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Part 29: NetMafia attack at the NetMafia conference? Oh noes.

All right!! We've got our passport, our chips, and some incredibly broken chips besides. We're ready to take on the world! Or... the NetMafia? Right, there's some sort of conference about that we were meant to be going to. I remember that.

Probably jetlag, or general crapitude. Long plane rides really screw up your sleeping schedule in various ways.

I hope it's catered!

Getting emails is always exciting. Always.

Booo. It's too early in the Netopian morning for crap like this.


I can only assume the hint here was kindly provided by the Electopians. You know, the same people who thought "puzzles" of this caliber were sufficient security for their mother computer what's in charge of the whole country.

Anyway, being that this is a children's game, you don't need to really read that email to know where to go next. I mean c'mon, there's only so many places we can access at the moment, and one of them just absolutely screams out "SUPER SECRET conference location".

But there's also more hints if you need them.

Weird friendly racist lady is still puttering about the park. But since I've done all my puttering around yesterday, I guess I'll head right in.


Conference secrecy at its best, people.


Epee Em posted:

Also, before you leave Netopia, get back into that Goddess Statue. There's a rare virus in there, and the chip it drops [IS BROKEN]. An easy way to S-rank the rare virus to get its chip is to use the Dash chips on its attack, which causes it to backfire on it and kill everything instantly.

And you'll have to do it anyway at some point if you want to fully complete the game, since you'll need all the chips.

Good idea!

The next step I guess is to actually get to that conference. So, the stairs are blocked, and there are no obvious exits, so-


Yeah, the secret entrance is through the wall. It's some sort of hologram or something. I think some of the Mr Progs in the guardian statue might give you a hint, or maybe one of the other NPCs around here, but eh, it's like one tiny room where you know you're meant to be, you'll find it by just bumbling around.

Let's see how many other 11-year olds got invites to this conference!

Generic mug. I'm suuuure we'll be seeing a lot of him in the future, right?

Oh hey, it's that cool guy! Apparently in his fictionalised version of America/Europe, being poor and a minority is no impediment to getting invited to bitchin' conferences.

Then again, in this fictionalised version of the world, being 11 years old is no impediment to getting invited to bitchin' conferences.

Raoul is kind of wonderful.

Geez, this conference has all sorts, doesn't it?

Country... far to the north of Amerope Netopia...

And now, for your dose of bizarre narration:

Uhhh yep. OK.

Toooo late! But ah well, at least Chaud's trying to look after us, right?


Last person!



Well hey, look at all these guys. We've got two 11-year olds, generic white man, Lan's new best friend, COOL GUY Raoul, and the Princess of Canada. Man, we are so ready to bring down the netmafia. They don't stand a chance against this awesome show of force.

And I have no idea who this guy is, some other official I guess.

Maybe he's the one in charge of the meeting?

He's terrible at it, though. New best friend can take the lead instead.

Just like Creamland to just politely agree to whatever.

Mm-hm, that'll show 'em.

..holy whoaaaah, everybody at this meeting really is cool as hell.

Those two costumes are the sum total of my knowledge about the MMBN anime. And that's all thanks to BlitzBlast for sharing these beauties.

I'm distracted from his speech by all the quotation marks. I imagine he is air-quoting all those phrases.

Odd ellipsis right there.

And another. I'm assuming this is the game's way of showing this guy is a terrible public speaker, or that Lan's 11 years old and has trouble following what is going on because this is kind of boring.

But whatever! Let's get down to business, and figure out how to defeat this "super navi" that "gospel" is "apparently" "maybe" building. For world domination, which is no surprise.

Whoops. Not sure that was meant to happen.

Excellent grammar. I mean, wait. OH NOOOOOO

Hilariously, the screen doesn't actually move to show you, but everybody falls down.


I guess since the conference was in a castle, this is the dungeons?? Gotta love pit traps. Alternately:

OK I think we'd definitely better escape in that case.

By "it" he maybe means the floor. But seriously, ouch, a fall from at least one storey backwards onto a stone floor? Good thing humans in the imaginary future are immune to fall damage. Thanks, Capcom.

Maybe this guy's just Netopian, and Mega's intentionally translating him poorly.

Well thank goodness they haven't affected your ability to superfluously add quotes to everything.

Oh dear...