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Part 33: A wee stroll through the Undernet

Vacation, conference, what's the difference? Either way we end up netbattling like crazy.

Though if Yuichiro was here we could've just relied on him to constantly save the day hrm...

Umm... Is this pre-Imaginary-Future-9/11? I guess airport security might not be that big a deal in the imaginary future.

Hey, whoa, we didn't even have to apply for a visa to get into the country, huh? What a magical future, that you can travel through Netopia no worries.


haha yeah right

What else is there for me to do around here?!


Aw hey girl that I don't really remember but apparently have seen before!


Ooh, here's something I can do! Rematch SnakeMan.EXE!

Haha seriously, I'm not doing that with a WoodStyle.

Was there something else, though...? Something... nearby???

BlitzBlast posted:

Next is The Airplane, yes, but honestly MissEchelon should head to the UnderNet first. There's some important stuff to get there, most notably a chip that trivializes the game (haha read the thread) and a chip that trivializes the next boss (or read later this update!).

Trivialises the game?!

uhhh what? while searching for some ref pics of GateMan to draw this I found uh, an incredibly weird GateMan-themed myspace page that I really must share. Just. what?. THANKS INTERNET

Of course, on Epee Em's advice I already got a little something to trivialise the next boss. But hey why not! That guy is a butt when he's fought legit, let's cheese the hell out of him forever!

Aw yeah, the UnderNet! It's gonna be so cool~

Once we make it through Mrs. Millions'seses awesomely snake-themed bag. That is probably made of snakeskin.

Now, if you'll remember, last time we where here we found out that the entrance to the Undernet is handily right next door to this bag entrance! Last time it was sealed off (allegedly because of the conference, but we all saw how much that helped), but this time

Aw yeah.

Directly?! False advertising!

Oh it's right here. Close enough!




OK. The Undernet ain't much to look at, but it does have a very different appearance to any other place we've been so far. Its smooth design is really quite neat, and every time you hit this place in a MMBN game it means one thing.

MORE POWER. Pretty much, better chips! Much better chips than what we've seen so far.

Well except for Gater.

There's some tougher viruses (and ice panels, barf. I hate sliding), but this early in the Undernet it's nothing too bad. For now we're not going too far in, so we'll be fine!

The Undernet has much more awesome treasure than other places

Oh sure, contradict me, game! You just wait...

Ffffff- OK I swear there's better stuff in here. Also, Green Mystery Data has had a chance to have viruses since like, YumLand or Koto Area, but I just haven't run into it before now. Because luck!

At least this virus encounter shouldn't be too bad!

I forgot I take double-damage from Meteors-throwing-guy. And ice makes it harder to dodge...

Oh thank goodness, just what I Was looking for! Now I don't have to fall back on my "UnderNET or UnderWHELMING???" gag.

This is gonna be sweeeeeet! I'm gonna-






This is the first chip recommended by BlitzBlast. It- oh no wait, does Full Custom just give you a full custom gauge right away? That's not as great as Gater. I might have been thinking of FolderBack when I was thinking of chips that are totally radshit.

Whatever! Adds to my library completion! So what now?


Seriously I don't know what's up with these. Let's just go further into the undernet!

EXCITING UNDERNET ACTION! Yeah, the Undernet really is kind of cool-looking, much less crowded and busy-looking than the other places.

I swear there's better treasures in here somewhere, OK?

Oh MegaMan Battle Network, you can't fool me with your "always hiding shit under the stairs" trick, you do it EVERY TIME.


Yeah, that's one of the better GMD drops. Not too bad, but not terribly exciting.

Hey now, what's all this?

That's right. The Undernet has its own Square, too!

I'm sure a fine, upstanding not-a-criminal and also that-guy-who-defeated-WWW navi like Mega will be very well accepted here.

I think they went overboard on the purple-red-evil motif, but I am digging the background. And I've seen worse squares. And also more sinister looking squares? Maybe? Hrmm I'll have to think about that one.

You know what this place needs? More friendly Mr Progs. It'd really liven the place up.

I wonder if there are any cool dudes around the Undersquare.

Haha holy shit yes. I think I love the Undersquare!


Whoah, this guy is almost as cool as a Mr Prog. In fact, I'm not convinced that he's not a Mr Prog in disguise! But let's see what's behind him.

Underboards! I wonder if there's swears on them. What? It is the seedy underbelly of the internet, dangit!

And the other board is some sort of rumour board


This is the only rumour of note, I think. Rumour 1 is something about some dude named Doc (THE RUMOUR IS HE EXISTS, oh my), and geez I don't care boards just make me sleepy WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO?


Apparently he's too lazy to make good on that threat, so let's move on to the dealers in this area! As usual, one of them just sells subchips, so man whatever.

This guy has a PowerUp though! Holy Moly yeah boyyyy! MORE POWER

Oh yeah also I guess he sells all of the "Line" chips, which would be the second chip recommended by BlitzBlast! He's got a GrassLine just down, so I bought one! What these things do is make the row you're on the related panel-type. So GrassLine? GrassPanels. Heals for my WoodStyle, always helps since I never keep actual healing chips in my folder.

Also totally trivialises the next boss's gimmick, haha.

And interestingly, Lan has a unique dialogue while you're in the Undernet! But you know, the people of the Undernet really don't like Gospel. IIRC, they didn't like the W.W.W either. The denizens of the Undernet are kind of cool.

Oh. Shit. We've still got a plane to catch, huh?