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Part 32: "Whoo!" Fighting KnightMan!

Thanks everybody for all your kind words of encouragement! And for a gold thread! Woot!


and time for capslock, apparently.

Anyway! A quick reminder of what we're doing:

And we just escaped the (real-world) dungeon. But there's one more (cyber) dungeon to go through to find KnightMan and KICK BUTTS.


...buh, glad this is the last dungeon, this gimmick is wearing a little thin. Just a few more cyberkeys and cyberdoors!

And cybervampires! OH NO

The main problem with the cyber...ghosts? I think that's what I decided they are. Anyway, the real problem is when you get into a battle while running from them, it can disorient you a bit switching from map to battle and back, so you need to pay attention if they're too close to you.

One door down! Probably like a zillion to go! At least the dungeon aesthetic still looks cool. Somehow equal parts menacing and pink.

Also equal parts menacing and pink.

Golly gee I wonder if there is a zombie nearby!! Haha man, I can take on anything this dungeon can dish out

Eeeespecially now that I changed folder to something with swords in it! Take that, Shadow virus!

Butts. Shadow viruses are even more of a pain when they're with other viruses. This isn't so bad, I'm just lucky I didn't run into something like:

SSNeoman posted:

Also as that Mr Prog said, there's also that shady virus that can only be hurt by swords. Those guys are dicks. I once found one of those alongside a dominerd.
I think the game was teaching me Battle Network tap dancing.


Another cyberkey to find! More cyberghosts! I'm pretty glad that one Mr Prog told me those thief ghost things take left turns, makes this easier if I remember it.

There are a lot of cyberghosts in this area

And also a PowerUp! These things are awesome.

Haha. Another door down, these ghosts can't pass these skulls that mark the door. SUCKERS. I mean, wait, I should've saved that for a vampire ghost. Dangit!

Being the last dungeon of this set, it's much larger than the others, here it's broken up into areas. We've come pretty far now, I wonder what Lan has to say about things?



Seriously, that trick makes all these sections so much easier.

Though it gets tricky when thieves are in the mix, with their much higher movement speed.

Less dangerous than it seem! Thieves always take lefts. Plus, zombies are the only ones that are total bastards anyway, making you restart from the beginning... temporary loss of zenny (as long as you don't forget to retrieve it, for the love of god don't forget to retrieve it) and -100 health aren't that big a deal.

This last area is enormous, and there are tons of ghosts floating around ( least four. WHICH IS LOADS), so it's very easy to get cornered.

Here's the end, but I think I'm a key short. Oops! I don't think the ghosts come down to this area though, so it's nice to have a breather.

BWARGH. I think I was stuck between two vampires. Or a vampire and a zombie. You know, it all sort of blends together.

My, I'm running kind of low on health here. I sure hope there's nothing ahead that might cause a problem with that!

Hm, must have been running from a zombie after all. Now I've no idea how I got behind him, maybe he spawned there? What do I know, this place is haunted, that's probably the reason for everything.

No way am I restarting from the start of this section! I'm stuck in a dead-end, but it branches into two dead-ends (the nearest of which had the cyberkey). I'LL LET LUCK SAVE ME.

Ah, my genius plan worked. So now! Whatever's behind this door! Without healing!

yeah by the way you can heal with items in this game, and I have however many have been thrown at me since the start of the game. But I don't think I've ever used one, ever... So no point starting now, I'm sure!

A navi protecting their operator?! Well I never!

Oh yeah. You did (presumably) have some part in killing all those people. That probably wasn't required to protect Princess Whatsherface.

Your boss is either 11 years old, or as dumb as an 11-year old, because that makes zero sense.

Even our 11-year old protagonist thinks that plan is junk.

(I'd say "my apologies", but this LP is nothing but terrible references, SO-)

Haha. This dialogue may be cheesy as fuck, but it works surprisingly well.


Battle set, execute! Et cetera!

KnightMan is about as easy or as hard as you make it!

Turns out WoodShield style makes it VERY easy. Hahaha.

KnightMan can be an arsehole because unless he's attacking, he's all greyed out and takes only 1 damage (except, IIRC, from breaking attacks, which you have a few of now). If you stand in front of him he'll throw his spikeball at you, it'll go down one row without stopping and then reappear on him. And it's non-breaking! So it won't kill you if you've got a shield! He's easy to hit while he's doing this, but your attacks can be blocked by the ball. If you're not in front of him, he can call 3 pieces of rock to fall on you from above. And after a while he jumps forward one spot, which cracks all panels. Which sucks for dodging attacks!

I'm not sure if he has any more attacks than that, because it turns out-

You can just stick Invis or similar on, and then stand in front of him and charge-shot him continuously while he tries to hit you with his spikeball

Oh KnightMan.

Here's Epee Em's take

And BlitzBlast with hard mode!

BlitzBlast posted:

KnightMan.EXE on Hard Mode

KnightMan would be twenty times more fun if Air Shoes wasn't a battle chip. As it is, you kind of just have to loop Kingdom Crusher over and over until you trigger his automatic advance. Then you have to beat him up as fast as possible. You can try using Punched Rock Cubes to hit through Stone Body, but he tends to blow them up with Kingdom Crusher before they can reach him.

Fun Fact: KnightMan's ghost data can drop the Stone Body chip, so you too can tank anything that isn't a Breaking attack for a while. Of course this is pretty much totally useless in light of Invisible so all it really means is you have to fight KnightMan V3 one more time for 100% chip collection.

Most one-sided battle that didn't involve Gater! I think I love this style actually.

Yeah, you should do that before the princess gets cranky and realises she can just pull that wireless out.

Well, the screen stopped shaking

Oh er, PS. the screen was shaking. Not sure if I made that clear, so DRAMATIC MOMENT RUINED

Oh c'mon! What, you have some other computer you can set them with?!

...Oh. Oh yeah. I guess there is that one giant one, huh?

Haha what

I hope that was another funslide trap. Because we just did come a very long way up...


...Yes, that is the only non-evil person Lan asks after. Oh Capcom.

Now to go visit her rightaway NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. Or Johnson. Whatever!

Oh man, she fell into one of those pit traps, huh? They're a killer!

...though I wonder how she was able to so perfectly control those traps (except for that last one, obviously). Maybe the castle's network is a Creamlandian design, they probably have something similar in all the Creamlandian castles that I am assuming exists what with them having a princess and all.

She'll be back in three games, got it.

Well, now I'm totally baffled as to what country Creamland is meant to be. Uh, even more totally baffled than before, anyway.

Pity the Net isn't like collaborative or anything, amirite?

Oh good, shit was getting way too complicated there for a moment. Who cares about politics? Some 11-year old Japanese Electopian kids have to take down the netmafia!

Hahaha Lan is always awesome

Is the difference that we can smash you in a netbattle?

That sounds implausible

says the person who just played the entire game up to this point and had no real problems with everything else that happened in this

Man what am I saying?! Of course that's plausible. Because Chaud has literally no friends (sans Lan, who is everybody's friend FOREVER) he spends all his time playing MegaMan on his NES. Oh wait I mean being a nerd and memorising navi programming.

Oh that's right, he took care of Proto earlier when he got his arse kicked in the MotherComp.

Because... we haven't gotten ProtoMan's chips yet? Or more likely:

...until three games from now?