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Part 28: THE POWER. THE ULTIMATE POWERRRR. Fighting SnakeMan. ToadMan V3 S-Rank.

Shorty Jim, you're the greatest! I can only assume he is like Netopia's version of Lan. And being that Netopia is much more awesome than Electopia, Jim is much more awesome than Lan.

Though, I don't know if he's got a dead twin digitised and chilling out in his pocket right now.

But anyway! We're now doing super-swell in Netopia! We've got our passport back, now we just have to track down our chips!

Ohhh right, we owe shorty a really rare expensive chip.

...I had to pull it out of my folder. Now I only have two insanely good Program Advances in there! I really need to get my chips back to straighten that out.

...buh? Where do rich Netopians hang out?

No wait, this in an RPG, let me rephrase. Which place that I currently have access to screams "RICH PEOPLE" more than any other?

What brand is it?

Geez, rude.

Alas, all my loads of cash are earmarked for chips and upgrades for Mega.

NPCs in here are kind of weird.

Also, kind of racist.

If you hadn't noticed, some of the descriptions in MMBN are strangely out-of-place. All really easy to miss, and I'm not sure why they bothered with some of them.

what the fuck

i don't even



This lady looks suitably suspicious!


Netopia is awesome. All the best Japanese stereotypes about the US transplanted wholesale into all the best Japanese stereotypes about Europe.


If you want to be creepy, I want none of it.

Ooh, multiple choice!


Whoah. That's.... a little excessive.

Hm, would I sell those chips for that much money...?

hm.... nnnnah, I'd probably just end up spending the money I made on chips anyway, so I may as well cut out the middleman.

*Lan can't count and apparently, neither can I


So! This is Ms. Millions's navi, SnakeMan!


Right, so yeah, SnakeMan! He has a really cool design, in my opinion! But with my current folder configuration, he's kind of a butt. Not difficult, just a butt. He's another navi that sits in the back row, in this case in his uh, snakepot. He'll hide if you're in front of him, and little snakes shoot out of the empty holes in his field ahead in their row. He also pops out of his pot occassionally to shoot you with a hand gun. By which I mean his hand is a gun.

So, since he's got them holes, you can't hit him with ground attacks like GutsMan.... but he doesn't have much HP, so you can stil smash him with GutsShoot. WHICH IS WHAT I'LL DO.

Beating SnakeMan with cheap shots
aaand Epee Em's old SnakeMan fight

And here's BlitzBlast with hard mode (holy balls this particular video is insane)

BlitzBlast posted:

SnakeMan.EXE on Hard Mode.

SnakeMan's auto defense is pretty annoying. Any attack that doesn't hit instantly after use will simply go right over his pot.

Wait a minute... an attack that hits instantly... don't I have something like that?

Fun Fact: Just watch the video, I basically already described SnakeMan's quirk.

oh geez

Ooh. Very nice. VERY NICE INDEED! I think I can forgive the incredible creepiness, when such ULTIMATE POWER shall be mine!

uuuuhhuhh I really gotta get out of here, jesus christ lady

The MiliCode lets you jack onto the net through Ms. Millions's bag, but there are far less creepy ways to get onto the net, so bleah.

Now I have my chips back... ohoho! Finally I can use this chip trader!

Because... you know, I just got my chips back, I'm in a terrible hurry to lose them all again.

This one lets you trade 10 chips, and has a variety of seriously amazing prizes, for those willing to savescum lucky enough.

You can get a few V2 navi chips from it, including Roll and CutMan.

As well as some generally pretty good chips for this point in the game.

You can also get some *-coded navi chips, which is a surprise!


So in the thread, we were talking about Program Advances, and Six of Spades pointed out something I didn't know:

Six Of Spades posted:

Oh, I think I should just point out for the sake of those who have forgotten or don't know how Program Advances work:

In any given Program Advance, like Cannon A, Cannon B, Cannon C; you can substitute any ONE chip in the PA with a star coded chip. So a loadout like Cannon A, Cannon *, Cannon C will still activate.

But if you try to put in more than one * coded chip, the PA won't activate. So Cannon *, Cannon B, Cannon * will just give you three cannons.

Turns out this is only true for same-type Program Advances, and when it comes to Program Advances like GutsShoot, you can do this:

MissEchelon posted:

Hmm, let me check-

OK. All signs point to this being totally nuts. Especially considering what other *-coded navi chip is available to me in Netopia...

Yes. I think I am liking Netopia very much.

So, what other chip can you get from this chip trader?

Right then! Let's talk Program Advances! Or, more importantly, let's talk the best and most broken Program Advance in this entire game!

Wind G, Fan G and GateMan G (or, as it turns out, any *-coded combination of them) together make up an amazing Program Advance known as "Gater", which is so much fun that it's considered entirely unsportsmanlike to use it in netbattles, since if you're playing a human with it the strategy boils down to "whoever can hit 'a' first wins". That is not an exaggeration. Gater is so much fun that Epee Em flat-out refused to use it in his playthrough of MMBN2.

Alas, I have no such morals, and feel quite happy to abuse the shit out of it. Wait, I mean, demonstrate it, allow me to demonstrate it for you.

So Gater... GateMan appears in front of MegaMan, and attacks 9 times, doing 100 damage each time, by throwing random shit out onto enemies. You don't even have to aim! But you notice how it only says "100" in the damage when it comes up? If you use +dmg chips, it adds to that 100 damage that is done on each hit. So your +10 essentially becomes +90, and, well, up above, that's me doing 1170 damage straight up to that poor virus.

And it's available this early in the game.

And because it hits multiple times it can hit through shields.

But don't take my word for it! Let's see.. oh yes. I do recall having some trouble with a certain Toad-like navi on my way in. Let's see what happens now we've got Gater!

With Gater, every fight in the game is over this fast.