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Part 53: All the requests, all the requests.

Right, so apart from breaking the game, what can we do now that we're in the endgame?

Well, there are some new areas to hit up, as well as some of the Undernet areas that we didn't take a real close look at earlier. But we might need a higher level license now that we've defeated Gospel. At least for showing off. But also for entering some areas on the net.

But actually we can't get a new license just yet! I mean sure we saved the world (again) but apparently that ain't mean shit! Yeah really. In order to get a better license, we need to hit up the Requests Board and help more people out.

Which we're totally going to do right now, because I am all about helping people out.

There's a bunch of requests to get done, so get ready to be EXCITED ABOUT SIDEQUESTS.

We've already been detectives before, but hey why not!

Oh yes, and just so you know, from now on, every time we leave Marine Harbour we get prompted to go to Kotobuki.

Kinda sucks.

So this is fun. Our requestee is standing near a couple of officials, and yet Lan is still the one who has to help out.


Er, that mugshot is this dude telling us who we're looking for.

Yes, they do in fact give you zero hint about where to find him.

One more thing:

This ain't the guy we're looking for. Haha good job not using a semi-unique mugshot, Capcom. You could at least recolour it like you did for that guy what mugged us earlier.

Anyway, when there's a request you can't find the answer for, it's usually Okuden.


Should we listen to this guy? Votes in the thread!!

haha I don't even care how bad that joke is, I love it every time


I forget? Everybody in this world is a real genius. Sending a kid to take out that- oh wait. Lan. Took down The World Three and the NetMafia.

This guy is a genius.

He gave us a "Twister Y" chip as a reward.


Sure why not!

That is... hugely convenient. There's a netdealer in YumLand who sells Catchers, but only in T code. To get a Catcher N...

...We've gotta get into the PlaneComp! or cheat, of course

Getting an S-rank on a UFO virus in here gets you Catcher N, handily.

There's something else interesting in the Airport. What the-

I didn't play no MegaMan Battle Network 1. Who is this scrub?

Mr Match! May have tried to burn Lan's house and mother down.


oh burrrrn.

I have definitely not already forgotten which of these I am fighting


HeatMan.EXE can allegedly be kind of difficult.

Or you know, that.

He gives you a HPMemory for defeating HeatMan V1. I'll put up a video when I put together an interesting folder to fight his V3. Later. We've got a request to quest!

Oh you.

Yes this was entirely worth it. Because of helping people. Yesss.

This one seems a little less lucrative, but let's roll!

This sounds like it will be awesome.

Anyway, the kid's probably only as far as YumLand. Which is rather like screaming "THE DUDE IS IN YUMLAND"

This is not him. Hrrm.

Ah yeah, this looks more like it.

why is he even hanging out in the abandoned, destroyed YumSquare? Weirdo.

Yeah, not really tho

Yeah, not really tho...

Let's get Mega away from this guy a little bit, he might start getting ideas.

And then he gave us an HPMemory. Huzzah.

Wha- Fighting criminal navis?? Too dangerous! Lan and Mega would never-

hmm... Oh yeah. I guess we'd better go for it.

But gosh, where could that be? A house with a phone??

Kidding. There's only one house with a phone. Ever.

And apparently I missed ransacking it earlier. I guess I was too busy ripping off Yai's fan. That is still in our Key Items.

I think I like this guy. I hope he's our client!


Yeah! Virus battle!

This fellow's got a few interesting viruses, but it's not much of a roadbump.

And then we murdered him. I mean deleted him.

And our reward is something he jacked from the navi we just defeated.

I'm OK with that!

I am 100% taking this request just for that.

And simple enough, the researcher is just over in the DNN van.

Also simple enough, the "research" is just us fighting a 5-round virus battle. Like a slightly less annoying license battle oh god the next license battles...


Battle 1 is easy enough

Fuck you, Goofball.

Sparklers move fast.

...Could be a problem if you get boxed in.



Yeah I'm totally not going to have any problems with survival battles later on, if I do this well.

He can't actually use the data because we're too fantastic. But we still get paid, so mission accomplished!

Gospel, WWW and... wait that's only two. OK then!

All the way to Netopia to take care of bullies. Cripes, doesn't Netopia have its own officials?

And then the "bullies" are just bad navis. NO PROBLEM!

Holy fuck we may have a problem


seriously... Goofballs. Two of them. Right next to you. Not OK.

So behold, the only time probably I've ever used a subchip. Because gosh it's so far to NetSquare and I can't be bothered.

So much easier.

Yeah, beginning to think I did this in the wrong order.

Aw, BrushMans are adorable.

She gave us a StepSword M. Not worth it.

This doesn't sound dodgy at all!

He's hiding out from creditors in Yai's house.

Not dodgy at aaaaalllll

I wonder how long that will take?

I bet not longer than it takes to walk outside and back in. That's how BUSINESS works.

Holy shit that guy! I bet it's that guy! I'll help you out, that guy!

Oh yeah! That's exactly what we need, we haven't done it in soooo long! An Okuden campground button mash for invisible items!

I think this is down the button of the first screen? I cannot tell. Or remember. Whatever.

And that's how Lan and Mega saved the day, and got a Recov200 M as a reward.

We seem to be getting a bunch of these.

And this will be funny in a second...

Good job, Capcom.

And then we explicitly get told one's "near the castle, so-"


Yes, I think me and this weird lady's weird accent are going to be best friends.

Also, taking any opportunity to point out an official's incompetence.

Oh Chaud,

What are you even doing?


How do you even get between here and Koto so fast?

Next lady's in the hotel. And every letter of "B.O.Y" comes in one letter at a time, which is a neat touch!

Lan. Lan, this lady talks nothing like the previous lady.

Ya ijit.

These ladies have pretty neat and decently tough virus combinations! I can dig that.

what the heck, Capcom

Last lady's at the top of NetCastle!

Meh, not so exciting as the last two. Though Elec attacks on ice when you're water-element is QUITE NASTY, yes.

Not sure if L or I

And then she goes on a sob story about how the jewellery used to belong to her grandfather and blah blah blah

And Lan's just like "STEALING IS WRONG"

And that's how Lan saved the day, and got a "GoldFist Z" chip in return. And-

Oh holy crap, that's actually all of them! Whoah!

And it only ended up being... 345 images to sort through.

Anyway, now we've done all the questing, we can get a new license!

Shit yeah! This isn't going to be torturous affair at all!

I'd highly recommend saving before trying this, even though you can't get game over by losing these battles since the test navi will patch you up, it's highly likely you will throw things at the wall and swear.

And this is not a terribly hard license test, all things considered...

Babytown frolics.

Gotta be careful of that bomb, but shouldn't be a probl-

oh god dammit

how did that even happen?


Goofballs are butt viruses, but this should be easy anyway.







Pack sword chips, everybody. Or else you'll have to restart at this point. If my HP total fluctuates wildly next round it's definitely not for that reason

Gotta be careful of the magnet tiles to make sure you destroy the bombs quick, but that's no problem.

Nulls ain't Nullandvoids, so no problem.

These guys can hit hard. And Beetank3 hits quite a radius. Kind of mean!

Also kind of mean! But at least when you have a row of Fishys you can make them run into each other so you only need to dodge the front one.



that only took about 4 tries gosh darnit


Haha, so glad I don't have to do that again!



And then my computer crashed and I will have to do that license test again before the next update.

NEXT TIME: That same thing again!