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Part 38: Home for a day and everything goes to shit

Who saved the day? Aw yeah, we saved the day.

Only because Lan's such a terrific rapper.

Oh yes, and here's something weird. You can examine this door - hey guess what? It's a door that goes outside! But it's not for you. Because you can't actually leave via this door.

Because ???

You have to actually go back to economy class and exit from there (also, business class does not have an exit of its own).

YES IM LAN HIKARI. This guy is a rad dude.

This is pretty accurate to life I think. In my experience, immigrations and security staff at airports (gotta exclude the dudes on the Canada-US land border) are rad dudes.

No, really. When I went through China, the border security personnel where hilarious, they got all the foreigners' passports in a bundle and then just ran through the crowd of passengers calling out names and haphazardly giving passports to whoever was closest (I nearly scored me a British passport). Canadian immigration staff are exactly as polite and friendly as you'd expect a Canadian to be, so even standing in line for an hour for visa processing after a 16-hour flight was a pleasant experience. Going through Mexico, the fellow at the border stamped my passport for me when I asked so it has a pretty stamp, even though it wasn't required. And I swear to god, I can't get through Sydney customs without running into somebody I know.

~Customs stories~

Whoa, it's a citizen's arrest! I guess... I guess there aren't any security officers or police or federal agents at DenCity airport??

Hmm, maybe the ones at the front and back are airport officials... and the one on the left (Gauss's right) is an official netbattler (hopefully a different one to the one that was poisoned!). Doesn't explain Bugman though.

Yeah really, if he wasn't trying to kill us all I'd feel sorry for him. Look at how sad his walking sprite is!

Oh my! It has been a long time since we visited our friends, hasn't it?

Aw, catching up with old friends is great, but I'm gonna miss the cool dudes we met on our trip.

Time to go home! No stuffing around for a change - I think there's been plenty of that already.

Finally! It's been (without going back and checking) roughly a million updates since we left ACDC!

And look! Our buddy whatshisface is right where we left him!

I'm just kidding of course, I remember his name, it's Lex.

Aw man, I wanted to give him a pretty ring to symbolise our friendship is FOREVER.

BBFs: Best Bros Forever.

Speaking of besties, let's go visit our BFF!

Yai's so sweet. Even though she's crazy-rich and can get anything nice she wants, she's still nice enough to appreciate that Lan gave her a little token of his friendship

Holy moley! And in return, she gives us something that doesn't mean much to her, but means an awful lot to us!

(by the way, we still have that fan we stole from Yai in our inventory)

Next! We'd better visit Mayl. It's either that or go home, and I get the feeling if we went home we'd somehow get railroaded into visiting Mayl to deliver her present anyway. But hey! Mayl's a good friend of ours, so it's always nice to visit.


Geez we have well-mannered friends

Well, uh, it's the thought that counts.

OK that's enough. We'd better go home and nnnnnot tell Lan's mum that he was almost killed several times. And kidnapped once. And stolen from a few times.

Yep, you do have to visit your friends and give them their gifts right away. Because your mum tells you so. And you gotta do what your mum says.

Uh, nice to see you too??

Yeah let's call it a day. Lan's probably all jetlagged, and generally travel-tired. And terrorist-fighting-tired.

Oh! May as well continue the update, since nothing's happened so far.

It's Lan's dad! We haven't seen him in a while. Probably a million updates ago.

Maybe Yuichiro's just pretending Gospel doesn't exist. More likely though he's cooking up the perfect solution. That sounds more like him.

Fact: Yuichiro has nothing but good ideas.

Everybody shake your screen!! It's an interactive LP, I tell ya!

MMBN-Japan doesn't have many earthquakes??

Oh. That explains- wait what? All the earth's tectonic plates are controlled by computer???


What a magical imaginary future it is.

Ohhh dear. If there's computers controlling all the uh, everything, and everything's going to shit, and there's an internet-terrorist group at large...

Whatever it actually turns out to be, I'm sure we can safely ignore it.


I hope it's presents. I always hope it's presents.

I think you should ask Lan for help. It's what I'd do.

Oh cool, I guess Mayl and Roll got their license upgraded too so they can go into foreign nets. We should find and congratulate Roll.

Yessss, it's been far too long since we've fucked around on the internet!!

We also got another bit of mail (Also I'm bad at checking my mail. Also Cap-
com is bad at text-

Nice. I did get presents in the mail after all! And the mail then goes on to say that the terrorised plane is grounded at Den airport, and we can go visit it whenever we want. How exciting.

Oh. I guess we should listen to her for a change. Let's just jack into the net from Lan's room.


...wait what?? I don't think this was here last time. Pretty sure this wasn't here last time. Maybe it wasn't here? Hm. I'll just go around.



I don't-

What the hell?