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Part 46: Only one evil syndicate on the internet at a time, thanks

The world is saved, let's go home!

Uh... she's your mum too, dude.


Everything is fine, nothing is ruined (mostly)

Yikes. Haruka can be pretty terrifying, apparently. I bet she could totally take down Gospel with her death-stare

Oh MegaMan Battle Network 2, you were doing so well...

All of Gospel, withered beneath Lan's mum's glare.

Also, d'awwwwwwwww

The next line is "You act..." so... you act like a total spaz?



Aww. Lan's mum never gets a lot of lines in-game, but when she does (and they're not part of an intro mission) they're pretty good.

For those of you that have read Epee Em's LP of Battle Network 5, my favourite lines in the game are from Lan's mum. Epee skipped them in his run, but when Dr. Regal uses his ray to make everyone a jerk, Lan's mum is super sad about all the shitty things that have happened so far in-game and it's totally


Yeah maybe I should take a break and finish this update later-

oh no wait

Still thinking about taking that break though... but I guess I'll soldier on! Ahhh we're so reasonably close to the end, maybe I'll get this LP done in less than a year

A week later? What could it be? Considering we just saved the world and ended Gospel, it's probably like a happy credits sequence, pretty flowers, Chaud and Lan pal around and play videogames together, that sort of thing.


I guess Protes is grinding for decent navichips? Or... no wait, CutMan's ghost isn't in Netopia. Weird.

Weirder still! I don't think that's supposed to happen, internet.

bam, hello blink animation

Geez I wish MegaMan could do that to navis on the net. Ha! That's silly, as if that would ever happen, right??

OK maybe that's a little out-of-character...

He's still going for the high score though. Obvi.

And where is Chaud right now?

Totally still deleting navis.


It's true, videogame addictions are complicated.

Well how many criminal syndicates are there on the net? Oh, I mean in MMBN. Oh yeah. Probably only one at a time.

Oh Christ. You mean to tell me that nobody actually looked into Kotobuki square after it was outed as Gospel's main hideout?


Wait what am I saying. Of course they didn't.

Ooh, maybe they'll send somebody new, like Mayl? She's got a license good enough to go to foreign nets, plus have you seen Roll's chip? Totally could handle it.

Or go for the tried and true.

...Ah yeah, and if Mega is deleted he's gone forever. And then Yuichiro would be sad. And then I would go over the emoticon limit with a wall of

Lan does everything. Got it.

They're public servants, right? I think their duties include getting drunk at lunchtime.

Oh, check it out! That's totally Ribitta on the television!


I bet this email was only sent to Lan. Sneaky buggers.

WELL THE CREDITS AIN'T ROLLED YET so I guess not. Also FreezeMan.EXE would be the worst last boss ever, I would be terribly disappointed. Kind of.

Pft as if. We all know Lan's too hyperactive to sit still, I bet the whole time Mega's on the net he's jumping around screaming commands into the PET and generally being insufferable

Aw yeah, and we still got that handy shortcut to Koto! God bless that Keymaker guy.

Such a brilliant change after all the running around we did for that ice-breaking thing.

Hrm, I wonder where-

Nah, she probably doesn't mean these netdealers. They will never be plot-relevant (except one of them kind of very broadly speaking)

Gospel area, and we're the only officials here. What a shock.


Oh my god I love you Mr Prog

Hello what's all this??


Whoah that guy just jumped out of that swirly wall that is most peculiar!!

Don't you get sarcastic with me mister

goddammit lan

that bad navi looks like he's moonwalking. what is the deal with that


holy cow!

Mega just smote that dude with his buster!!


This shit is baller

...that's OK, I'm still just impressed at Mega using his MegaBuster.

I guess we figured out where all those navis ProtoMan was fighting came from. Good thing we're just getting the generics!

WHOAH. Whoah whoah whoah whoah!!! Did somebody just suggest a real-world solution to a net-related problem?!

I... I may need to sit down for a little bit.