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Part 51: The end...?

If server power was brains you'd need more than that I bet-


why does the server power go up to 120%? That seems a little bit silly. How can you have more than 100% of a thing. Unless it's counting like magic SCIENTIFIC bits of server that grew out of the radiation. Then yeah, OK, I could see that. And I could see why he wouldn't have them turned on already.

Radioactive servers are a little weird like that.

...Cripes, Gospel guy, what happened? Start of last update you were the coolest villain probably ever, and now this.

Poor form, Gospel guy.

How high does that even go?! When you go around the convention of 100% actually being 100% it is hard to tell!

Ruh roh. Now Lan's glowing too. I hope he doesn't turn into a big gay baby like Gospel guy did.

That's at least 40 millisieverts an hour.

And with that, possibly even higher than that. Let's pull out the ol' handy radiation references, eh? Because that is well within what was measured in the control room at Chernobyl during the disaster


I do not think it would make you Marvel-out like that though.

wait there's another boss?? I mean Bass??


Ah, at least Gospel guy is a true programmer after my own heart. Randomly mash things together until something works, what could go wrong?

That's what usually happens with my programs, too.

so this is.... true power...


Gospel guy I can only assume you are laughing at how silly this is

it's so silly


Or... not?

Shit yeah, Lan's dad to the rescue~!

A Gospel plan that is completely ill-thought out and makes like zero sense? No, never.

I don't know what that is, so let's just nod our heads sagely, OK?

Lan I think the radiation's going to your brain, your dad's not going to know what you're talking-

-about. Oh yeah, Yuichiro. He's the man, he just knows, man.

Is that better or worse than being covered with viruses though?

I'll just sit here, pretending to be surprised.

I am all about fighting this guy though, he looks friggin rad. At least as rad as Gospel guy's ridiculous costume from last update.

also, pretty cute for an end-boss

This dog should be the new leader of Gospel, OK. For like a bunch of reasons, not least because he's way more competent than the current leader.

Also because he's a dog and Gospel's symbol is kind of like a dog stylised into a "G".

Also for one other very good reason.

wait what

OK, so I don't know what the server power started at, and I don't know if it increases the radiation exponentially or linearly. But at 120% power we had 100k times normal radiation levels. So at 600% power?

If it's linear, then it's something like 5 times that. So easy, 500k radiation levels. You know, 2 full sieverts an hour. On balance, that's extremely likely to kill you, especially if you are a child. If it doesn't kill you, you will need a bone marrow transplant, at least.

All of this is of course not mentioning any damage done to sensitive devices such as ELECTRONICS, ALL OF THEM, C'MON CAPCOM.

On the other hand, if it's increasing exponentially, then wellll... at least Lan no longer has to worry about that homework he first put off a million updates ago. Because he's soooo dead.

Actually, he's going to be extremely sick either way, he probably shouldn't worry about it anyway.

Good, because all of your ideas are terrible, just terrible


geez Mega, don't look so concerned

: Please hear me! Please! Laaaaaaan!!

Oh geez.

Get ready, guys. If you thought the plot was getting a little out there before, well-

: You can hear me! Phew...It's me, Lan! Your brother!

: It's hard to hear you...So dark...Where am I?

: You blacked out when you got stuck in the radiation wave!

: Oh...I... Wait! If I'm stuck like this, I can't operate you! I'm sorry, Hub!

: You have to try, Lan! If I was your brother Hub... But I'm not...I'm MegaMan.EXE, and... I need you, Lan!

: Hub... But how...What can I do?

: OK, Lan, listen to me. I'm going to put my "heart program" into full synch with you. It won't matter if you can't use your arms or your PET... You'll be able to operate me...with your heart!

: My heart...? Is that... can I really do that?


shit I wish I had magical twin powers

twin please get for me a pizza

oh man, he doesn't even read this thread, what good are twin powers for ARGH

Well, there you have it.


So, this dog may be kind of familiar to youse fellas that've played MegaMan & Bass. Yep. In that game, Mega has his dog Rush, and Bass has his dog, Treble.

In the Japanese version, it's Rock and his dog Rush, and Forte and his dog Gospel.

Yeah that's right.

This dog would be the best Gospel boss.

This dog is a really good end boss, actually. He certainly makes up for Bass's lacklustre appearance! He has a bunch of hard-hitting moves. Throughout the fight, junk blocks will be flying at you down each row. You can destroy them with a charge shot, so I hope you've got full charge power.

To begin with, he'll bark a shockwave down the middle row every now and then. He's only vulnerable while his mouth is open, so you've gotta dodge it and then hit him. Every three shots or so he'll do a ground-based shockwave that tracks your movement and breaks panels. It is a butt to dodge with all the junk flying at you.

After you've gotten his heath down a smidge, he'll turn his head into a drill and launch it down the row at you. No really. He is a good dog. Also, that's totally what's pictured above, which you can totally tell by looking.

Get his health down lower than that, and he'll attack with some Gospel navis, like CutMan, QuickMan, that sort of thing. You can attack the navis to damage him, which is nice.

Get his health down even further, and he brings out THE BIG GUNS. He does this while using wind to pull you towards him. Dick move, because this shit does massive damage.

But that's all she wrote!

Bad dog.

Here a video! Watch it for the cool dogmonster animations and the most excellent end boss music.

Oh right. You may have noticed that my chip folder is slightly different to what I had in Bass's fight. And I already explicitly said that you can't access the menu to change folders once you start the final boss rush.

Well now... Look at Gospel's health. 2000 is a lot of health! You do not want to go into this fight unprepared, because the lower Gospel's health gets, the harder to dodge and harder-hitting his attacks get. And you don't wanna be throwing buster shots at him the whole time, that would suck

That being said, look at BlitzBlast's folder. He constructed that right near the start of the game with fairly beginner chips. And it's carried him right through the game. Aw yeah.

My Bass folder just didn't have the attack power to bring down all of Gospel's health. So... I restarted from my final save, and powered through with good ol' reliable Gater

Which... doesn't take very long to do, actually! Bass is barely a speedbump, and you can skip cutscenes with the start button.

BlitzBlast posted:

Gospel on Hard Mode

The audio kept desynching, so I gave up and replaced it with something else.

Anyways, Gospel! It is a pretty tough fight if you don't cheese it due to its mountain of HP and its variety of attacks. Something you've probably noticed by now is the junk constantly flying down the rows; those things are a huge annoyance as they act as both shields and attacks, and if you don't have an Aqua style to blow through them really quickly you might want to consider dropping down to Normal style. Or engaging in some fancy footwork, whatever works for you. As MissEchelon noted, as Gospel's health goes down the speed of the junk increases.

The Gospel fight can be divided into three parts: the initial shockwave bit, the navi summons, and the final Gospel Breath spam.

Gospel will start off by only using its shockwave attacks (note that the junk won't start flying until it attacks once), and from there will occasionally mix it up with a charged shockwave and a drill down the row. I'm pretty sure he only does the drill if you hang around in his row, but that just might be coincidental so who knows.

After you take it down to about half health, Gospel will begin summoning the bosses at you; I've seen AirMan, QuickMan, and CutMan. AirMan and CutMan are complete jokes, but QuickMan is kind of a fuck you due to his ridiculous attack speed. I think there are two varieties of QuickMan, with one targeting your panel and another not. How do you tell the difference? By either getting hit or pausing and tracing the boomerang's flight path. Note that attacking the Navis will damage Gospel!

Gospel's final phase starts at about one fourth HP left or so. Gospel will spam Gospel Breath like crazy, with the element of the attack being whatever you're weak to. Or Fire if you're Normal Style (I think?). This attack fucking hurts, and it's a bit of a pain to dodge too. If you can, try and leave cracks or Rock Cubes on the field so you can cheese the Wind Fan .

Fun Fact: The junk will not spawn if you stand on the panel they're supposed to come from. That's why no junk ever hit me in that earlier glitch video.

Number of attempts at this boss: 22
Number of times I reached the final phase at full health and got instantly killed by Elec Breath: 17

Thank you, this has been a wall of text about children's videogames.

Holy crap we beat up that dog so badly it blew up the desk!

Radiation and computer bugs truly can do magical things.

And apparently perfectly fine! Let this be a lesson to all of you, courtesy of Capcom. Radiation has no lasting effects whatsoever. I hope this has been an illuminating experience for you.

"Are you aware of how momumentally retarded you are??"

He's fine! Saying tons of ellipses is regular behaviour for this jackass, as exhibited in "the world's dumbest plane bombing, featuring the world's best rap battle"


I know I keep asking you guys this, but are you ready for the plot to get dumber??

you may want to sit down

: This news article is about that plane crash 5 years ago!

: Right! There was a bug in the plane computer... It was all over the news as the biggest netcrime ever!

: So what did this have to do with him?

: Hmm...let's read the article.

: ...They learned many things from that journal... How the boy's parents had died in that plane crash... How afterwards he had lived with his cruel relatives... How his parents' fortune had brought him little joy... How he had grown to distrust everyone but himself... And, more importantly than anything else, how lonely he was...

Is it all the ellipses?? Is it the stilted delivery?? Or is it the fact that despite having his parents die in a horrible plane crash that must have been very traumatising for him, the idiot kid leader of the NetMafia still went on that trip to Netopia for no reason and then had Gauss try to blow up the plane that he was on??


: Yeah... He used them to play at being an adult, making Netfriends...

: And bringing them together to form...Gospel!

: All to get back at the real world that had forsaken him...

Oh hey, you're awake! Just in time for the award ceremony!

How much radiation did you absorb?? Just a ballpark figure, 5 Grays? 10? 20? How long have you even been here what the hell??

: I...I'm finished! Do what you will with me! There's no reason for me to live...not anymore!

: Not me! I hate this world! I want do die!

: No way! Of course, you will be punished for your crimes...

: See? Everybody hates me!

: But...

: What!

: Once you've atoned for what you did...

The screen starts fading out as soon as this line starts. It's kind of

and you guys thought I was joking when I made everything about friendship

: Gospel was disbanded and the fear of netcrime was no more... The boy was arrested and questioned about his activities... ...but I told Dad about what we read in the diary... I think they went a little easy on him. A little. ...What about us? Well...

Oh boy!! Camping!!!

Also Dex is OK!! That's great But hey, we all know that radiation has no lingering effects, so it's not entirely unexpected.

: Hey, you brought some sticks, huh? But...You're late! You gotta follow my orders pronto!

: What's your problem? I brought these for you!

: ...Well, I guess it is 'cause of you we're able to camp again. Thanks, Lan!!

: Wha? ...It wasn't all me. I mean, everyone helped out.

Dex is awesome.

Let's just let him cry silently to himself. He'll probably get embarrassed if we draw attention to it

: OK! Hold on a sec!

...says Lan, and immediately runs off the other direction. Oh, he and Yai truly get along so well, it's easy to see why they're BFFs.

Mr Higsby you're the best you should be in this game more

oh hey, why not one for the road

Mr Higsby

I'm going to summarise the hell out of the rest of this scene, because holy crap there is like 150 lines of dialogue in this one cutscene.

Capcom that sure is a great reward for beating Gospel.

No regrets about posting that out-of-context.

Chaud! BEST BRO!

Oh Japan.

Please ignore this completely retarded line and focus on the fact that Dex is still crying.

Chaud and Lan then had a man-to-man chat that lasted like 20 lines that I strong considered taking out of context to make it look questionable.

You're welcome.

...The head of Gospel? Bass? Dr Wily??

Probably the head of Gospel.

Please enjoy Capcom's delightful text spacing, there's only so much more of it to go around

Also, Yuichiro totally just goes around narrating his life.

In contrast to the cool scene earlier where Lan read that book and it was fully animated... everybody just stands around. Good times.

Haha, bet you weren't expecting that dropped plotpoint to return so gloriously!