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Part 54: Destination: postgame

After re-doing the license test again

(I know you were waiting for that one)

In the endgame that isn't really an exciting prize. But that's OK!

Being this cool is its own prize.

..and let this never happen again.

Boo. I guess we might go and look for that. IN THE ENDGAME AREAS!

Well anyway, having an SLicense means some areas open up for us now.

And having gotten the GospCode last update means we can take some handy dandy shortcuts! This one just gets us through Netopia area much quicker. Things are looking good! just let's forget about kotobuki for now

This one, however...



Incidentally, I won't be doing it, but this is an extreeeemely good spot to pull of that Gospel Duplication trick from! Just in case you need more money. More money more bitches.

We're got far more important things on our minds currently

Still constantly digging the undernet motif.

Anyway! You might recognise this as the place what we was stuck at for a long time because of some colour of ice blocking off this ramp. You know, and then we had to go around through UnderKoto?

Yeah, you know.

There is way less impressive loot behind this particular GospBox.



aaaa-Anyway! The viruses around here get a little bit tougher, but really they ain't shit compared to what we'll see shortly. These auras though, we'll be seeing more and worse of. The auras protect a virus from all attacks until they are hit by a single attack doing equal or greater damage than the number on their aura. In this case, we can beat 'em off with our charge attack. As long as they're not standing on a holy panel, which that BrushMan will happily provide all over the enemy area. Because holy panels half damage.

That can be kind of annoying!

Or it can be kind of awesome if you're the one with the aura and the holy panels.

Hello what's this?

Sounds fantastic, sign me up!

Oh yeah, you guys should really pay heed to this fellow, the nicest navi in the undernet. Because yeah... you'll wanna be saving. And you'll wanna be packing subchips, because as he says, from this point you cannot jack out to regain health.

You will also want to be packing unlocker chips.

Because holy shit you do not want to be backtracking any more than you can avoid.


Ooooh. This looks familiar!

Awesome! About time we heard from those World Three dorks! But what's the connection to FinFace.EXE? Hmmm....

And here's just proving that cool navi right.

And here's-.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

y'alls should probably expect me to "AAAAA" a lot about viruses this update!

Wow. Yikes. Yes, those are much better auras than what we saw in the undernet. (Yes, auras on viruses in the bottom row do get cut off in-game. Yes, it is annoying). Thank goodness there's no holy panels here - that could get terrible.

But the viruses right near the entrance here are - as far as postgame viruses go - not too bad. They're a healthy reminder that you are in the postgame, and if you ain't ready, you'd best get out and get prepared before you get back.

Really, really, to be wandering around the WWW area, you'd best be prepared.


We are not very prepared, but that's OK! Epee Em gave a skilled run of this last time, I intend to give a, uhh, interesting run? Pretty much I intend to show you how far you can get using childish strategies with dodgey chips that may or may not be very similar to how I did this when I was a kid.

It won't work forever, but when it starts failing, we've still got the pro strategies to back us up!

Aw man! Rub it in why don'tcha!

...Wow that's three S's. We won't be getting through for a little while yet. Let's get that ArmyData for the SSLicense, I wanna see some cool stuff!

Now, in-game there's really no hint for where the ArmyData is, so we can all be surprised together if I stumble upon it.

Anyway! There's areas we can enter with our SLicense, so let's check it! Let's break our way through this cube and go down that path on the right, and-



These bastards. THEEEEESE bastards are the reason you absolutely need to be prepared before you throw down in the WWW area.

These guys. Urgh.

OK, the deal with these guys is that they will only die if you deal their full health or more in one hit. And you also need to knock all of them out at once. So that means no Gater abuse, because that does over 200 damage across multiple hits. It also means no AirMan, since that deals 200 damage in 2 hits.

Even more annoying - these are the lowest level protectobutts. They get much more health later. And the stage layout differs, so what works for one set of protectos may not work for the others.

There is one good thing. There is only a set number of them, and like the navighost V2s, they only appear at set areas of the map.

So you can easily prepare, at least!

So then, I haven't bothered beating up many V3 navis yet, and I sure haven't done any decent chip-farming, either. So I wonder what is in my woeful set of chips to beat these guys?

Usually, the LifeSword program advances work astoundingly well. But the stage here is sucks - see those two blank squares on the protectos side? We've got two as well, in the centre of the two columns closest to the enemy side. So no LifeSword here. Unless you have AirShoes (we do not have AirShoes)

So... hrm... what's a cheap way to-

Oh, this seems like it'll work!!

The other good thing about protectos is they've got that timer too, and only attack when it hits zero. So stock up a folder with invis chips and you can wait out for any combo you need, no matter how ridiculous

And that's a way that actually works to beat those guys!

...I am going to need to get better chips by the time we start fighting the higher-level ones, huh?

Totally worth it (note: this green data may sometimes contain viruses, which would make it totally not worth it)

Hey I'm working on it, man!


This smells suspiciously like a boss fight! Bring it on!

Dude you are a weird-looking dude. I think I dig it.

Aw man, I wish I had a sacred server.


PharoahMan is a neat design, and a neat fight! He's actually a really fun boss fight, though not very difficult if you're running a Water-element. His sarcophagi will move to your row (if they can) to attack you, which will of course block your shots from hitting PharoahMan. They don't attack super quickly though, so it's not that big a problem. PharoahMan himself moves up and down the whole time, so he's not hiding behind them or nothin'.

The sarcophagus will shoot lasers at you, which is kinda cool. Easy to dodge.

PharoahMan will also drop a trap, which will trigger meteors if you tread on it. So easy to doge.

The sarcophaguses will also put ice blocks on the stage to block you, which get destroyed by about two laser hits, so- ... Wait how did that even happen?? So silly. Meteors is easy to dodge though, though it gets a bit hectic with everything going on.


Oh right. Maybe video? Here you go! Like I said, he's easy.


Only not.


Just a reminder: this area is tough so come prepared!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIII think I went the wrong way. Let's reload back to PharoMan.

Y'alls should really be saving often, and being Very Aware of where all the protectos are at

This looks a bit better!


Oh hello there. This looks like a perfect opportunity to show off the usual easy protecto method!

Easy peasy livin greasy

I really wanna find something that ain't nasty viruses though, so I'ma check this out some more.


>Very yes

All of a sudden I have a lot less money. Weird!

Slowly building up that library, though. Yes, there is a cheat code to fill out your entire library, but hey let's not go crazy (yet)

Aw, this is nice. Sometimes the game does take pity on you

But let's see what's through here!



is that


AW YEAH! I knew we'd be back here for that treasure right at the start of the game at some point! Oh boy!!

(Ain'tca glad I reminded you to pack unlockers?)

That'll do game.

That'll do.