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Part 43: A series of dick moves

I like to call this update, A Series of Dick Moves.

Because seriously

I think I'm beginning to see why I'd completely forgotten this section of the game



still love this game though

RIGHT. THEN. We're headed back to Netopia to find Doc's buddy SomeGuy. With our new YeloCure, we can smash some more ice, so we may as well wander back and smash ice on the way.

Well... I'll level with you. I'm only gonna clear out some yellow ice between Netopia Area and the UnderSquare, so there's only about 10 ice-smashes this update. Slow and steady smashes all the goddamn ice on the entire freaking internet

First up! Geez I'm glad I'm running HeatCustom for this part, last thing I need is Fishys ruining my day with double-damaging attacks on my WoodStyle.

So that ice cleared up this little dead end. I wonder if-

Yeah, at least some of the navighost locations are a little obvious. The ice helped here, anyway. Like a giant pee-coloured signpost.

Wait, where was I?

Yeah I want no part of this

(PS you can't run from navi fights, so just pretend I had an Escape chip or something, idk)

I'm pretty sure it was some virus configuration I already fought when breaking pink ice. Like rattys or something

Yeah no. Maybe later.

WELP. That is some health! The Undernet can be a dangerous place.

Cloudys can be easy if you are extremely lucky. Or good at dodging.

These guys are totally disproving my "harder-to-break ice has harder-to-break viruses" theory. Ratty2s, in yellow ice, in the Undernet. Easier than regular Undernet viruses.

So. Netopia area! Somewhere in this area is a random navi that is Doc's friend. We've got YeloCure, and there was a navi trapped behind yellow ice that was specifically pointed out to us earlier, so unless this is another HeatData fiasco I think we're in the clear.

Just to be clear, we're going to go through and smash all the yellow ice in this area anyway.

Ooh, now here's a new and interesting virus! Poppers are not little holes. It kind of looks like it, but those are meant to be shadows. They're way above the stage, see?

They're cute little pinecone viruses that launch big tree spikes at you. Luckily you can block their attacks with holes.

This was just behind the Poppers. Further evidence that I did a terrible job looting Netopia while we were there, oops.

Rescuing Mr Progs

Haha. OK you hold the fort and I'll get right on that.

...ffff. Guess there are some badder viruses in here! Not that HardHeads are difficult on their own, just annoying. Levelled up HardHeads aren't much worse than regular ones. I think they attack more often, and they do more damage. But their attack and pattern don't change, so whatever.

It was at this point that I got lost and decided to jack out and hit Netopia from the other side.

Oh Handy, when are you ever a threat at this stage in the game?

Anything for a Prog (also the treasure behind him, which was a BugFrag)

Aw. I remember when these guys posed a threat.

Anyway, this is where I bet I'm meant to be.

Wheeeee. Fishy2s are slightly more annoying than Fishy3s, in my opinion. Fishy2s are the ones that leave behind a trail of fire.

IT WEREN'T NOTHING. But if you're thinking of giving out a reward, plot advancement would be lovely.

Or... a reverse-reward is fine too. Lan and Mega are all about helping people!


Somewhere in the Undernet that we just cleared a way through by getting rid of yellow ice. I know the drill, Capcom.

k...keymaker?? Oh boy I've been waiting all game for this! not really, I forgot all about it until two updates ago

Another BugFrag! I should really go to Kotobuki and trade 'em. I wonder why KotoSquare is the only one with a BugFrag trader. Hmm. That's not suspicious at all though, is it?

Also, even Lan agrees we should drop looking for that guy Doc mentioned and focus on NEW EXCITING QUEST. Either that or hell, Doc's whole description was "this guy in Netopia 2,whose brother tried all sorts of things to break the ice." This guy is a guy and he's got a brother!! Mystery solved.

Let's go smash some ice.

Virus battles are fun in this game, at least. It's not like I'm trekking all the way to the back of Park Area fighting bloody Molokos with my shitty initial chip folder


Molokos are freakin adorable though

Whaaat. No way. Koto is the height of benevolence. These Mr Progs and their crazytalk, pssh. I'm going back to the Undernet. Half to find that guy's brother, and half to talk to somebody non-crazy.

Yeah I talk to you every time I come into the square, then you tell me I look familiar and-


Aw yeah. Take note, everyone, because this is one of the very very few points in the entire series where Lan and Mega are recognised for their prior world-saving exploits, and indeed respected for them.

This guy is our new best friend.

(sorry Yai)

Some other navis in the square have extra dialogue, but they are vastly overshadowed by this cool dude. So we'll move right along!

Here we are, somewhere near where some yellow ice somewhere was somewhere. Undernet 2, somewhere.

And magically, the place we need to be. Let's look around!



He is also weirdly unperturbed when trapped behind ice.


Hey buddy there's this fancy new invention called e-mail, maybe I'll show it to you some time.

Only because a whole bunch of people asked us to.

Sounds like you've got it plenty figured o-

Oh. ... OH. I see where this is going... CAPCOOOOOOOOOOM



Your brother is a bunch of things I probably shouldn't say while children are present.

I hope it's something that won't make me finish the update early in spite