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Part 47: Things are about to get Capcom

Did someone say Kotobuki section? I love the Kotobuki section.

That's to be expected, though. If he's not trying to bring down criminal organisations, he's busy building useless AMAZING CAPCOM SCIENCE things. Somebody has to!

Ah, apparently all the other netbattlers DID get emailed. And all started work early, too! And all failed early.

Aw well, at least they tried

They tried!

Guess we'd better try to find Lan's dad!

BACK WHERE??? Oh, he's back...

I guess they did send out a lot of fellows, and none of them thought to check out KotoSquare, because that's faaar too obvious

What a thing to say to your hyperactive 11-year old son!

: Ah... I'm sorry. Thank you, Lan. It's just, I hoped you wouldn't be involved this time.

Aw, Lan, so oblivious...

: Well... There was that one time... and that other...

Ohhh, that's where Lan gets it from...

: this will be the final, and most difficult battle...

: What do you mean?

Well obviously. Battle Network games are very kind about informing you when you're reaching the final dungeon

: If we knew, we could prepare for it... I need more time. ...Well, be that as it may, you've both done a great job. I'm going to explain what we know about Kotobuki Town.

Geez, asking for a bit much there.

Aww, he's got a big lecture all lined up about it, but Lan's the only one to hear it

That's alright, we'll all listen in, right guys?! Pay attention, there will be a quiz later! You have to be prepared though, things are about to get


(I assume he means that part where all the navis were warping in? Apparently that's radiation-related. ...Maybe they're all x-navis. X-navi-men? Hmm)

WHOAH. I would say PLOT TWIST we have to go somewhere in real life to solve a solution?? But actually Lan and Mega decided that last update, so it's more of a confirmation.

mega why are you calling him "Dr. Hikari" that's YOUR DAD. weirdo

Oh dear.

I seem to recall this being the part where Epee Em went and pulled together a bunch of data about what qualified as background radiation levels, what 10,000x that was, and what the lethal levels for humans are.

Oh geez you're all expecting me to do that now huh?
this would be much easier with archives...

and MissEchelon never studied science beyond 8th grade...

So! We've got two measurements for radiation. Sieverts and Grays. They're equivalent, but not interchangeable, because you use your grays for measuring absorbed doses of radiation, and your sieverts for uh, "equivalent, effective, and committed dose in biological tissue". RIGHT. As always, there's some weird other measurement that they use sometimes in the States, but geez who cares.

The world average annual exposure is 3.00 millisieverts - 3 thousandths of a sievert. Though we could say a typical range is from 0 to 18, we'll focus on the 3.

Lan's dad is talking about an exposure of 10,000 times that, so 30 sieverts.

OF COURSE. Don't worry, Lan's dad, you'll usually only get acute radiation sickness from doses of (approximately) above 0.1 Grays. Speaking full-body exposures to adult men, exposure to more than 1 gray over a short period of time will probably kill you. If it's more than 5, you're dead within 14 days. At the moment, we're "only" looking at receiving more than a year's worth of radiation every hour. That's definitely going to be causing some illness.

Let me put it this way. In 2008, Chernobyl was "only" 200 times average background radiation.

Uhhh, that's not necessarily true... Of course, radiation does have effects on electronic devices. There are methods of hardening 'em to reduce it but- oh. Duh. It's Lan's dad, of course he would do that for zero reason.

"Don't tell your mother"

Lan don't care about no science, he just wants to go save the world and/or die trying!

"I mean not you specifically.... but yes you specifically. why is everybody else so incompetent"

Well I guess that explains why we haven't seen Kotobuki yet.

1cm of lead will block 50% of radiation. I mean obviously that would weigh a lot. And you could use more than that. And you could use other substances in other measures. But lead's the go-to example for this sort of thing, ain't it?

Geez, I should hope you've made some sort of radiation suit for Lan.


Lan is 11 years old. If you were making some sort of high-tech hazmat suit that would fit him, it would have to be you know, for him and not for the adults that make up most of the other officials.

Though uh, I guess they could have been making it for Chaud, the second-most competent person ever to live.

Sidenote: Christ what kind of material would protect you from radiation THAT MUCH and also be light and flexible enough to make an outfit out of?? What a magical future this is.


Yeah, sending your only living son and the soul of your dead son to an extremely radioactive area to fight the netmafia? Not a thing you'd really want to do.

Especially if your son's an idiot.

such an idiot

"Let's see what kind of growths you get after all the radiation ha cha cha"


Nah, that's pretty much the opposite of what we're going to be doing.

At least we won't have to worry about their defences. I mean did you hear about those radiation levels? Everything's going to be hosed, we could just waltz right in.

You can only get to Kotobuki from Marine Harbour. It's a closed line. And you get there by just going straight to the gate, whereas every other time in the game you've got to get a ticket first.


What the

what is that??

Bug chips?! SuperNavi?! I ain't liking the sound of this! if only bugstyle was in this game, then it would be OK because I could pretend they were talking abut Mega

But... ohhhh hang on! KotoSquare's the only place on the net with a BugFrag trader! Ooh, that's a smart way to get all the stuff you need for your superweapon, huh?

But hanging around in 10,000 times background radiation is the opposite of smart.

Who would even do that? Geez.

Whoah, Kotobuki looks way cooler than the hideous colours of Koto's net area would have you think.

The brightness level is going up and down, there's this cool sort of circuitboard motif everywhere, this place is rad.

Wait is it not normally meant to look like this? Then... what? How??

Yeah that don't look right


So, I am not a scientist but

Radiation can't do that, right??

Capcom wouldn't lie to me about science. I can only assume what follows is 10K% accurate.

Uhhhh THAT'S A PROBLEM. Theoretically our wonder-suit can handle it, but for reference that's around 0.01 sieverts an hour. The radiation measured at the control room at Chernobyl at the time of the nuclear accient was around 0.03 sieverts an hour.

I sure hope so!

Well, it's got the highest concentration of what the fuck, so that's a safe bet.

Yeah, before we all die of radioactive exposure.

Like this guy. Jesus CHRIST why are you walking around without any safety gear on evacuate evacuate!!

Oh yeah, priorities. Let's not head straight to the source of the radiation, let's SODA.

There's also Mr Progs, who are behaving completely normally (for Mr Progs).

At least there's still one cheery thing in this bizarre, radioactive computerfied whatzit


For the world! For everyone! Let's kick some asses!

How anticlimactic.

Oh Capcom, you were doing so well (translation-wise, possibly not so much in other ways)


Which doesn't seem to be affecting Mega. Hooray!

Percussive maintenance is go!

Aw yeah, who's the best scientist now?!

I imagine every time Lan figures out how to work an elevator Mega's like "Oh that's great Lan. Just great."

Either they're Gospel agents or they're colossal idiots to be hanging around this incredibly radioactive area. Wait, did I say either? It could be both.

Oh geez, they aren't really going to-