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Part 59: The last bits and pieces, and farewell!

OK! You know what? I think it's finally time to get the Style Change I've been wanting to get since roughly around the time I remembered Style Changes are in this game!

Soo... we've got all the postgame bosses to S-rank next! We'll have to start by fighting the V2 of the latest bosses, to release their V3s around the net, of course.

NapalmMan is right here, in WWW Area 2.

Turns out he does not like prism attacks. Hmm. Prisms and swords, I'll have to remember that...

Our next boss is in WWW Area 3. Along here is some asshole Protectos though.

Since they're so far back, you can't use a LifeSword. You'd think like, AreaGrab + AirShoes might work, but you can't actually AreaGrab those blank tiles. So UltraBomb is fine too! It does 400 damage over a 3x3 square, but if it's over a blank or broken square it doesn't work.

Around behind the Protectos is a PMD with a GrassStage H. Which isn't terribly exciting. But right before that is

This cool dude!

He still doesn't like being stabbed.

Now, you know what the first fun part about V3 hunting in the WWW Areas?

You have to jack out and jack back in to make the V3s appear. So hooray walking back and forth to jack out.

I took the time to go back to the UnderSquare and pick up some HPMemory and a PowerUP from the merchant there. And would you look at this! The UnderSquare Boards have hints on how to make Real Bass appear!

PharoMan, NapalmMan and PlanetMan


Now the other fun thing about V3 hunting around here... As always, they're a random encounter in the area.

And you can't run from any virus encounters here.

Ah yeah, remember last update, how I said you can fight any of the viruses in the area with the GMD here?

I swear to god. This is what came out of the GMD.

What the heck

That's... a pretty cool prize.

Good thing he comes pre-packaged in a coffin, or that could've gotten messy.

Here's a video of me... stabbing a coffin. Again.

Not being able to run from battles has some advantages. Like finally levelling up my style to full.

NapalmMan is in WWW Area 2, of course. He still looks rad as hell.

Remember what I said about prisms and swords? That's what we're using to beat him. In fact, I can beat him just with one prism and two VarSwords.

I think it's time to learn about VarSwords! VarSwords are extremely gimmicky, and take a lot of effort and/or luck to get right. If you just use them like a normal chip, they're a fairly powerful sword with the range of a regular Sword chip. Which is underwhelming.

The real trick is that you hold the A button down while entering a second button combo, and then release it.

VarSword has some insane combos.

Want a one-chip Life Sword? Enter Down, Back, Up, Forward, Down.
But that's not what we're doing. We're going to use a triple shockwave attack, which is Left, B, Right, B

The triple shockwave shoots three slashing waves that each do 160 damage. Not that exciting, right? Let's talk about prisms then.

When you attack an enemy navi through a prism, they get no mercy invulnerability. You can hit a prism with a Life Sword and not get a single flinch.

So let's talk about prisms and varswords.

When the slash waves go through the prism, for some retarded reason it counts as having hit the prism 5 times. If you don't trigger invulnerability that can do 2400 damage. In two chips.

Of course, the wave travels through the prism so it will hit NapalmMan and trigger his invincibility frames. It will still do roughly A CRAZY AMOUNT OF DAMAGE. If you can pull off the button presses!

...Which brings us to our "unfortunately". Unfortunately, I can't do that while recording, because the lag is intense. I actually had to remap my keyboard just to pull it off, because I apparently am running on the world's shittiest laptop.

But here's Epee Em's video, as usual!

And last but not least, in WWW Area 3 we have

This fattie!

I have prepared a folder of the cheapest degree to deal with our last navi. Goin' back to my roots, y'all!


Or something a little less cheap from Epee Em

So there you have it! Every non-Bass navi has been S-ranked! And what is our prize?


We actually do not get a prize until our next style change, so, uh...



It's HubStyle! And like every other time MegaMan's real name comes up, he is supremely overpowered. Oh boy!

We were unbeatable (kind of) before then, but hey, sure!

A tough decision. Now, remember, once you've gotten HubStyle you can actually get other styles. HubStyle can't be upgraded... but you can replace it with a new style change. And then you will never get HubStyle again.

Which would obviously be a great pity, so don't do that!

HubStyle, as Yuichiro kind of said, halves Mega's max HP. It also brings his shot speed down but holy hell look at that POWER.

What you can't see from the status screen is that HubStyle combines the best attributes of every other style and in some cases does them BETTER.

Like Custom, you start off with extra chips. HubStyle starts off every battle with the full 10 chip selection. OH yes.

Like Team, you can also have up to 8 navi chips in your folder, if you really care to.

Like Shield, you start off every battle with a barrier, and can press back & B to bring up a shield.

Like Guts, you do not flinch.

Hell yeah. The only drawback is that HubStyle is non-elemental, so your charge attack is less than impressive. But with your attack power that high, it's still quite nice!

...Unfortunately, there's not much left to use it on! Well, there are still a few minor things we haven't done.

For extra bonus funtimes, you can work really hard to get a bunch of stars next to your save file.

The Yellow one we've had for a while, you get that by beating the standard game.

Green is from beating Real Bass.

Red is the one you should go for next - you get it from filling your library.

Blue is for completing the Program Advance Memo.

And Purple is from getting the 10 secret chips by netbattling.

Now, once you've gotten 247 chips in your library... you can fight the next version of Bass! Bass SP is another random encounter in WWW Area 3. Which is to say, another pain in the arse. Like I mentioned last time, he's just got a stronger aura and more HP, but that's about it. Bass is a cool guy, so I'ma just leave him alone.

And that's how you take over a year to play MegaMan Battle Network 2! Thank you and goodnight!