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Part 34: In which we finally leave

Goodbye, fair Undernet. Til next we meet...

Well, I could probably go back in and get myself a few more different *Line chips, since the thread has helpfully poked a few holes in my GrassLine strategy. But then, I think we can smash the next boss regardless! And I can't be bothered, so-

Yaay airplane rides! Wait is there one more thing we want to do before we go?

Aw yeah, presents for our BFFs!

Adventures in excellent text-


Ooh, I know who that'll be perfect for!

What a bargain!

Oh those crazy AmeriFrench. Kind of makes me wonder what the original script was like.

Pretty sure Electopia is all about the robots. Not sure if Netopia can beat that, but I bet foreign robots are a neat novelty. And I know just who would want one!

Another 1000. I'm noticing a trend!



I'd also like to take this time to point out (apropos of nothing) that we still have Yai's fan in our inventory from the start of the game.

Anyway, we'd better hurry to the airport before we miss our-


Oh yeah I need to rematch his NaviGhost sometime...

Can you guys confirm something for me? This chip isn't just the most useless chip in the game, it's actually actively harmful, right? Why on earth would anybody want their custom gauge to fill slower??

Eh, that wasn't terribly exciting I know, but I just can't help myself. I can't walk past one of those things!

Jennifer clone #2! No really, this isn't Jennifer, it's some random NPC again.

At least, I hope that's not Jennifer .... nah she's probably still in hospital.

Can't leave without saying goodbye to the best NPC in all of Netopia! Crazy weird racist old lady, I'll miss you.

Ohhh now I remember who this is. We met them just off the taxi stranger's car that we got into after being robbed. She got robbed, too. Aw.

It has been a time! But we'd better head off before I get distracted again.

We're at the airport, so... we'd better check-in? Maybe?

See guys? It's not just the main plot of this game that is way over-the-top ridiculous/hilarious, it's everything. And that's OK.

No wait I forget, what was the main plot of the game?? Something about NetMafia?? We should probably get back to that.


With the... what?

What test??

Despite the fact that the plane is almost ready for takeoff (still), I'd better check on that thank you!! Because Lan is 11 years old and he craaaaaves attention.


Aw yeah, sweet validation

Ooh, a gift is fine too!

Awesome. Glad that guy at the airport tells you, because I'd forgotten about this! We'll be able to clear another SecurityCube on the net. Which is excellent, being able to move around the net more is always worthwhile.

Oh Netopia, I'm going to miss you.

Right, where was I...? There was something I needed to do... going somewhere? Getting on something that's about to leave? Oh I forget.

Ah, another inadvertently perfect blink animation capture. Chaud is crazy good at those.

Haha fuck off, I got a plane to catch! Oh yeah, that's what I was doing!

(no video, who cares, it's ProtoMan)

Theoretically speaking, your face is an unbelievable result! SHAZAM!

He won't rematch you again. POOR EMBARRASSED CHAUDERHEAD.

I'm certainly riveted!


This quiz is probably the hardest thing in this game

I would say "I don't know why they bothered" but no, the idea of this is totally worth it:

Another boring airport lo- HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT MAN'S SUIT

Wow this dude is cranky! He can't be my friend. Not like suit-guy.

OK little cranky dude can be my friend too

There's a Lance P chip if you jack-in to the store but mehh whatever.

I'd much rather look at wacky text.

Seriously what the hell

but good thing Lan knows how much handbags cost

Jennifer clone #3!

Maybe if you'd stop spinning in place surrounded by jumping children. I dunno, just a guess.

Plane time! I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this! I sure have! PLANES YAY.

We did get robbed, but we got to go to the Undernet and made a bunch of new friends (that we might never see again (nah we'll probably see them again (maybe))) so that evens out.

Oh come on, two months, at best. I'm a little slow at LPing, but I'll get there

Probably achieving a lot of things! Our friends aren't useless at aaaaalllllllllllllllll

Oh man. I think the game just punk'd me.