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Part 37: I have had it with these motherfuckin' magnets on this motherfuckin' plane!! Fighting MagnetMan.

OK, so when we left off last time, there was spiders on a plane.

Uh, it was only one spider. Then we fixed things! And now the plane is for some reason crashing. Probably cyber-reasons, so we'd better cyber ourselves up a solution!

We're totally near-official netbattlers, we can handle it!!

Without waiting for any sort of permission, Lan dives right in. Network security, everybody!

Another very unique-feeling dungeon area! I'm still really digging the dungeon designs in this game, they all have visible themes in common with what the are in the real world, and still manage to have a range of colours and obstacles.

Speaking of obstacles!

Magnets are the obstacles here, for some reason. This is the only time they make MegaMan react like this though.

These strips are the main magnetic obstacles in this dungeon. They're essentially reskinned conveyor belts, except you do get to turn them off... So I guess the best thing about them is not having them.

MY APOLOGIES. I thought I'd better get that joke out of the way*

*this does not mean I won't use it again if I have to. Constantly.

So I guess these magnetic fields shouldn't be here. We'd better turn them off. For the programs! I swear it's not for totally selfish making-it-easier-to-get-about reasons.

But you see, this is what happens when magnets aren't on the TSA prohibited items list. (Fact: magnets are not on the TSA prohibited items list)

Here's the other way that magnets are affecting this dungeon! Those floor tiles are something magnet-like, if you're standing in an adjacent square on their column then they'll pull you into them. Works on enemies too. Can be a gigantic pain in the arse.

Sadly, when the conveyor-magnets are turned off, the battle-magnets still appear.

For some reason this Mr. Prog is very boring to talk to. Boo! I usually love Mr. Progs, but this one just natters on about how you can (and need to) turn off the magnetic fields. There's a blue switch and a red switch, so you get to turn off each magnetic field colour independently.

There's a few new virus types in this area, but they're mostly elec-typed. Say hello to my WoodStyle chargeshot!

First blue magnetic thingajiggy found!

Predictably, we need to actuate both de-magnetisers in order to get to our goal.

But the red one's not too far away, so that's fine.

Oops, where was it again...?

This might come in handy later it won't

Here we are! It's kind of handy to have a Mr. Prog pointing the way.

Also handy that MegaMan can program like a pro. Glad to see at least one of the Hikari twins inherited their dad's specialty.

PROBLEM SOLVED, let's go back to sleep.

That's a problem.

OK, guess that'll continue to be the theme for this dungeon, huh?

The entrance to the next area is always right next to the control device you toggle to end the previous section, so that's nice and handy. Let's get on with the life-saving!

Hmm... This section is a little different from the last, with all the paths coming off this central area. It's not difficult, just take whatever path you can and you'll find your way.


Also, this.

That was quick, probably quicker than the last area.

Guess that makes this the piloting program.

Or... I guess it wouldn't do to actually have consistent names, huh?


Who said this was part of a Gospel attack??

No shut up, tell me about the Gospel thing. Was there a note or an email or what?


Another one where they tease you with the final goal right away...

And another two really-easy-to-find de-magnetisers.

I thought these sorts of dungeons were supposed to get harder the further you go in.

But I can't really complain! The viruses in here are fun to fight, the magnet panels keep you on your feet and the whole thing doesn't last long enough to tire of it! So I'd call it a good dungeon.

Plus, we're saving the lives of all those adorable NPCs we talked to throughout this whole scenario

Geez, how many more plane parts are there that can go wrong?! Because probably all of them are going to go wrong!!

I love this guy's face

Despite the fact that the plane is now dropping like a rock, there's no time limit, I can stuff around as much as I like~

I don't really wanna stuff around too much though, I should probably save some HP for the boss at the end of this dungeon.

SPOILER there's a boss at the end of this dungeon

I wasn't able to screenshot it properly, but when you disable these the screen flashes red/blue, which is kind of neat.

Once again, not too hard to find!

These dungeon segments have so far only taken up one screen each, and only one layer (no ramps etc.), so I guess they can't make too big a maze out of it.

Thanks Mr. Prog!

Poor Lan, nobody answers him. But yes, until the next thing that goes wrong.

That could be a problem

That could be really awesome, but also deeply tragic. So I guess we'll try to avoid it.

Ah, the last section of the dungeon! Unless like... the doors go wrong after we land. But I'm pretty sure plane doors are manual. No wait, it's MMBN-land, everything is computers.


Oh MMBN, you think you're so sneaky.

This section has a lot more magnet-conveyors than the last areas, but it's still not too hard to find your way around.

Also, treasure!

Also- hey wait, who the hell is that?? Hmm... I'm sure it's not that important. But hey! That looks like a control panel behind him, guess that's where we're headed!

This is just off to the right of our mysterious magnet-clad man. So close to saving the day!!

Yeah I know buddy, I seen it from the path behind.

Oh. Hey. I guess there was some sort of criminal behind all this. But we still don't know if it was Gospel-related...

If it's going to be something really inane, I'd rather not know.



When I was young, I was raised in a poor family. In a raggedy old shack without much food or money. My brother Jack was taken in by a rich family. After that, my parents got sick and died... I was suddenly all alone... And society didn't lift a finger to help me. I hated people... I detested society. I worked like mad to triumph over society, my enemy. Then, I devoted myself to my status. I gained power over others, the authority to direct society. But, what I had amassed in life was not what I wanted. What I wanted was... a new-found order. Society is rotten to the core. In order to rebuild this fallen society... we need to destroy everything and start anew. Gospel thinks along these same lines. I quickly rose through their ranks and... Became the leader of the "SuperNavi" development project. When the "SuperNavi" is completed... Network society will be revolutionized. This will also be my revenge on society. I have been relishing this day for years. When my revenge is over, chaos will come knocking at's door and Gospel will be there to provide order.

Yes, he really does say all that. Spaced out over 24 text boxes.


So then, MagnetMan... He has a lot of HP? I think that's all he really has going for him. He has a line of magnet panels that'll keep pulling you in, but that's no problem. He'll keep shooting magnets at you alternating from the top and bottom rows, they'll shoot along the row then turn once to hit you. They can be blocked with a ShieldStyle. After a while he'll charge some sort of MagShot that freezes you and does decent damage. That can be blocked with a ShieldStyle. If you're not in the back column, when he's in the same row as you he'll make a blue double of him appear behind you and the two will smash you. And then, he can also make new Magnet panels appear.

So, if you've got a ShieldStyle, you can sit in the back row and never get hit - if you can get the shield's timing down. If not, at least his magnet attack is easy to dodge. The big MagShot is harder but doable. He's no ToadMan, at least!

There is another tactic you can use... apart from the general Gater-abuse that's always a possibility

So let's bust some magnetheads!

I did try to get a run where I laid down GrassLines to remove the magnet panels and remove that gimmick of MagnetMan's... but... he was just too easy, I downed him before I pulled a GrassLine chip. So, whatever!

Here's a straight-up MagnetFight, no secret plans or even decent coordination!

Epee's old boss recording

MagnetMan pro tactic, as stolen from Epee Em

And an amazing-must-see-bonus-boss video (seriously if you only watch one, make it this one)

Broken Loose posted:

I'm only linking this because it was the last video of my thread and it covers a strategy that you didn't post:

And of course, BlitzBlast with Hard Mode

BlitzBlast posted:

MagnetMan.EXE on Hard Mode.

MissEchelon, Epee Em, and Broken Loose have already shown easy ways to cheese this boss so I kind of just dicked around in this fight. That's the whole reason I even bothered grinding until I got a Catcher chip. Normally if you remove the Magnet Panels in the center of the field MagnetMan will counter with a Magnet Line on the top row, but if you use Catcher you'll destroy all of his Magnet Lines.

Anyways, the fight. Believe it or not, MagnetMan is not a total joke on Hard! The main reason why is that North-South Tackle, a move normally restricted to MagnetMan V2/V3, was added to V1's movelist as a desperation move. North-South Tackle can be a complete bitch to dodge with all the Magnet panels and Missiles on the field, and if you get hit say goodbye to a large chunk of health. The best way to approach it is honestly just to use Invisible, but Catcher - Grass Line works too if you have a folder that can rip through MagnetMan's health.

As for MagnetMan in general, you'd think he'd be a roadblock to the unstoppable juggernaut that is Aqua style, but nope! The Magnet Missiles have shit for health, and the Aqua charge shot can destroy them with ease. Mind you, I wouldn't challenge MagnetMan V2 or V3 without a shit ton of Invisible chips or a Shield Style.

Fun Fact: MagnetMan's movement actually counts as a Breaking attack. As you can see in the video, when I punched a Rock Cube into him while he was moving the Cube shattered harmlessly. Similarly, if MagnetMan floats into a Cube he'll immediately explode it. So no silly cornering like I did to ThunderMan.

Incidentally, if anyone is wondering if I'll ever severely revamp my folder at any point, the answer is no. Rock Cubes and Guts Shoot are here to stay.

Haha, worst death line everrrrr


So, you know how it's hilarious whenever Lan's screaming out random junk at the internet while plugged into public places?

Yeah, when it's not an 11-year old doing it, there are certain consequences!

Foiled by the insectopedia!


Once again not entirely with cyber-solutions?? What a world.