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Part 31: PLOT TWIST!!

Right, so, Dominerds! They're one of the more annoying viruses in MMBN. While they're just standing there like that, they'll only take 1 damage per attack, including chips. Which is a giant pain in the arse!

They'll occassionally attack, appearing in front of you and chomping you with their scary mouths (it's pretty scary, actually). They do 100(!) damage, but they're vulnerable while attacking, so you can try to step back and attack them.

Turns out the WoodStyle charge attack is quite nice against them! But I still don't like them.

Anyway, there are much worse viruses in here.... So let's move on!

The puzzles here are the same as usual. Find CyberKey, open door.

Oh god who's dead now

Oh no! Not Raoul! He was rad as hell and we haven't even fought his V2 navi yet


Strangely tragic? Yes.

Wait... what are you saying? If there's a Gospel plant in the midst of the conference...


Wait, that seems... no, I think both of those things are equally as unlikely.

Maybe we missed something?? Because that's plain ridonkulous.

So, back to Lan's time-honoured method: forget whatever's confusing and just focus on what's right in front of him. Oh yes, incidentally I would advise you all to follow his method when analysing the various MegaMan Battle Network plots, because it's only going to get more ridiculous from here.

Also this area is full of dick viruses. Argh Swordys!!

Still got the ghosts hanging around, but they're still easy to dodge.

WHATEVER, MAN. I'm just ready for this dungeon to be over, nothing here can surprise me now--


Soooo! These fuckers! A Mr Prog warned me about it last time...


It doesn't have a
body,so attacks
pass right through.

Only the strongest
attacks can cut it

But I didn't listen. Oops!

Slam dunk? Nnnnnot quite! This virus is only hurt by certain attacks. AFAIK, only things that slash will hit it. Like sword chips. I do not have anything like that in my folder. Because I am a goit.

Time to run away!

I'm right by the end, anyway.

So problem solved!

And suddenly all that fire what was surrounding Lan went out. Because computers.

Next room, next victim!

Holy cow he's still alive

maybe he's the gospel spy

Chaud looks impressed by our doctoring skills.


dammit Chaud I thought you were a brilliant boy detective

Pffft, Lan never plays dumb

One of the world's top netbattlers, everyone!

Two of the world's top netbatlers, everyone!

What a brilliant plan.

No wait, I take it back. This plan is nothing short of genious (sic)

Jesus Christ, Chaud.



Whoops I forgot, I'm still using my Gater folder. This might not make a terribly interesting recording.

MISSECHELON SEZ 'PRESS BUTTON KILL PROTOMAN' (but man do I have trouble with his pattern, always)

EPEE EM SEZ 'AVOID CHEAPNESS: AVOID GATERS' (I think that was his LP rule - no gaters allowed)

Here's BlitzBlast with Hard Mode (he makes it look much easier than easy mode, whoah)

BlitzBlast posted:

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact I finished this segment of the game like two weeks ago I probably wouldn't even have this video. Finals!

ProtoMan.EXE on Hard Mode

So, ProtoMan. Unlike in BN1, where he was super defensive, in this game he actively tries to kill you. Something bugged during the transition to Hard Mode, though, so he doesn't bust out any Sonic Booms until his V2 form. But it's not like he needs them; his Step Sword does a massive 150 damage on Hard, so I die in two hits.


ProtoMan may be more offensive now, but he's still programmed to counter attack. If MegaMan uses any sort of charge shot, ProtoMan will immediately attack with Step Sword. If you're using a Heat or Wood style, you're fucked. If you're using an Elec or Normal style, you might be able to get away. And if you're using Aqua, you can abuse the hell out of this. If you're at Charge 5 and in an Aqua Style, you can seriously just buster run ProtoMan.

I'm not kidding.

Fun Fact: Aside from the above exploit, there's an easy way to completely neuter ProtoMan's Sonic Booms. He'll only fire them from the top or bottom panels of his back column, so if you block one off (with, say, a Punched Rock Cube), he'll only ever fire Sonic Booms from the other panel. Then you can just stay in the safe row and just focus on dodging Fighter Sword and Wide Sword.

EDIT: I still wonder why people always point at Elec as being the best element. What doesn't Aqua completely break?

Oh, oops, sorry about that Chaud.

Thats OK, I'm not that sorry.

Er, uh, yyyyyeah, that definitely would have made all the difference, Chaud.

Oh Chaud, you're such a good friend.

Possibly even... a best friend, since whatsherface is still back in that country we come from

We can't both be the villain. That would be silly. I'm sure one of us would have noticed. Therefore, the only logical solution is that neither of us is the villain, and everybody is an idiot.

Except for Raoul, he's still awesome.

..."She" is the criminal...?


Holy moly now we gotta go beat down our best friend that we thought was dead!! Just like we promised Princess Canada we would!!


Don't lie, Lan. You had no idea what was going on this entire time.

Man, it is ON.

...Mega, Raoul *just* said it's a lady. But yeah let's go get that guy!

I took screenshots of these stairs because they're so exciting.

And dramatic! The villain is at the top of the stairs! LET'S GET THAT SPY! THIS IS FOR PRINCESS-



What an embarrassing mistake. Well, we'd better stil smash her, we did promise Pride we would do that for her. Even if she isn't really dead and is also a master of pretending to be killed by the Gospel spy so it looks like she isn't the Gospel spy.

So uh, don't anyone ask what her master plan was for that room where she and Lan got 'trapped'. Because if Lan failed, she'd have to step in to save herself and possibly be revealed as Gospel? Or she'd probably just be like 'oh suddenly KnightMan is fine so I can save the day' and Lan wouldn't question anything because, you know, Lan. And then she'd kill him. Because she's the Gospel spy.

Then again, maybe getting trapped in their own traps is like a thing Gospel does. Like that guy with the bombs hanging around Okuden waiting for them to explode.

Wow that must've been hard! I hear they don't just let anyone in here, I mean hey, look at Lan, he just got his license earlier this year. Wait. Poor example.

God, I know!

Is that a trick question? Is there a way to solve things without netbattling??

...Whaaaat? That is a godawful design for a castle. Just terrible!

And that sure is a response? Maybe something was lot in translation. Like maybe Pride was talking more about the gap.

But anyway! NINJA TIME!

...Lan where did you throw that

Lan physics does not even begin to work that way


Oh cool, we can save and change our folder if we want to.


...Oh dangit. ONE LAST DUNGEON, GUYS! And Lan isn't even trapped in a real-life dungeon this time!

Er, next time!