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Part 56: SSS Licensssed! ProtoMan V3 S-rank.

OK! Now that we've got an SSLicense we can get into some new areas down in the wWW!


Cut back on the backtracking a teeny bit and get the SSSLicense done right away! Because that is a thing you can do.

As usual. One field test and one giant monster virus battle that I am not looking forward to at all.

(seriously just keeping this screenshot instead of transcribing so that you may all back in that pro text-spacing)

(also if taking down the WWW and Gospel don't count as "real" missions then I... uh... ok then)

- called the Navi Master, said to control all the world's Navis. I will provide you one hint:

Sea = Marine Harbour. EASY.

Wait. Signboard?? Hmm.

The clues do get a bit harder than this, but it's kind of... erratic. Really it's just a test that you can visit every place you've been to before. Super Hard you guys!

Uh.... Cedars are trees, so I guess somewhere in Okuden??

I guess I'll wander around until I find something out of place.

Not like it'll be the first time I wander randomly button-mashing in Okuden.



No idea how that is a "great jug behind the four cedars"

this makes zero sense.

-editor's note: holy shit.-

Ludicrous Names posted:

You do realize you're standing next to the dam, don't you? anyway "big bird brain". I'll let you all think about that one for a while.

Luckily, some of us remembered the answer from Epee Em's LP

just making sure...

Anyway! Obviously "big bird brain" breaks up into "big bird" = plane (I guess??) and its "brain" is the cockpit. Which kind of makes sense, but is also dumb.

"Different cultures" = Netopia. Hurrah for Electo-centralism!

At least it's easy to get to from here.

I still have no idea how you get to Koto from here so quick



how did I save over my S-rank video with a 10-rank I don't even-

Here is almost an S-rank... oops

Here's Epee's S-rank anyway

Oh well. We have more important things to do than continuously embarrass Chaud.

Like quiz time!!!

This time I highlighted the correct answers so I wouldn't forget them. They're mostly really obvious though.

Question 1:


Question 2:

Kind of mean, since Ratton is just the chip they drop!

Question 3:

obviously not a 'canon' advance

Question 4:

we got to jack into it so maybe you'd remember. but it's obviously not the other two

Question 5:

oh my gosh do you people really not remember such important details about our BEST FRIEND?!

Question 6:

It laid an egg. Which side did the egg roll down? The left side... or the right?

god dammit MegaMan Battle Network it is obvious when it's multiple choice!

Question 7:

I can't remember either of their attack power

Question 8:

Millionaira! No wait that was a one-off DuckTales villain. Wait what were we talking about?

Question 9:

oh my gosh do you people really not remember such important details about our BEST FRIEND?!

Question 10:

though those other two things are in the alley too

I will treasure it always

Oh wait, an actual reward too? Oh shit, it's a good one, too. Yeah this is nice.

Sorry for making you wait? Oh dear, she looks mad

Another clue? Yay. Also a little obvious if you're feeling poetic.


Less poetic. Also "cyber" means it's on the net. Where do we know online that has a silly forest-like theme?

oh. And the treasury would be... that place we stole YumLand's national treasure from. I hope they're not mad about that or anything

MORE CLUES. And how many things do we know that play a sound? I dunno, but Mayl has a keyboard and I could definitely see her letting random people into her house to set up a license exam.

And apparently I forgot to loot it earlier! It also had a RegUP1.



dangit I hate these stupid hunts for clues. They're dumb and this is dumb and it's all too much for a little idiot like Lan to handle. Geez. What should we do in a time like this, when we don't know how to solve whatever random current problem is ahead?

Oh I know

let's go annoy Lan's dad, he's good at fixing problems!

Or... oh.





Anyway, this is just another set of battles without healing inbetween, but instead of fighting random viruses it's v2 navis! And don't worry about losing, because-

Of course Yuichiro would never delete Mega, that would be retarded.

So I highly recommend a defensive style for this fight. Gives you plenty of leeway to stall until you get a good combo, and of course having an initial barrier is handy.

Oh GutsMan, when are you ever not a pushover?

Uh... that got mean quickly. But like I've said before: ShieldStyles are wonderful for cheesing ToadMan. (also, Gater)

Speaking of Gate-related things! I've already shown how nice a WoodStyle is against GateMan, so there you go.

WoodStyle + AreaGrab + ThunMan = hilarity.

Still a jerk with WoodShield, actually. But not a difficult jerk, just a pain to hit with my current folder setup. And then we have Gater.

Yikes. Gotta watch the lava tiles he makes, but if you can dodge his attacks well enough, the tornado is still a killer. Also, Gater.

Yeah, because we haven't embarrassed ProtoMan enough this update. (Yes I also Gater'd him. It continues to be a delightfully cheap strategy)

Yay, we beat the NaviMaster / Lan's dad!

That's actually really cool.

Now let's do something way less cool!

I know!

What a twist!

....oh crap.

Once again, you can't game over here, but I'd recommend saving anyway, just in case of ragequits.

Just need to fix up my folder a bit before we begin...


As always, a nice and easy start

As long as you've got high damage chips (which you should, it's SSSLicense, c'mon!) you're fine.

I do so hate Fishys. But actually not too bad, got a little space to dodge.

If you didn't bring swordchips, you obviously have learned nothing so far.

If you can keep the Fishy behind the CanDevil, it's really easy. Otherwise, well, you've got high damage chips, right?

Keep yourself from sliding into trouble (Cloudy attacks can get really annoying) and it's surprisingly easy.

Possibly hard?? Maggies are weak to Wood, and holy shit are Beetank's projectiles easy to shield with a ShieldStyle, so... do that.

Don't get paralysed or penned-in, because the combo of these guys could get mean. But then, they're low-level enemies you've been fighting for a while so really, whatever.

Hope you pull a fast high-damage chip right away. Or GutsShoot.

What does double-damage on grass and leaves a trail of fire?? Oh it's these bastards.

Handys are seldom a challenge. What a nice change of pace.

Hope you're packing a chip that'll make this easy! I have the chip those cloud viruses drop. It makes this very easy.

Once the Swordys are dead (which shouldn't take long, they only have 140 HP) it's babytown frolics.

Oof. Try dodging projectiles from all of these guys at once. You'll of course want to kill the Rattys in one hit each so they don't go insane and murder you with superspeed. But killing the Poofy is a priority too so his dumb projectiles won't confuse you. Alternately if you were bright enough to think of it, Shield works too I did not think of it

These guys are excellent chip stealers. But weak to wood and fairly predictable. Hit 'em fast or use charge attacks.

Those lava tiles just scream "GutsMan" to me. But I guess having a chip that transforms the stage wouldn't be a bad plan either.

Yurts. Are. Shitheads. They are kind of annoying to dodge while attacking, since their yo-yo attack blocks projectiles! Luckily with two they kind of pen each other in, so you only have to dodge one at a time. Fan does not help.

Fan will pull you into the front row. That sucks. And as much as I hate Dominerds, their first-stage is pretty nice and predictable, so that's OK. Just be aware of when to dodge.

This however, is sucks. These fartknockers will pull Geddons on you, so have fun dodging them on a destroyed stage. If only airshoes was not a chip...

Get those barriers down as soon as possible, and just try to watch where they all are so you know when to dodge. Luckily they'll only attack the row you're on, even if that means they all have to line up behind each other.

Ahh.... yeah you don't want these guys to be hitting your bomb. That would be a Bad Thing. But hey! Low HP!

Reminder that Sparknoid will do double-damage on ice. Once again, you'll want to start with a quick, high-damage chip.

Kind of annoying since the conveyor tiles will try to keep you in the middle row while preventing the Handys from dropping bombs there (unless they're both alive and they block each other in). But... they're Handys, so

Rattys are only scary if you are ProtoMan. OK maybe you're likely to get hit a few times here - the way they time their attacks makes it hell to dodge and impossible to shield all three.

Ooh, back to being mean! The UFO'll steal your chip, Twisty'll block you in which makes it easier for Beetank to getcha. So I dunno, Gater or something.

Holy shit this fucking battle. It will overwhelm VERY quickly. That Yart is a fast fucker, you can't hit him while he's attacking you, and those Shellman shoot fast too. If you can take down a Shell quickly, it makes things a lot less hectic. AreaGrab also makes this much simpler.

This is much nicer (it still sucks). Cloudy3 hits hard which is a pain when you're facing a Swordy who could make your area smaller and make it impossible to dodge everything. But once those two are taken care of, you can take your time with the Snapper. I shouldn't need to tell you that Invis is invaluable.

what is happening in this image

Looks easy? Oh no. Don't forget there's a Dragon in those holes, too. With two HardHead3's, you'll be losing ground extremely quickly. If you can't take 'em down quick, you'll need to move in a particular pattern so you don't get blocked in. Which makes dodging the Dragon harder. So. Yeah. A dick move for a dick license. It is definitely a test of your skills.

Wanna see it in video? Sorry, you'll have to check out Epee Em's run, my computer gets slowdown bad enough on Navi fights, I just couldn't handle it for multiple re-recordings of a 30-round battle

Thanks to WoodShield style it only took me two tries! Which is Very. Nice.

So here's the bastard of the scene:

Battle 30 is also shite, but it doesn't seem to overwhelm quite so quickly. Or maybe I got lucky. Either way.