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Part 39: Style change again!!

HRMMM... so this ice, do we have a plan for removing it?

ooh. Ooh wait! Something's coming to me!!

I seem to recall, way way back, in update #3, we were able to solve the problem of gas in a nearby computer system by blowing away the gas with fans in real life!

And way way further back in a game I didn't even LP (Megaman Battle Network 1, of course), Lan solved the problem of "oh my god the oven's computer has fire in it" by spraying the oven with a watergun. No, really.

Hmhm! Yes, ice on the internet... I have the perfect plan for removing it!

Wait, where is a kid going to find a flamethrower? Dangit. I'll have to take another look at that cyberice, I think.

Oh yeah, just fair warning right now this is going to be a hellas short update. Not for flamethrower-related reasons this time, OK? It's for moving-house-related reasons.

So, last time that Mr. Prog mentioned something about that light-coloured ice being more fragile. If we can't get a flamethrower in here, maybe we can just try the old backup. PUNCHING THINGS!


Not entirely unexpected.

Totally underwhelming.

So there we go. The gimmick for the next long, long while. The internet seems to be full of this ice, and we can smash it and then fight viruses! We can only smash the white ice right now though, maybe we can find some way to smash the other colours later...?

Maybe that other way will involve a flamethrower

...I want a flamethrower, dangit capcom


Aw yeah! I was wondering when I was going to get my next style change!

it better be custom this time, dangit

Is... is that...?

Holy moly, it is baloney how things turn out sometimes, huh?

Always a plus, and why Custom's the most recommended non-ultimate style.

But it's also a HeatStyle...


Yeah dad, I've played Pokemons.

Aw yeah, gonna level this mother up!

Let's check it out!

Of course, our WoodShield is fully levelled up, and HeatCustom will start at level one now. MegaMan can have two styles for you to switch between, when you get a new style after the first two, you'll have to overwrite an older one. NormalStyle is always an option though.

Woo! I wonder what Heat's chargeshot is like? I mean Wood's has been delightfully broken so far, let's hope this doesn't disappoint!

I mean come on, it's a FLAMETHROWER

HeatStyle's charged shot goes forward three panels. It totally destroyed this Mettaur... but that's not a terribly good metric (except for determining how terrible ElecStyle is).

Overall, it has a greater range than Wood, but is less powerful overall. Also, WoodStyle lets you heal while on grass panels, while Heat lets you pass lava tiles unharmed.

As for Custom vs. Shield... Custom gives you the ever-handy 7 chips to start with, and Shield gives you the starting shield and the anytime-shield you can use by perfectly timing <- and B. I've gotten reasonably used to the timing now, so it's kind of reliable.

Of course, you can't actually use a flamethrower to get rid of the ice. THAT'S JUST SILLY.

Actually... I'm really used to WoodShield! I might stick with it a little bit longer. Maybe I'll pull out the Custom style for some bosses.