

uhhh yeah ok

Haha good thing we left all our weapons-grade anthrax at home amirite??

Oh crap, wait, I didn't mean that!

What?! OH NO

But I- oh... well... that is fair... but still THAT'S NOT FAIR!


Oh wait, we just got a mail from best-friend Yai, maybe this will cheer us up...


Well, at least things can't get much worse, right?

Aw... it's going to be ok, we'll find our gate. We'll just look for the doofus with the two-tone hair.

Dude, what?

Judging by the accent, I'm going to assume he's Netopian. From the French part. Though... the America-Europe analogue includes Canada, then uhh I guess from any of the French parts.


What a nice, polite fellow.

Making new friends! Things are already looking up!

Haha, Lan's so used to talking to Mega all the time that he keeps up a running commentary on his life.

wait what


Better find some airport security dudes and report this, thank goodness it happened in the checked-in-only zone of the airport that has tons of security and man that guy must have been dumb as bricks to rob somebody in a place like this, really...

Or... nevermind. We'll just bitch and moan about it. Because you know what? CYBER SOLUTIONS TO ALL PROBLEMS. Though if you think about it, this is probably a cyber problem, so it definitely needs a cyber solution. The money I've been slowly hoarding was taken from the Internet and stored via the PET, and stolen from the PET, yeaahhhh I'm thinking this definitely qualifies as a cybercrime.

Maybe we can find an official to whinge to!

For realsies though, Chaud and Lan's relationship is built on macho posturing, so you need to tell him to go jump before you can progress any further...

Presents?! PRESENTS?!!

Oh. Em. Geeee it's the best present of all!


It really speaks to Chaud's character that he'd stand there pointing and laughing while Lan's feeling sorry for himself, the whole time having Mega right there.

What I'm saying is Chaud is A GREAT FRIEND helping Lan help himself

Oh right yeah also that happened!

what noooo

I'm still kind of mad about that!

Did you see how much money we had?! (it was a lot)

Anywhoooo~ true to form I'm not getting on that flight rightaway, there's one more thing left to do here!

This kid is the coolest kid

Answer five questions correctly and win a prize!

Squirrel, Elephant, or Giraffe?

The selection, the low prices, or the pretty staff?

2, 3, or 4

Restaurant, Arcade, or The Centre?

Omega Cannon, Ultra Cannon, or Zeta Cannon?

Picking a wrong answer boots you out immediately, and you get unlimited retries!!

Highlight for the right answers: NO IDEA hahahaha what a great quiz

His excited yelling was my reward!

But there was also this


Hahahahaha suckerrrr we're barely boarding the plane, I guess somebody didn't tell Mega that travelling in the real-world takes a touch longer than travelling in the Net.

10 hours, blurrgh, could be worse I guess

I assume Lan was bouncing off the walls the whole time, stuck behind some old fella kicking the seat the entire flight.

Let's party 'til we're deported!! Or, oh no wait, Lan's a kid, hmm.


ummmmmmmmmmm yeahh I guess I don't speak Ameropian. Or Netopian. Netglish?



Holy hell I love Netopia

I wish US customs was as awesome as this

This country is rad as hell...

Oh good, that makes things easier.


Wha- THAT GUY WHAT STOLE ALL OUR STUFF! He must have been on the same flight as us! Or on a different series of flights that got from Electopia to here at the same time*

*not as unrealistic as you'd think



and he unleashed some viruses on us, because welllll you all know the score about what kind of solutions there are to problems

What?! Oh! Foul play!!

Oh wait, nevermind. Butt viruses with my elemental weakness are nothing compared to DashAtk+DashAtk+GutsMan



LAN THE MAN. I think I like this country! I think we can take on anything, now!