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Part 49: Pretty hair and pretty dresses! And something about Gospel? IDK

OK! Kind of a short update, because fuck computers and computer-related junk.

Wowww radiation is awesome, look at all those pretty glowing colours! Yes I think I am going to like the new world Gospel is creating


hmm radiation is usually bad, isn't it?

but what if i get cool glowing hair and a pretty dress like that man, oh geez

This is either going to be very good, or very bad.

Whatever it is we'll kick it's arse!

Just a reminder, 50k times normal levels is roughly 20 millisieverts an hour (or an effective dose of 0.02 grays). 0.1 grays results in extreme radiation sickness. More than 1 gray will kill. So let's hope this doesn't get much higher, yes?

Then we'd probably better hurry with it.

This looks suspiciously like what we're looking for (while simultaneously looking like everywhere else here)


that was seriously what happened, unabridged. MMBN2!

oh darn

Uhh.... is that one of the effects of radiation? Wow, we're learning a lot today!

should I be counting how many times Lan says this lately?

We're learning so much about radiation today.

Geez but where should I jack in??

Well... wouldn't want to make it too hard, we don't want to have Lan exposed to much more radiation while he tries to figure it out.

Wow, this place is Gospel as hell.

This plan is brilliant.

This dungeon is extremely short, no gimmicks, but a ton of treasure. Notably:

and a RegUP1, AreaGrab *, and Recov150 T. The viruses aren't too difficult, which is fine. I do dig the spikes and the whole Gospel theme, but it's a nice, short break after the big long ApartComp.

...Well, now we now what a radiation-generating program looks like.

And another boss-rush!

Lan and Mega are exactly as excited as they are surprised.

Still just V1 navis. So. Whatever!

I messed up the sound again, but here's SOME BOZOS BOSSES

It's OK, I fixed it for the end bosses i totally didn't have to go through it all again to re-record to fix it, no

Here's Epee Em's take!

Honestly, that was embarassing for Gospel's top navis.

Oh darn. That was the opposite of what we hoping for, actually

And that's how you ... something something radiation


for serious it is nice that Capcom reminds you to save before you take on the final parts. Because yeah, no saving beyond a certain point in these games.

Thanks Mr Prog, you're awwwwwright.

Whoah, we must be at the top here. The floor's going all weird. Also, servers everywhere (but that's getting normal at this point).

Except for throughout the rest of the apartment, maybe?

Who builds a server room in a crappy apartment block, anyway?

Surely the ridiculously high power bill would tip the cops off and they'd be checking in to make sure you weren't growing anything. Not to mention the heat generated would show up on any police helicopters looking for houses growing anything. Not exactly the sort of interference the Net Mafia wants! Gosh, why can't you just grow some botnets like a regular mafia.


Lan can't stare directly at it, it's amazing

Did we meet before, somehow?? No, that would be a little ridiculous. Maybe you heard it from one of your underlings before they messed up and you killed them?

Or computers. Computers is usually the answer.

: People all over the world are suffering because of you!

: So it seems... but I really can't be bothered with that.

That's ice cold, man.

i have no idea if that is true or not but if this is the one bit of science you take issue with in this update, i don't know what to tell you

Well uh, he's talking to you, right now, kind of.


Says the man with giant glowing hair and a weird mask-like face.

Does it say that dress makes you look fat?

Oh. Oh! He's that sort of person. So I guess the monitor behind him is probably showing his second life avatar, right?

there's probably vaudeville bombs in second life

i really don't want to know, though

Lan apparently never noticed that "reality" in MegaMan Battle Network is kind of batshit insane

You also probably have extremely advanced radiation poisoning. Just throwing that out there. You'll probably only have the whole world for a few weeks, tops.

....and then his second-in-command would take over! And-

You know that's extremely true, but...

Whoah, Lan's getting all feisty

No way, he's EVEN STUPIDER! Take that, logic and science!