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Part 44: Why does everyone keep saying Koto is evil?

Right. I guess we've gotta go get them BluFrags. Save the net, save the day. OK!

So that guy I am still annoyed at said this in the last update, hrmm. A lot of people seem to be saying this lately, which by Capcom-law makes it true. But really... Koto? It's such a nice, completely benign place.

I'm sure it's not like a huge clue or anything for what we're looking for...


There's still ice around that I missed, but this is probably enough stuffing around. For now. Unlike previous ice-patrols, I think the solution here is obvious. Everybody's been mentioning Undernet3, and hey there's paths down there we ain't explored yet, so-

Haha. Amusingly enough, this guy changes his lies depending on whether the plot needs you to go to UnderSquare or Undernet3.

Fool me once...

Undernet3! We seem to be here a lot lately.

Whoa hello!

Reminder: the only path down that we've found so far is by the keymaker's navi, and blocked by blue ice.

...nice! I like it when the stuff we're meant to be finding is telegraphed, it's much better than having to run all the way to Okuden on a crappy clue.


Whoah. I wonder if that weird dude in Okuden is in on this. He totally theorised that all the natural disasters will lead to the downfall of civilisation. Which - MegaMan Battle Network - of course it would, what would we do without the internet?!

That is the lamest burn ever, it makes Chaud and Proto look like burn machines.

No, really?

We already established there wasn't, so unless there's going to be some hugely convenient-

Why hello there

I can only assume Chaud managed to stick some spyware on Mega at some point, and that's how he figured this out so fast while appearing to be hanging around Okuden doing nothing.

Literally just stuff that could be figured out by talking to various navis around the net.

Chaud is the best official ever.

Time to go find the keymaster keymaker!

Oh bloody hell, that'd be right.

It just wouldn't be an ice-smashing quest without CONSTANT travel between Netopia Area and the Undernet.

It's not that I've got anything against those two areas, it's just... well, you know. At least we're getting closer to removing all the ice!

And at least the keymaker's navi was kind enough to be hanging around just barely inside the square. Super easy to find!

Aw, who can be mad at someone so cheerful?

Gotta get to the Undernet. Allegedly via Koto. Which I'll only believe once I see it...

Wait... is he making it right now?!


This guy is awesome. I am now perfectly OK with the amount of walking back and forth we had to do to help him and his brother out. Because they're awesome.

Remember all those locked gates right near the beginning of the game? Yes? No?

They're super easy to get to, and hey we have a YeloCure (from the YellFrag) so let's something and roll!

A very underwhelming virus in this ice, oh well.

As we've been told for a while now. At last, a chance to make more use of them!

Onward, to Koto!

Oh hey. One of Koto's many jerkish one-way conveyor belts. So we're finally on the other side, how about that


Geez, Koto's still as ugly as I remember. Could something this cheerful and bright really be a path to-


Koto really is connected to the Undernet!

Does this mean-

Does this mean that Koto is perhaps not so benevolent as previously thought?? I believe further study is required. Once we track down that BluFrag. Too close to the end to get sidetracked yet!!

So, UnderKoto! It doesn't really share an "Under" pallette, but it's got some nasty viruses compared to uppernets.

And through the path of one-way conveyor panels, a NetDealer

..Yes, that is suitably Undernet-level netwares.

And suitably Undernet-esque enemies.

There's also a BugFrag and an "AntiRecv M" chip here. But hey, let's get through this uh... gorgeous orange, and off to the Undernet!

Aw yeah. That's a handy shortcut.


Wait I thought the navi we're looking for was purple

oh well

We're at a T-intersection. I'm pretty sure this sign is furthest from the path that actually is a dead end. Good job, Undernet.

Well, this way's blocked by a SecurityCube (pretty sure it's the way back up to the blue ice we couldn't pass? Maybe?). Guess we'll head the other path!

Therrrre we go.

Every event in this game was leading us here!

So, uh... with the help of our friends?

Um. Hmm. For serious, you should probably save before you fight this guy. And heal. And probably definitely should not use a HeatStyle. These bastards are fast, and strong, and also bastards.

but if you can't do that, dodging up and down and keeping an eye on where they drop their whirlpools seems to work pretty OK too

Not really recommended though.

Did the rumours say we were handsome, too? Yeah, they probably did.

That would be a better plan if you weren't holding important data that we could totally use to demolish Gospel's evil plans.



The navi who's in charge of this freezing onset is FreezeMan? Oh geez. After QuickMan, I don't know what to think anymore.

Haha, oh Lan. Never become an interrogation officer, seriously.


I'm not sure which I have more trouble believing.

That Koto, lovely, friendly, always-helpful KOTO could be an evil base

Or that just straight-out asking where Gospel's hideout is actually worked

...I wonder if this is something they're been subtly hinting since the start of the game.


Now I think of it, that place always was a little ominous


This is actually going much easier than I'd expected. And more excitingly!

Yes. We've been explicitly told we're on Gospel's kill list. Let's go right to 'em!

gj mugshotting with the right character, Capcom