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Part 52: Wait there's a postgame? Special glitch update~

So this screen! Now that we're finished the main game, we get that sweet little star on our save game! That means... postgame content time!

Well, kind of a start on it, anyway.

Starting from a post-boss save dumps you out here, right outside the final room. Right where Lan can absorb even more radiation! But I guess that doesn't matter now.

Of course, at any point you can go right in and re-challenge the last bosses, replay all those long final cutscenes, blah de blah, how exciting.

Yeah no. So is there any reason to re-fight the last boss, I hear you ask? Besides fun times, obviously.

I'm glad you asked! As everybody in the thread has been hinting, there is a very good reason to fight the last boss a bunch of times! It's a little something we call-

-Yeah. That. Despite being a bug in the game, it's considered the 'legit' way to get duplicate copies of rare chips.

Simply put, the Gospel Duplication trick is a way to get extra copies of blue and purple mystery data, or chips from net dealers. Since some mystery data contains cash, a popular method is to make insane bank by doing this.

It's pretty much just chips and money you can dupe (so no making insanely-statted-out Mega... at least not this way). But it's a good trick for fun and profit! So let's check this mother out!

yo whadup, guys

Like I said, you can go anywhere now. So the first thing is to find some good chips to duplicate!

Theoretically, anyway.

This bug frag trader in Koto is usually a nice start. Other popular dudes include that one guy I got a bunch of Wind and Fan * from like a million updates ago. But anyway! Once you've found your source, it's an easy step-by-step process to profit-town!

Step 1: SAVE.

This is the only chance you'll get to save until the deed's done, so it's best to save near the object of your admiration!

Step 2: Get a thing.

I probably shouldn't have to explain why this step is important?? But you should get all the things you'll be wanting right now.

And don't save or you'll fuck it up.

Step 3: Beat a boss

Right, now you run back to Koto and fight a boss! Well.. both bosses, actually. But you know, whatever.

And now you get to sit through the credits, but your true reward is found when you load your game and-

There you go! Repeat as necessary.

For some reason, after you defeat Gospel, it makes a record of all the chips you've got, your money, etc.... but it doesn't keep track of the changes you've made in the game world by picking things up or buying things!

Oh how exploitable.

...Me? Oh, how could you tell I didn't do that, after all those screenshots I took?

Well OK, there is another method to get MAD CHIPS.

It's certainly what I intend to make use of.

It's pro as hell

Next time! Probably a lot more content than this, sorry!