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Part 35: Our mission: Annoy everybody on this plane

Aw butts, I knew it was too good to be true! I mean we couldn't possibly just have a fade-to-black and then be in another country

wait wasn't that how we got here in the first place?

Well.... anyway!

Are you sure this is an airplane? I've seen gate lounges less spacious than this thing, holy moly look at the space! Look at the size of the seats!

Poor Lan. Or, poor guy sitting next to Lan, that's gotta be awkward.

No, shutup.

eheheheh, you said-

I'M SURE IT'LL BE FINE. What, you think there'd be some sort of security issues?? Psssh when are there ever around anything to do with airplanes?

Lan can't find any flaws in that logic, so off we go!

Woo, we get to wander around the airplane!! Just like on a real airplane, the novelty wears off quickly. Because it just keeps going...

Though unlike a real airplane, there's loads of room. Oh man.

*ahem* Sorry I was just imagining how much more tolerable plane travel would be if planes were that size. But hey! I've got passengers to annoy talk to! WHEEE

"It was getting kind of weird sitting next to you talking to yourself, talking in your sleep and talking to your PET but not me"

Whoah. What a cool dude! He kind of reminds me of somebody... maybe somebody I met this trip?? Nah, I can't remember, it probably wasn't anybody important.

I probably could just go up to the cockpit, but there's tons of people around here to talk to! And actually, this plane scenario is kind of split up into different parts, and at each section of the plot almost everybody on the plane has different dialogue! Oh man, they actually put effort into the older MMBN games! If this was MMBN4, it would be boring and dreadful, but I think this is quite cute.

Don't worry, I won't be posting all the conversations! That would actually get tedious. So I'll just post the ones I particularly like!

And this guy's conversations, because he's such a chipper fellow

At the back of the whole airplane, that no seats are ever facing, is a giant TV we can jack into.

BugFrag, SubChips if you need them, and ooh! A Mr Prog!!

Oh Mr Progs, you are fantastic.

Next area! Heading slowly towards the cockpit! But wait, a completely invisible item!

Aw yeah.

Whoah. And I thought there was space back where Lan was sitting! I guess this must be first class then, right?? Tons of space, totally comfy...

Oh my. First class will somehow be even more magnificent...

Jennifer clone #4!

Ooh, this guy looks important.

I suspect this man is from Creamland, eh?

Ooh, here's cool-suit-dude from the lobby! Since his sprite is more static here, we're having less backwards-suit shenanigans.

Hm, I wonder what first class is like, after this place...?



bet tickets for first class cost a fortune~

I would too, if I could travel like that!

Here's the only other person in first class. I must warn you to prepare yourselves, because he's the best thing about this game.

No really, forget Mr Famous and GateMan, forget anyone in Gospel, forget the Mr Progs, you've probably already forgotten Lan's friends, and I've forgotten if there's anybody else of note in this game...

THIS GUY is the greatest. Ever. I don't think he even has a name, but he's amazing.


Cockpit time!

Lan. Lan, you're already in the cockpit, Lan.

Grab the screen and shake it for those last two shots, because we hit turbulence.

Arbitrary turbulence marks the end of the first plane segment, so let's see what happens next!

GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO. Apart from annoy the guy next to us.

Wait, we can do that while walking around!


Guess we'd better check on our other buddy.

Haha. I probably shouldn't laugh at the poor kid, his dad's the one who was sick at the airport so him and his little sisters across the way have to travel alone, that's probably scary enough without anything going wrong!


Dr.Iron Fist, the two-fisted surgeon?! No wait, I think I'm getting my mangas mixed up again


I will take this excuse to draw Black Jack, though.

Lot of nice people on this flight!

He's probably fiddling with his beard ominously while he chuckles like this. I'm sure it means nothing, though!

This awesome guy is enjoying his whiskey to well to notice/care about the turbulence. That's OK!

Good question, what is up with old bugnuts?

Aw. He just wants to be first class too. I know the feeling, buddy...

You might be asking, what is the point of this? Going around talking to people? Aren't you supposed to be making the plot go forward or procrastinating in a non-boring way?

Yyyeah, this is another one of those sections where you have to talk to all the important NPCs.

And for some reason, yes this does include kid-who-refuses-to-talk-to-you. Just FYI.

Oh gosh, Lan, you really ate airline food?

Then again, look at how nice the airplane is, I bet they have food that doesn't make you want to die when you eat it.

Wanna ride that airline.

Haha nevermind, looks like the food's still the same.


You can probably talk to people during this section too, but it's probably for the best if Lan doesn't barf on anybody.

Anyway, while you're in the dunny, along saunters some plot. I was wondering where that went.

A huge hairy spider? Wonder how one would go about catching one of those...