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Part 48: Radiation can do all these things. I know this from my Superman comics.

Jesus Tapdancing Christ, I was not expecting to see more 11-year olds just cruising around Kotobuki. Especially not anybody we know!

...Though, I guess if anybody's dumb enough to come here, they're dumb enough to be Lan's friends too.

oh geez

Why are you all ... doing... here...

Oh yeah, I guess I did mention that it would be nice for Mayl to help because she's believeably competent. Whoah.

...but I don't think Yai is a city netbattler?? I seem to recall-

Update 2 posted:

Yeah, Yai was busy being in mortal danger at the time.

I uh... guess she got her license later??

oh yeah


That's kind of important you are probably dying right now how did you even get your parents to agree to this

He totally would. He's called Lan a dummy loads of times.

Especially since you don't seem to be wearing protective gear-
hey wait a minute

Lan doesn't appear to be wearing protective gear either.


What a wonderful future where we can have invisible hazmat suits that still protect against radiation up to 50,000 times normal levels.

Yes, I see that now. Can't believe I didn't notice before.

And he was also OK with his daughter Yai to take her friends to a highly radioactive area that is also the base for the netmafia.

now I see why Yai is so cool

(so cool)


I guess today we have all learned what radiation is capable of.

Hooray for my advance team, doing all the scouting and telling me what to do!

Oh no! Just like our old camp leader to take point and bear all the burdens! Though... uh... I guess I shouldn't ask how jacking in more means you get more irradiated than somebody standing right next to you?? I think that may in fact be real, there haven't been many studies been done on it though. I trust Capcom about SCIENCE.

They tried to help, in the most dumb way possible. They're just like Lan, no wonder they're all FRIENDS FOREVER


(also for the world, maybe)

Wait I think this is not the way to the top

Whatever works?

Anyway, I guess it's kind of important to not waste time just hanging around in the heavily irradiated area, so let's roll!

I wonder if this place always looked this cool. Radiation is apparently awesome!

Well look at that. Servers growing from the floor. Thanks, radiation!

(I think he means "Is that thing the top of the building)

In which case, holy crap.


This is simultaneously the dumbest and the coolest thing. And totally plausible, CAPCOM KNOWS SCIENCE.


So... the ApartComp. Like all the dungeons, it's got a gimmick, and that gimmick is-

Not the swirly pathways, that's just a cool effect (you can still walk over it while it looks that cool)


That's... uh, one explanation, I guess.

Here's my explanation of the gimmick:


That's totally how radiation works, sure.

So, here's how it works. These teleport spots send you to a spot when they got electricity sparking off 'em, then you fix 'em and they send you somewhere else. And you teleport around until you reach the end of the dungeon.

Each of the control program teleport spots are labelled, so you have to get the correct item to proceed.

There are a ton of items around. Though most of them are the ElBits you're looing for, some of them are Cool Things.

I am probably making this sound dull! Actually this is a great final dungeon and I enjoy it very much! I got lost very early on and kind of stumbled around and that worked just fine!

The viruses in here are a little tough but nothing ball-breaking. Just tough enough to keep it fun! The encounter rate is pretty low, and there are some rare viruses that will be annoying if you're trying to farm chips, but pffffffhhh if you're just in to have fun then you totally will!

This is a little annoying, though. Each time you fix a thing, it'll teleport you back to where you originally teleported to that control program, because it'll now teleport you to the "correct" location. It always points you out in the wrong direction, because you need to go back through the teleporter now it's fixed. That's kind of silly, Capcom!


Each bit of the dungeon corresponds to a floor that you can access in the real-world. But you can do it all from one jack-in location, so whateverrrr

How many of these things to we have to fix?? I dunno, but somehow it's just enough to not get old while playing (which is a different number to how many it takes to not get old while commentating on, huh?)

It is kind of disappointing getting treasure because hey it could be a dungeon-progression item instead!

Totally lost, but as dumb as the idea for this place is, it actually looks really cool. YAY RADIATION!

Ahhhh, I guess this right here is the one "Fuck You!" of this dungeon! It's very possible to miss this item, and you don't need it to progress until right at the end. And it's right near the start of the dungeon, so... hahaha

DON'T MISS THIS ITEM, RIGHT? It's somewhere in the ApartComp. These directions should suffice, I'm sure!

I hope I don't get all these numbers mixed up.

Cool viruses in here.


Oh, nevermind. Things are looking up!



Yes, I think I need a different, stupider folder for this escapade.

I have already lost count of how many this is. (2?)

Not sure if you're getting the full dungeon experience yet!!

Ah, there we go.

About time, maybe? I don't even remember when my other style change got levelled up

YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL BY LOOKING. It's clearly another Custom Style, and blue? So it's Water. So I finally got the Style BlitzBlast has been embarrassing all the bosses with so far!


Aqua Style has a crazy low charge time, and bubbler shots hit two spaces like the Bubbler Chip. Unlike my FireCust and WoodShield, this one's charge shots don't have a set range. Which is a welcome change!

Yeah, I'm enjoying my FireStyle, but how about a change?



And yet even with his "new power", Mega's health is dropping like a stone.

Let this image be a hint of what's to come. And also what I'm using to drop every random encounter. I still like AirMan's dumb chip OK.

Just posting this to say these guys could kill me in one hit. They do a lot of damage! But they'd be easy to stop if the stage wasn't entirely ice. SO MOVING RIGHT ALONG.

How many is this now, like 8? 80?? Who could possibly know??

I swear to god this is fun to play. YOU BELIEVE ME, RIGHT?

Yaaay my MegaMan is lookin' good

...Huh. I'm kind of surprised there's only one of these around, now that we know that Gospel's grand plan somehow involves uh... radiation and a bunch of bugfrags?

what the hell, Gospel

Don't worry, there's not that much more probably!

Oh yeah, this is definitely looking like an end area. The new colour scheme is a dead giveaway!

Ah yeah, there's the control doohickey just over there.

Look at how excited Mega is! He can't stop screaming!

Oh wait

Oh good, they seem normal. I was worried, what with them being G-G-GHOSTS

It didn't last time!

Unfortunately, Mega can't just bust 'em with his buster like Proto would with his sword. But hey!


...Cripes, it's still just their version ones? That's silly. Why even bother at this point, game.

I guess I was expecting this to be more exciting, but oh well! Here's the t-t-triple threat video! I may have messed up the audio again.




Oh yeah, usually that results in an insta-teleport.

Net solutions to real-world problems. Which kind of works when it's an electronic device attached to the net, I guess.

That was fun.

Also in a Silent-Hill-esque fashion, only one room per floor can be accessed.

Like I said a zillion pictures ago, the floors correspond to the ElBits we had to pick up to fix junk in the ApartComp. I guess the floors we can't reach were the floors we never fixed.

You can go to the other floors, but

It just lets you go to the broken teleport places, which stops you from missing items, which is a nice touch!

oh yeah